Top 10 Podcast Episodes Of 2023


10 / JANUARY / 2024

For all things health, personal development and business

It’s been a very exciting year in the world of podcasting, and a huge part of that is because I finally launched my baby off the ground - The Wild & Well Collective

I joined forces with my dear friend Christa Elza (an incredible functional medicine nutritionist with a background in being a nurse practitioner) to bring you episodes every single week on how to live a big life wildly well!

This podcast is really about YOU, the beautiful community of souls that I am blessed to have in my sphere, and providing you with all the latest tools, tips, tricks and insights to help you feel empowered with your health.

On top of that, I did my own listening this year and surprisingly shopped around. There are a few new favourite podcast shows on my list now as a number of other epic humans decided to launch their podcasts too. Including Kimberley Haworth - Beauty and The Biz, Alyssa Nobriga - Healing Human Potential, and Mel Robbins - The Mel Robbins Podcast.

So as per usual, I have collected a variety of my favourite episodes that I have personally listened to and loved this year, along with a little synopsis for you. I hope you enjoy (and be sure to go rate, follow and share the Wild & Well Collective with your family and friends too).


1. Joe Rogan Experience - Gary Brecka + Joe Rogan - take blurb from newsletter
I am absolutely obsessed with this podcast episode! As you know, I am really into biohacking. Gary Brecka is one of the leading experts in this field and in this episode he talks about some of the key things that I have been sharing with my clients for years. Particularly around cortisone vs PRP injections, the importance of folate and methylated folate in the diet, grounding, breathwork, saunas and so much more! I know it's quite a long episode but I cannot recommend you diving into it enough. There is just so much wisdom and you may want to get out your notepads because this one is epic!

2. Wild + Well Collective - Unlocking Human Potential: Navigating the Biohacking Landscape
In this episode, we delve into the exciting world of biohacking, exploring the diverse realms it encompasses. Four key topics take the stage: intermittent fasting, breathwork, circadian rhythm, and the transformative power of cold dips and saunas. Our conversation sheds light on the nuances of biohacking, emphasising the importance of individuality in choosing these practices and how you can harness them to optimise your health and mental clarity. If you’re looking for healthy habits to bring in the new year, this is your episode.

3. Beauty + The Biz - ft. me
I had the pleasure of being featured on a podcast episode with Kimberley Haworth where we discussed all things GUT HEALTH. This is a real behind the scenes dive into Kimberley's health journey, how she views her kids' health and how you can support your body to support your business. This episode was led by questions from the audience and included discussions around optimal health levels, how to speak to kids about health, how your business is affected by health and cycle syncing.

4. Healing Human Potential - Alyssa Nobriga + Mark Hyman
Alyssa is an incredible mentor of mine that I had the privilege of learning from for over 4 years in the holistic life coaching space. In this episode, Alyssa and Dr. Mark Hyman combine the understanding of not only functional medicine but how that applies to functional psychology and the inner workings of our minds. They discuss how we can actually heal both our bodies and minds by reducing inflammation in both. Also to help us heal chronic diseases in a variety of ways - covering everything from biohacking, the latest and greatest innovations in this space and how you can support your body in detoxing in the simplest of ways so you can start feeling better in as little as 2-3 days! Dr. Mark Hyman also shares some of the new and upcoming techniques that are currently being trialled and tested. He reiterates one of my favourite points that I always share with my clients… You are the centre of your health care system and whilst traditional medicine might be taking a long time to catch up to what we now see and operate from in the functional medicine space, the ability for you to be the centre point of your own health and take control really is at your fingertips. I love this empowering podcast episode for that exact reason! Definitely worth a listen, maybe even a couple of times through! Both Alyssa and Dr. Mark Hyman have an incredible wealth of knowledge in their fields. I cannot recommend his books and resources or diving into this podcast enough!

5. School of Greatness - Control Your Mind in Minutes & Attract the Future You Desire w/Joe Dispenza
Two of my favourite authors and speakers team up for this episode all about the powerful impact your mind can have on your life (and how to master your mind so you are in control of your reality). Dr Joe Dipsenza and Howes talk about one of my favourite practices (gratitude) and how this is one of the most crucial ways to shift your thoughts, as well as all the research that Dr. Dispenza is involved in that act as incredibly supportive evidence. They also explore how we can limit ourselves by staying trapped in our past and what to do to break through this… and so much more! Enjoy!

6. BossBabe Podcast - Living From Overflow vs Overwhelm, Tapping into Your Inner Power + Rediscovering Your True Identity with Alexi Panos
Breaking societal norms, nervous system regulation, balancing masculine feminine energy in yourself and relationships, honouring your body as an entrepreneur, and being the creator of your own life were the key learnings and messages I got from this episode. I adore both of these women as absolute leaders in this space, and it was a conversation that truly, deeply, resonated with my soul on every level. If you are a mumma or mumma to be, or wish to be one day, I highly recommend listening to this with that lense on too.

7. ON Purpose - Dr. Will Cole ON: Why Gut Health is Impacting Your Brain Health & How to Stop Inflammation in Your Body
I love these two humans and hearing them together is epic, this is super informative and valuable especially with the rise of mental health issues. Your gut is your second brain, and they are made of the same tissue, we need to be looking after both!

8. The Mel Robbins Podcast - The Science of Your Gut: 3 Easy Steps to Reduce Bloating, Improve Digestion, and Feel Better Today
In this episode, Mel & Dr. Amy Shah dive into one of the biggest complaints that I hear on a daily basis… BLOATING. Dr.Shah provides insights on how to differentiate between bloating and weight gain as well as some of the key symptomatology that you may be unaware of that is actually linked to bloating and water retention. A lot of the time we think gas is causing the distention in our stomach when in reality, it can be driven by a number of things such as an unhealthy gut microbiome or hormonal imbalances which are not always driven by food. This episode is super interesting as Mel shares some personal stories (I love her relatability!) and they also breakdown a 5 day reset option to help you support your body from ditching the bloating for good!

9. Period Party - The Spiritual and Emotional Root Causes of Reproductive Health Issues with Katie Beecher
Such an interesting conversation happening between Nicole Jardim and Katie Beecher looking from an angle that is whilst becoming more common, not often the first approach to healing menstrual and reproductive issues. They talk about everything from chakras and intuition to awkward and awful puberty experiences. Definitely one of my favourite episodes of period party as it combines the two worlds of well-being I love so much - the woo and the science.

10. Wild & Well Collective - Empowered Health Unveiled: Navigating Holistic Wellness
Our first episode dives into my own personal journey, starting with a celiac disease diagnosis in childhood, leading to struggles with eating disorders and body image issues, and ultimately guiding me towards holistic health. This intimate interview really leaves no holes barred, I get open, honest and very vulnerable in this, and hope it truly serves you at whatever stage of your journey you are going through.


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!


10 Lessons From 2023


27 / DECEMBER / 2023

Truths and stories from the heart, with the hopes it helps in your healing


1. It is safe and okay to receive
Okay, for this one I could dedicate a whole blog of its own - and I might - but this personally was the biggest lesson for the entire year, and one that reprogrammed conditioning I had had my entire life (but I will save that part of the story for another day).

I personally find it far easier to give than to receive - recovering people pleaser here, and it was how I was raised. I find it waaaaaay easier to put myself out, to take things on the chin, to burn myself out and give everything of myself to someone or something, than I do to say thank you and receive.

But this year, that got completely flipped on its head.

I had friends offer me a room in their flat, support me and ensure I was never alone, I had my mum who knew my dream was to come travel to the US for 3 months and visit all my friends gift me the money for my flights and some expenses and said ‘just go’ (and I did).

I had friends (many whom I had never met in person) welcome me into their homes, drive me everywhere, pick me up from the airport, share family meals with me, had their husbands cooked meals for us and cooked me meals themselves, take me to their children’s sports games, share their wardrobes, pull cards with me, buy me special gluten free treats, treat me to sauna sessions, hotel rooms, support me in my business, take me into their workspaces, take time off work, share resources and insights, gift me everything from skincare to clothing and hold space for me to share, be seen and heard and just be authentically me.

I know I haven’t even covered the true extent of what I have received, because a lot of what is listed is external, when in essence the biggest gifts they gave me was to be able to say thank you, and accept their generosity. To feel their love and feel welcomed beyond words.

Being able to receive this, has shown me that there are not only others out there that give with such a loving open heart, but that it is safe and okay to be the one on the receiving end. See the capacity we have as humanity to be the change we want to see, to be love, to spread love, to give love with no expectations for it to be returned.

What a gift that really is.

2. You cannot rush the Universe
For the longest time, I had wanted to come to the USA to meet the number of friends and coaches I had connected with virtually. In fact I missed out on about 5 opportunities to do so over the past 4 years for various reasons, and at the time, not being able to go felt like the worst punishment in the world (there were many tears shed), because I just felt like this was where I was meant to be. This was where my tribe was, but no matter how much I tried to force it, it never seemed to work out and I accepted the reality with bitterness and resentment.

However, as I sat on the plane I just boarded to Chicago I was overcome with this realisation that it was never meant to happen any other way. If I had’ve gone then, I would never be having this exact experience right now. WIth this level of excitement, these exact opportunities and moments, with this level of confidence, courage, experience and trust in life. Which I believe is what the Universe was waiting for.

Sometimes we cannot see it at the time, but we aren’t yet ready to do the things we think we want to do. We are being either divinely guided or protected and that is why we cannot rush things that are meant for us, and nothing that is meant for us will ever truly pass us. It just might not happen in the timing you thought or were hoping that it would, and that is okay, because sometimes (jk… all the time), it is going to work out even better than you could’ve possibly imagined.

3. Let go of expectations + control (aka trust)
Boooooy was this a tough one. I actually laughed at myself whilst writing this one. Because I had told myself the story that coming over to the US was the first time in my life I had no plans or expectations, and I was just going to trust life and go with the flow (hahahahaha…. nope).

Whilst it was true I didn’t really have a plan, I just knew my intentions, I clearly had expectations, because when they weren’t met I felt the disappointment boil up and spill over like an unwatched pot.

Now this is okay, I sat with the emotions that came up and allowed myself to cry, allowed myself to judge, allowed myself to simply be disappointed and share that disappointment with close friends and family if I felt like I needed to vent.

But where the real learning happened, was in the realisation that I cannot control life, I cannot control other people (and don’t get me wrong, I’m not controlling consciously or in a manipulative way), when I say control it’s my need to feel safe and therefore make plans and have plans and have everything done ‘right’ because when you’ve done everything ‘right’ you can’t be wrong, and that means I won’t get in trouble - inner child speaking here.

The truth is, no matter how hard we try to grip onto something or someone, we have no real control over them. In reality, all we can control is how we show up, react and behave in any given situation. All we can control is our role in our life and that comes down to taking personal responsibility for our actions.

For me, realising that I cannot control if the people I am with don’t wanna do the same things I wanna do, and they want to leave somewhere early, or they aren’t fussed if they are running late, or they don’t have the same interests, beliefs, values, or views that I do. In fact, that is all fine, there is no judgement here.

But I had the unconscious misunderstanding and misconception (probably because most of my life I have had freedom in my schedule, and been surrounded by the same people and in the same town that I have always grown up with), that I could ‘go with the flow’ - as long as the flow was in the direction I wanted it to be in.

Whilst things weren’t working out for me the way I had anticipated - primarily from a business perspective, but also in other areas of my life, it was the perfect time to reflect and adjust my attitude around expectations. Lean into trusting life more. Accepting that these situations are out of my control, and there is literally nothing I can do to change them, so I can either embrace them, or put myself into unnecessary turmoil over them, and the latter really wasn’t working out, so something had to change. It was time to lean in and trust life.

4. You are stardust
I recently went to see Wish - the new animated Disney movie - and of course I cried. But the beautiful essence and message of this movie (I promise it’s not really a spoiler), is that we are all stardust.

What on earth kinda woo woo sh*t am I talking about now? Well, you see we are all made of the same light, the same goodness, all connected divinely on this beautiful planet we call home, and all interlinked in our spirit. Whilst we may share different beliefs in how this all works, the take home message for me, was to come home to the magic that is in YOU. The beauty that is in YOU. The feeling, the wish, the gifts you hold in YOUR heart.

That is what makes you special, and it is what makes us all special and when we can lead with that stardust, that sprinkle of light, we can see our own worth, the beauty and love in others and look upon each other with even more love and compassion… this is what will help uplift humanity, this is what will change the world. Seeing that you hold a light within you and have something special to offer this world is a true lesson I hope every single one of us can learn.

5. Repeating the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity
Einstein was right. ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

Oh hi, it’s me again… you know that annoying problem that just won’t seem to go away. Even though you’ve tried ignoring it, or maybe like me, you’ve said ‘I know, I know, I know’ but not actually done anything about making a change.

Well this was me, massively in one aspect of my business. I kept repeating the same mistake and yet wondering why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted (and kept complaining about it), when in reality I wasn’t doing anything different to truly see change or results.

The same thing can be applied to your health, one of my clients kept complaining to me that she wasn’t losing weight, she was eating healthy, exercising regularly, but nothing was shifting. Then I pointed out to her that she was going to have to actually do something different. Her hormones were fine, gut was in good shape, but her metabolism needed some love.

What she actually needed to do was look at just how much she was eating, because despite choosing the healthy snacks and making healthy dinners, she was adding everything ‘healthy’ under the sun and actually over consuming. Don’t get me wrong, the salads she was making were super nourishing, but you don’t need cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed oil, hemp seeds and all the veggies in there for dinner, not unless you’re forgoing the carbs, and even then… It's about balance.

When we finally got her to shift her thinking away from more is more, and over-riding her hunger cues (actually stopping eating when she was 80% full), and got her into doing more than yoga - aka added in some much needed strength training a few times a week, the weight really started shifting.

It was the same for me and my business, when I got out of my rut, looked at things from a birds eye view, I really started to see changes, because I was putting my attention on what actually moved the needle. Are you focused on the needle movers you need to achieve your goals?

6. You don’t need to be perfect
My goodness, this I believe is a lesson I will always be learning, as it continues to show up in new and different ways in my life. From my content, to how I communicate, to how I show up and present myself. This pressure to be perfect, to be the good girl, to hold myself in the ‘correct manner’ that is professional, respectable, acceptable to society - whatever the f*ck that is.

Yup… I said f*ck, and I f*cken meant it hahaha.

The days of sugar coating sh*t and putting on a mask are over, and to be honest, everyone I know and speak to have had enough of the perfectionism and highlight reel, the facade, the mask that plagues us day to day. Which is why this year, and particularly the last 6 months have really been about letting go of perfectionism and stepping into expressing my most authentic version of myself. And sorry mum, but she swears.

Whilst I do believe that there is a time and place for everything, and there is a difference between how you can show up at work in the corporate world and in your personal life, you certainly wouldn’t want to catch a teacher swearing at her students. For me, my life’s work is intertwined with my brand, and although I don’t have the potty mouth of a sailor, I do swear from time to time, it’s a form of self-expression and there have actually been studies to support people who swear are healthier (but I digress, this isn’t the point).

All of this to say, you are going to be far happier, and as a result far healthier, if you stop trying to show up as the person you think people want you to be, and actually be yourself. Those who don’t like it won’t stick around, but do you really want to be surrounded by people who aren’t going to love you for the real you?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told I’m too much… honestly, too much for what? Too much for who? Honey, it’s your ego that can’t handle me showing up, sharing my truth, my voice, being bold, unapologetic, owning my confidence.

Showing up in this way has really allowed me to break away from the story’s in my mind that I was never enough (ironic isn’t it - the juxtaposition between the two). Sheree isn’t perfect, Sheree swears, Sheree laughs loudly and takes up space in the room, Sheree is f*cken emotional, she loves hard, cares deeply and is fiercely loyal and an absolute nerd, and all parts of her are welcome.

And you know what, the people I have around me now all see me and value me for that, my whole self. Because I am still respectful, trustworthy and kind, but you see none are mutually exclusive. So if you were looking for a permission slip… this is it. Go out there and be your f*cken self, and watch your tribe surround you!

7. Watch the stories in your head - they are just stories
Boooooy did this one used to get me into trouble a lot. Assumptions was the name of the game. Not consciously, really, just conditioning - that’s when past experiences shape your perception of reality.
The amount of times I have actually saved myself a lot of pain and heartache this year because I started questioning my thoughts - is this true? Can I actually know that is what they/that meant? Or am I jumping to conclusions?

Don’t get me wrong, I still fall into this trap from time to time, but I am far more self-aware. To the point I even laugh at some of the stories and assumptions I come up with now. And to speak to my previous lesson, if I am not sure about what is really going on, then I just ask… no more of this beating around the bush, people pleasing BS - it’s done wonders for my communication skills.

Take this for-instance, I had just re-enrolled my client at VIP level, and we were in a new container and experience together. It hadn’t even been a month and I got a notification from paypal saying ‘Sharon (let’s just call her that), has cancelled her payment plan.’

Instantly, my heart sank, mind racing - omg what did I do wrong, is she not enjoying our work together, have I not been providing enough support, does she not like me anymore, has she found another coach - ever been in one of those spirals?

Well, I did. And then I caught myself, and thought… I actually have no idea why she cancelled. It could’ve been an accident, or a technical issue, she may need to change her cards, this could have nothing to do with your coaching or even her experience, and you know what? I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

I sent her a voice note, checking in, asking if she was okay and saying I had noticed her payments had cancelled. Respecting her decision, and being curious about receiving feedback. Can you guess what her response was?

She came back laughing, saying she never cancelled it at all, and didn’t want to either, turns out a week later paypal emailed saying it was some mix up on their end. So you can see how silly and over-reactive we can be when we are jumping to conclusions, or making assumptions or buying into the stories in our mind, that are just that - stories.

8. It’s okay to be alone
As you may know… this year involved a break up for me and for the first time in almost 9 years, I found myself alone (although… you are never really alone, but that’s a story for another time - and not a creepy one, I’m talking about the universe haha)

Although I am an introverted extrovert, and love my alone time, I found myself feeling really alone. It’s very different coming home to a flat of people you love, vs someone who loves you and greets you with affection and attention. And I found myself craving this deeply, needing it to get through. And whilst it’s a different time going through a break up, to your normal day to day, I realised this need to be in company all the time, was my unconscious attempt to not deal with my real feelings.

The stories that came up about this were hilarious too… like how uncool I was to be sitting at home alone watching a movie by myself on a weeknight. I mean, come on, that is normal and I actually loved doing this when I was in a relationship, but it is funny how our perception changes when our circumstances do too.

I soon realised that it was actually really important for me to be alone. To process my day, or whatever I was going through, and to get to know myself better. If I am always too busy filling up everyone else's cup, I was going to burn out and I know how much that sucks. So I got comfortable being uncomfortable and learnt that being alone didn’t mean I wasn’t loved, or unwanted, it became a choice and something to look forward to.

9. Fail, fail and fail some more, just never quit
If you’re anything like me, the word fail really doesn’t sit right in your body. I cannot count how many times a little voice in my head told me I was a failure this year, but I never let it win. Because no matter how many times life knocked me down, I got back up again.

I also learnt to embrace my failures, because without them I wouldn’t have learnt the lessons I did, the lessons I needed to have the success, the lessons that would serve me for years to come. Furthermore, I learnt that there is never really a true failure if you don’t quit.

In my opinion, the only time I would’ve truly failed is if I got knocked down and never got back up again, but I didn’t. I took it in my stride, as we all do, every day, and kept showing up for myself, and my goals.

The truth is, no one is going to do the work for you, and no one is going to want you to achieve your dreams more than you, so if you don’t show up for yourself, who is? A life full of ups and downs is beyond natural, and in fact it paves the path to success. Just remember a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You got this!

10. Spend more time where your soul feels like it’s at home
Sunsets and sunrises, oceans and mountains, greenery and palm trees, valleys, high rises and rooftops… Where is your soul calling you? Where does your soul feel most at home.

For me it is the fresh air and being able to see or be by the ocean. It is also all of the aforementioned places because I love being surrounded by nature, but at the same time in the feeling of a big city vibe. I need to be somewhere that feels expansive and all of those things give me that.

When I feel the most trapped is when I am stuck in a house or office space where there is no fresh air coming in, no earth to ground my feet on and no sun shining in. I spent so many mornings before I left for the states going for a walk along the beach, feet in the sand and surrounded by tall oak trees, watching a lot of sunrises. But when I was in the US, I found myself almost landlocked, and despite the palm trees (yes, everytime I saw them I was excited like a teenage girl - they really do light my soul up) and sunset, I did struggle not being by the ocean.

Yet every time I was by a big body of water, it was literally like I could hear my heart sing. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was the most beautiful reminder that this life is so precious, and our environment can really have an effect on our mental and physical health. For some it is the sunny skies and ocean breeze, for others it’s the mountain tops and snowfall. There is no right or wrong.

So my advice to you is to spend more time in places that you love, with the people that you love, feel grounded and connected to the beautiful earth we live on and watch more sunsets than netflix, you’ll be amazed at just how much your life and love for life changes if you just follow that calling in your soul!


If you made it this far, then I express my sincere gratitude to you and hope that these lessons help you in some way moving into 2024. Sending you an abundance of love and light.

Happy New Year <3

Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!


Learnings From Brendon Burchard Himself


4 / OCTOBER / 2023

Coaching Summit Austin, Texas Sept 2023 will be forever imprinted in my heart, mind and soul. To say it was life changing would be an understatement 🙌🏽

The people I had the blessing of meeting
The connection, joy and pure love that was in the room
The wisdom, knowledge, growth that was shared
Was something rather remarkable

On the 14th - 16th of September myself and 1500 other incredible humans gathered together at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas to undertake the Coaching Summit led by expert coach and thought leader Brendon Burchard. Ten hour days, 50+ pages of notes, 100’s of connections made and about 40,000 steps later from all the dance parties up the front I was in my ELEMENT!

Whilst I am a qualified holistic nutritionist, my other deep love is personal development and growth. Which is why I integrate these two worlds into the work I do.

But what is a coach? What is coaching? Burchard had us define this multiple times over the course of the conference, and through my own personal experience, listening to each other and Burchard’s definition I concluded the following definitions that feel most aligned with all of the above:

What is coaching?
A guided influential process, facilitating another soul to take the next most powerful step in their life towards their goal or ambition, that enhances their self-awareness, decision making, improves performance and leads to living better

What is a coach?
A coach is an expert in their field who holds a safe space for someone to have a transformative experience on some levels that will positively impact their life and support them in reaching their ambitions, challenging and holding them to their highest level of execution.


Over the course of the 3 days, I had so many breakthroughs, a-ha moments, laughs and felt the most immense joy! Something really powerful in me shifted and I am excited for that to unfold and integrate in the weeks and months to come, however there were some incredible lessons that I know you will find so valuable so I thought I’d share them with you below:

  1. You are incomparable
    There is only one of you, and there only ever will be, comparison is the thief of joy, own your uniqueness and know that you already hold the magic inside of you, the most authentic expression of yourself is needed in this world.
  2. The story you are saying is not the language you need for your next level
    Watch your thoughts, you are not your mind, the stories you tell yourself daily is what becomes your reality. If those thoughts aren’t aligned, the way you speak to yourself is not for your highest good, then it’s time to shift your language to elevate to your next level.
  3. The time to have the map is before you enter the woods
    Set your intentions, goals and ambitions, or life will set them for you. Start where with the end in mind, it is always easier to work backwards from the bigger picture than to try navigate and make decisions when you are stressed and lost.
  4. Joy is the superpower - the power plant doesn’t have the energy, it creates it
    You get to bring the energy, the emotion to each day, and just like a power plant it is your job to create the energy of joy. That is our superpower, to be able to operate from this space and to be able to truly share our magic with the world. This is the frequency of the highest vibration, opportunities and love. How can you be in joy more each day?
  5. THINK BEYOND; vision beyond your circumstances
    We can get so trapped in what is right in front of us, so consumed by the weeds in our garden of life that we miss the beautiful opportunities flowering around us. When you come back to your vision, your true north, you see you are so much more than your circumstances, so when you feel stuck or helpless, THINK BEYOND.
  6. When they doubt, you demonstrate
    To sound overly generic for a second… ‘Haters gonna hate’ haha. But in all honesty, don’t let others' judgement, doubts or fears be projected onto you. It can be tough when you have big goals and dreams to always have support from those around you (or online). You have to remember, you have a responsibility to yourself and this world to carry out your mission and it can be triggering for others to be able to see you in your bigness. This doesn’t mean you are not worthy or capable. And if they doubt, don’t get defensive, DEMONSTRATE. In time they will see, remember, actions speak louder than words (and soon enough they will be eating theirs haha).
  7. Own the decision fully
    This one hit me like a slap across the face. It’s amazing how when you’re someone who is a recovering people pleaser, how hard it can be to truly own a decision out of fear of hurting people, especially if it is a big decision. However, when you make a decision, embodying it FULLY and taking bold action that supports it is the most powerful way forward.
  8. Ask yourself powerful questions:
    - Am I operating from a place of being built up or beat down?

    - Am I in reaction or intention?
    - Am I living in fear or faith?

    These questions were just a few of the potent ones Burchard shared with us. I encourage you to keep these top of mind to deepen your self-awareness and growth in life.

    The first one to me, really asks if we are operating out of victimhood, or choosing to see the lesson life is offering us in a moment of hardship (and although it can be hard to see it at the time, there is a gift there) we have a choice in our viewpoint.

    The second one to me is being clear on how you respond and what place you take action from. Are you being intentional in how you communicate and behave even when things aren’t lining up for you, or are you operating from a place of reactivity, getting defensive and avoiding responsibility.

    The third one to me is coming back to a lesson I have felt deeply this year… a lesson of trusting life. When we choose to live in faith over fear, we trust that life is always working out for us, versus happening to us. What are you choosing at each moment?

  9. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that extra 2%, and after that extra mile there’s no traffic (Paula Abdul)
    So many of us (myself included), have a tendency to stop at ‘good’ when greatness is just an extra mile away. One of my intentions I’m carrying with me after this summit is to yes, take messy action (rather than inaction due to perfectionism), but also to continue to strive for that EXTRAORDINARY. It’s not that much more of a jump, but the view is so exquisite on both the journey and destination.
  10. REMEMBER: (my final words + thoughts)

    You get to be everything you want in this world 🤩
    You hold the power, the magic, the responsibility within ✨
    You get to LIVE. LOVE. MATTER. ❤️
    To BRING THE JOY 🥹 into every single moment


We also had the pleasure of celebrating @brendonburchard ‘s 100TH 4 DAY EVENT! 💯💯💯 This is quite an achievement. Burchard has been in the coaching industry (and paving the way for the majority of it), for 20 years (that’s two decades). So to be at such a monumental event of his was amazing.

I’ve admired this man’s work for years, and to finally be in the same room, in person, from the other side of the world was unreal 🥹😭😍 I can also say wholeheartedly that he truly lives and breaths this work, I could feel the immense gratitude and joy for him simply being able to be present. I have so much admiration for his dedication to this craft and his capacity to give, continue to grow and always share his learnings along the way. There is room for all of us and sharing wisdom is the fastest way to elevate the conscious collective (IMO)

I am still grinning from ear to ear reflecting on the magic that happens when you get a bunch of personal development weirdos, coaches and conscious minds together

I’m beyond INSPIRED to create
And even more INSPIRED to step into not only the next level of my own growth
But the EVOLUTION of my service to this beautiful place we call home
Watch this space! Thank you 🙏🏽 and CONGRATULATIONS to the legend Mr @brendonburchard again!

This coach is ready to change the game in wellness + life!
Much love, and remember to always, always chase your dreams… you have no idea what is out there waiting for you if you just take that first step.

What was your main takeaway from this? Let me know below 👇🏽


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!



TOP 10 TAKEAWAYS FROM BRENDON BURCHARD LIVE 4 / OCTOBER / 2023 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES I’m a holistic wellness coach; clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and hormone expert. I empower beautiful humans like yourself to find balance, health and happiness in all aspects of your life.  Being diagnosed as a Coeliac at the age of 22 months, all I have ever known is being on a diet and constant food restriction. For years I battled with fad diets, calorie counting, hormonal imbalances, self-esteem issues and poor gut health. However, it was through my own journey that I healed my relationship with …

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Is This Really Happening To Me


5 / SEPTEMBER / 2023

As I sit here in complete and utter disbelief at my life… I’m asking myself, is this really happening? To me?

If you’d have told me 3 months ago I’d be sitting in the international terminal ready to make the biggest, scariest decision I’ve ever made in my life...

I dunno that I would’ve believed you


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly imagine to make this dream a reality, but the divine timing and intervention of it all has really left me astounded

August was a month of goodbyes, and I had to say some really hard goodbyes just an hour ago, but September is going to be a month of hello’s

Hello’s to faces I’ve never had the joy of meeting in person
Hello’s to friends I haven’t seen in years
Hello’s to new opportunities, new experiences, new places and new communities

It’s with tears in my eyes that I write this… I am going, I am soaring, I am spreading my wings and I am so excited at all the possibilities I cannot even yet imagine

I’m also reflecting on all the unexplainable and incredible synchronicities that happened to get me here. The timing has been nothing short of divine. And when they say don’t rush the Universe, well I’m so glad I didn’t because I couldn’t be more grateful for where I am now

These last 3 months have shown me how truly supported I am, have taught me how to really receive… support, love and connections in ways I never thought possible.

Now these next 3 months I am ready to adventure, take risks, be guided by my faith and trust that it is all working out for me as I have so graciously been shown already


I’ve never lived anywhere else in the world (or even in my city), I’ve never gotten on a single flight by myself, I’ve never travelled alone, I’ve never not had everything planned and mapped out to the final detail and yet I’ve never been more nervously excited than I am right now.

I’m off and I’m taking my beautiful business with me, working remotely and travelling for the next 3 months in the USA.

I cannot contain my smile, I cannot contain my excitement, I also cannot contain my gratitude for all the people who helped make this journey possible, especially the support from my amazing mum and incredible friends (you know who you are).

So with that being said, I will see you on the other side, this blog is going live when I take flight and I cannot wait for the new adventures I have that will unfold.

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!



IS THIS REALLY POSSIBLE? 5 / SEPTEMBER / 2023 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES As I sit here in complete and utter disbelief at my life… I’m asking myself, is this really happening? To me? If you’d have told me 3 months ago I’d be sitting in the international terminal ready to make the biggest, scariest decision I’ve ever made in my life… I dunno that I would’ve believed you MY DREAM Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly imagine to make this dream a reality, but the divine timing and intervention of it all has really …

The rose exotic cocktails and fruits on table, against pink

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HEALTHY AIOLI RECIPE 23 / AUGUST / 2023 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES GF | DF | RSF | Paleo Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 25 minutesYields: 1 serving I love aioli, but what I hate about store bought ones is the seed oils!! So you can enjoy this knowing you ain’t putting any nasties in your body that will wreak havoc on your hormones, drive inflammation and damage your gut! INGREDIENTS –  1 cup extra virgin olive oil–  1 egg –  1 tsp. iodised sea salt–  1 small clove of garlic (optional)–  juice from 1/2 a lemon …

A Letter From My Higher Self


5 / JULY / 2023

Dear Beautiful Soul,

You’re not going to believe where you are right now. The smile on your face cannot be shaken and the love in your heart will never fade. You are sharing your light, you are sharing your gifts with the world and you are expanding and exploding with joy.

Your soul aligned mission on this earth that has been divinely guided is being lived in right here, right now.

I know where you are in this moment is tough, I know that it feels like the world is crumbling around you and at times like it is all too much. I know that this is not where or how you pictured your life at this point and I want you to know that it is okay to grieve that.

I also want you to know that it is all coming. This is the initiation. A chance for you to reset. To realign your life to your higher calling, to your deeper purpose and also a chance for you to be the fullest, most beautiful expression of yourself.

It is by stepping into this version of yourself that you will attract everything that you’ve ever wanted and more, and let me tell you… it is SO MUCH MORE than you could’ve ever dreamed.

I want to take a moment to see you, to recognise the strength you have had, the vulnerability you have shown, the beauty you have been amongst the chaos and your willingness to continue the fight.

I also want you to take a moment to acknowledge how far you have come and how much you have accomplished, your younger self would be so proud of you if she could see the woman you have become now. Honour that.

You are beautiful, loving, kind and beyond words. This life may not be kind at times, but remember… No one else in this world can do what you do, the way you do it, and that my darling is your superpower.

It is my hope for you that you will trust the path you are on right now, and know that God/Universe/Source has your back every step of the way.

I wish you could see yourself the way the world sees you, you light up every room you are in, your heart transcends the time, space and fear and allows others to feel safe and seen, your ability to simply be is enough. You are enough, exactly as you are.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for being you, thank you for existing and remember to never stop shining your beautiful light, the world needs you. I need you. You are enough.

And so it is.

With love,
Your Higher Self


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!


chia pudding


IMG_8898 31

THIS IS WHAT’S DRAINING YOUR ENERGY 21 / JUNE / 2023 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES More sleep isn’t the answer to …

cashew cream cheese

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3 Steps to a Healthier Body in 2023


8 / FEBRUARY / 2023

Every year we want to be our best selves, but often a lack of preparation lets us down! Which is why taking charge of your health early in the year is key to setting yourself up for success!!

Take yourself through these 3 steps to make sure you're starting the year with your healthiest foot forward.



And NO I'm not talking about your new year's resolutions, but actual goals... What symptoms do you want to be free of? How do you want to feel in your body? Define what your healthiest self actually looks like… then make a plan to get there!

If you claim them, write them down, make a vision board and then make a plan, you are keeping your mind focused on what you want to achieve. To quote Tony Robbins here ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. In other words, whatever you put your attention on is more likely to become a reality, so get super clear on what is it you want!


Too often we go in with an all or nothing approach, like signing up to the gym and training everyday for the first couple of weeks, then burning our bodies out or injuring ourselves sets us back or to a complete halt

Pick no more than 3 new habits, and be REALISTIC with them. Maybe it's going to the gym 3 x week, preparing your meals in advance and meditating daily, but make sure it is something that feels doable and just a little outside your comfort zone.

Then pick a time and pop it as a recurring event in your calendar so it actually happens, and you can progress and increase from there. Trying to do everything all at once is a recipe for failure (take it from me - I learnt that the hard way). Let’s first build momentum and then keep progressing!


A healthier body is one that isn't inflamed, in pain or highly symptomatic - and this really does start with your food. Eating food that grew in the ground, walked on the earth, and is as close to nature as possible is a real food... Tell you what you don't see growing on a farm

A field of bagels!

Put it this way, the less processed the less inflammatory, it really is that simple. You don't have to overhaul your entire pantry, start slow, make some swaps and increase your greens, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Take a slower trip around your supermarket (btw I say AROUND because the perimeter is where you will find the REAL food). Plan you meals before you go, read the ingredients on the ‘food’ you pick up, and get curious about what you’re really putting into your body.


If you've been struggling with your health, and really aren't sure where to start, or you feel like there is something deeper going on in your body and you just want some answers… Check out my FREE root cause quiz, filled with tips, tricks and action steps to help your body step into your healthiest self - because when we heal from the root, we heal for good!

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!




apple pie smoothie

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10 Lessons From 2022


21 / DECEMBER / 2022

It’s become an annual thing for me to do each year… take some time to reflect on some of the biggest lessons I have learnt over the year (some I am still in the process of learning and fully embodying). And as always, I love sharing what I learn with you!

It is my hope in sharing that you take something away and are able to apply it to your life, even if it improves it by 5% that’s growth! I also encourage you to take time to reflect on the lessons you have learnt and what powerful insights or takeaways you’re taking with you into the new year.

Remember… Whatever those lessons are, meet yourself with love and grace, and know inevitably, they are all serving you and your highest good! So let’s dive in…


The hardest, and biggest lesson of this year has been leaning into trust. And to be completely honest, I feel like I am only just scratching the surface on this one. It has been a really tough year this year for a number of reasons, in all areas of my life, from business, to personal and even my health.

But through it, I was reminded of what truly mattered, I was asked to look deeper within myself than ever before and ask the hard questions. It can be easy to ask yourself ‘why me’ and ‘what did I do wrong/to deserve this’ or even ‘why can’t this just work out’. Believe me, I feel the frustration in all of it, and I still get triggered (I’m only human right).

However, leaning into trust, as scary as it has been, has shown me that everything (yes, everything… and no, don’t roll your eyes at me), happens for a reason. It is still something I am coming to terms with on a daily basis, but the more it happens the more I lean into the discomfort, unpack it and then take the next most logical step forward. Life is far kinder when you are willing to explore from a place of empowerment than victimhood.

To follow on from Trusting Life… this poem/quote from Albert Einstein says everything I could ever say and more about this lesson, so I thought I’d share it with you. (*note: you can replace Universe with anything that feels aligned for you - God/Source/Life)

"I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves."

For if we decide that the universe is an unfriendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to achieve safety and power by creating bigger walls to keep out the unfriendliness and bigger weapons to destroy all that which is unfriendly and I believe that we are getting to a place where technology is powerful enough that we may either completely isolate or destroy ourselves as well in this process.

"If we decide that the universe is neither friendly nor unfriendly and that God is essentially ‘playing dice with the universe’, then we are simply victims to the random toss of the dice and our lives have no real purpose or meaning.

"But if we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to create tools and models for understanding that universe. Because power and safety will come through understanding its workings and its motives."

"God does not play dice with the universe,"

--Albert Einstein

Burnout is not fun (and I got to revisit this old friend again this year)... as a wellness coach, I know the importance of rest from a physical level, and how much it supports a happy body and mind, but this year it struck a little differently.

I felt burnt out all the way to my core, the SOUL of my being actually felt tired. For a few months I felt stuck in a loop of darkness, not quite knowing how to make my way out, but persisting.

I know I am someone who constantly is looking for the ‘HOW’... how do I get myself out of this, how can I feel better quicker, how can I make sure I’m doing XYZ better. And this paralysed me this year, because I couldn’t figure out the HOW.

I had to stop, I had to rest, I had to get still, and in this stillness I found space, I found safety, I found a truer expression of myself and I am still practising it all. However, I am now far more intentional about creating the space to rest (without the guilt) and reconnect with my creative side, recharge my soul and of course… TRUST life in the process.

This journey of discovering the sacredness of rest and trusting life, allowed me to realise just how unsafe I had been feeling in my own body. It was no wonder I was stuck in burnout, it was no wonder I couldn’t shift my frequency higher… my body didn’t feel safe.

Not only was I communicating this from a physical level (you know by not creating space and resting), but by telling myself stories, limitations, buying into misunderstandings about the things and people around me.

It is so easy to get lost in the world of our mind, and believe every thought we think is true, and if these thoughts don’t serve you they are only going to keep you trapped and feeling unsafe.

So I got curious, started digging deeper into my feelings of unsafety, where did they come from, where did my body learn this, what am I holding onto that I need to let go of, I did the inner work (and am still doing it) to help me get free and feel safe.

And whenever I notice those fears or thoughts pop up I remind myself to get still, offer myself reassurance and love, and be kind to myself. All along I had been looking for others to give this to me, when in reality this is what I needed to give it to myself.

These two lessons go hand in hand… and I want to start by sharing a quote from Lisa Bilyeu’s book Radical Confidence “If you want to do big things, you have to — I repeat, you haaaaave to — get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I wish it weren’t true, but there’s no way around it.”
Which inspires lessons 5 & 6, because in my personal experience and belief system, everything you want is on the other side of fear. In fact, fear/anxiety are actually chemically the same in the body as excitement.

So instead of letting your fear of getting it ‘wrong’ or it not being ‘perfect’ paralyse you, channel that energy into excitement! You’d be amazed what will happen if you just put one foot in front of the other in the direction of where you want to go.

And you know what, if you fall, you can get right back up… it’s all here for our learning. And really, really, really question… is anything ever PERFECT?

To tie back into my lessons about creating space, and safety… it can be really hard to hear anything when there is too much background noise, or you never slow down enough to pause and listen right? (We are in agreement so far?)

Well then, it stands to reason that we could really struggle to hear our internal guidance (yes we all have it), our intuition if there is too much noise.

If our schedules are jam packed day to day, if we take little time to get creative, play and enjoy life, or we are constantly keeping ourselves playing small, that little voice of guidance is going to struggle to be heard.

However, that little friendly voice inside is STRONG and will continue to knock on your door until it is heard, it is just up to you if you are willing to slow down enough to listen

We have all had that feeling of butterflies in our tummies, or that little nagging that something just doesn’t feel right, only to be proven correct moments or months later, right?

Which just shows how powerful this inner guidance system really is… so take this as your sign to lean in (no matter how uncomfortable it may feel) and get curious on what it has to say.

The more I have created space and safety to hear this voice and allow it to guide me, the stronger, happier and healthier I have become, don’t take my word for it… trust your gut!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Henry Ford
Whilst I’d love to just leave that quote to stand alone, because it truly is profound… I’m thinking some of you may want an explanation on just what on earth I (and Henry Ford) am on about…

Your mind can be utilised as your most powerful weapon, or tool to propel you forward in this life, and if you choose to buy into beliefs that keep you stuck then that is how you will stay… STUCK.

If you choose to use this tool however as the transformative asset in your life it can be, just watch it change!

Take me for example, earlier this year I discovered a whole host of health issues in my gut. Now if I had stayed stuck in my mind telling myself that I am never going to heal, that I am just going to keep getting worse, and nothing I do is working… What do you think would’ve happened?

I wouldn’t have healed and would still be feeling like sh*t!

What I did instead, was take action on my healing journey, and when the doubts popped up (oh because they do, and will), I acknowledged them and then shifted them. I kept reminding myself that I was healing, that my body is incredible, and I was going to finish this year happier and healthier than I have ever been.

And do you know what happened? I did, and I have!

Now you could argue that it’s because I did all the protocols and took all the supplements, and yes, you’re right, that plays a massive role. But don’t you think if I kept believing nothing was working that I would’ve even continued to show up and do it? Probably not…

This applies to EVERYTHING!! Don’t believe me… try it for yourself and see.

I was reminded of this beautiful sentiment by my dear friend Samantha Ruberto only a few months ago. Whilst she had said it to me in the past, my ears hadn’t been quite ready to hear it.

It can be so easy to have regrets in life, or get stuck in the ‘what if’s’ or ‘if only’ … but let me share something with you, that’s only going to keep you limited and stuck too. The moment you do, you take yourself out of the present and into the past, away from the magic of the moment that is right in front of you.

When I fully leant into this (again, still learning), I noticed how much calmer I was, how much I trusted life more, how much easier I let things go. Another way to look at it is this… ‘rejection is God’s redirection’ (again use whatever word feels good for you there) but this was a quote I heard from Jamie Kern Lima on a podcast and it really stuck with me.

It all comes back to trusting life…

A long time ago I was taught that you’ll only get out what you put in, and this is probably one of the most literal things I have taken and applied in my life when it comes to my business and my health.

However, it also caught me in a burnout loop of having to put in and sacrifice more time, more energy, and more time and more energy, because the more I put in the more I would get out right? I had trapped myself in a toxic cycle.

Yet, there was one area that stood out to me this year as a GIANT neon sign, an area that I wasn’t feeling held in, and I kept wondering why… my relationships.

I’m not going to lie, my work and career has been my #1 priority these past few years, and I haven’t been able to give my all to the people around me that I love the most, and that started to reflect and wonder why I was feeling left out and alone.

And I realised, I had been expecting people to show up for me, make the effort when I hadn’t been putting the time into reaching out first and nurturing them.

Look don’t get me wrong, I am a giver to a fault, and have had to work MASSIVELY on boundaries because of this *hello people pleasers anonymous* , but that was just it. I was there at people's time of need, or as an ear to listen, but the relationships weren’t deepening like I would’ve liked.

So, I took the principle from above, that you only get out what you put in, and started reaching out, making more of an effort, prioritising the relationships in my life over my work (most of the time haha).

And I noticed a massive shift, in myself, in the quality of friendships I was having. I became more confident in having harder conversations too. As a result, because I was happier, the time and energy I was spending on the business and work was of a higher quality… I realised that the quote wasn’t meaning that more is more, it actually came down to the quality and intention behind what I put in.

Which made me realise how much more intentional I could be, and how much control (in a healthy way), I had over my time, energy and relationships - GAME CHANGER!


So dear reader, if you’ve made it this far, I thank you and I hope that there is something within these lessons that resonates with you. These lessons come from my heart and are expressed with love, vulnerability and truth. I wish you every happiness in the years to come, and may 2023 hold every blessing you could imagine and more!

With love,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!


IMG_4163 (2)

MY 10 BIGGEST LESSONS FROM 2022 21 / DECEMBER / 2022 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES It’s become an annual thing for …


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Cream winter background, Christmas aesthetic design vector


How To Get Unstuck In Achieving Your Goals


31 / AUGUST / 2022

Contrary to popular belief, achieving your goals isn’t just about working harder… In fact, it can be one of the reasons you’re getting stuck! Below I’m going to share with you what really is keeping you stuck and what kept me stuck in the hopes to bring some awareness and insight to how you can break free of the blocks that are keeping you playing small!

The blocks you are facing aren’t in the way, they are the way!”

This is something one of my amazing mentors @alyssanobriga says often, and I knew it at a conscious level, but I had never really felt it or understood it to the depth I feel I do now.

To put it simply, when you face adversity, or something in your life that triggers you, or you feel is stopping you from getting the desired result or feeling you want… this is your block.


For so long, I would fight these blocks, continuing to try and go around them, or in all honesty, a lot of the time run away from (hello procrastination) haha! But when I actually looked deeper, I realised that there was a message, wisdom that was trying to be communicated. They say ‘everything in life happens for a reason’ and whilst that is true, I believe that we play a role in our own destiny and now this makes more sense to me as to why.

If we are resisting something we are only creating more resistance, this eventually leads to us creating a reality against this resistance, and therefore the reason that this happens. When we learn to embrace the block or the thing we are resisting instead of trying to fight it, it is actually the key to our freedom.

I’ll give you an example… I’ve always told myself the story or let myself believe that ‘I don’t have enough time’. Now without going into the metaphysical concept of the fact that time simply doesn’t exist and all we have is now, this story has always kept me stuck - a block.

When I got curious, I wanted to see how this block was actually serving me. You see as humans we only continue to do something if it is supporting us in reaching our goals in some way. For me, I discovered that telling myself this story “I don’t have enough time” was motivating me to do my work, complete my tasks for the days, weeks and months. It was serving me, however it was also leading me down the path of burnout, because it was fueling the ‘hungry ghost’ of never enough time.

When I was able to see first that this was a story keeping me blocked, and why it was still there, I was able to see how to get free of it, because the other part of me that wasn’t able to keep going and reminded me to take care of my health, also wanted the business to be a success.

Ultimately, their goal was the same, but I needed to find a new way to achieve what I wanted that wouldn’t burn me out. So, that’s what I did… It actually turned out to be not me having to find more time to do more things, but actually looking at all I was doing and learning to delegate more, and rely more on my team :)


I share this lesson with you, because I hope it sheds some insight on how you could have something blocking you from achieving your goals, but really it is a matter of looking deeper at the wisdom inside this block and seeing what it truly desires for you and how you can meet that desire but in a way that is going to be much more healthier and bring you much more happiness.

So your homework (if you are still with me), is to get still… look at where you are feeling blocked, then ask yourself, what story am I telling myself about this and then see what wisdom comes through. The beautiful thing is, you have everything you need inside of you.

Aaaaaand…. If you get stuck, my inbox and DMs are always open! I would love to help support you through this and in achieving your goals!

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!







HEALTHY SNICKERS SMOOTHIE RECIPE 10 / AUGUST / 2022 SHEREE’S HEALTH DIARIES Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 1 seconds …

A Letter Of Apology To My Body


17 / AUGUST / 2022

‘DEAR BODY… Please forgive me!

I’m sorry for all the years of abuse⁣
I’m sorry for all the harsh words I’ve said about you⁣
I’m sorry for all the terrible thoughts I’ve had about you⁣

I’m sorry for the times I’ve hidden you, punished you, and sabotaged you. ⁣

I’m sorry for failing to care for you and hate you when you were doing the best you could.⁣

Today, I’d like to thank you…. ⁣

Thank you for providing me with the one true home I live in every single day. ⁣
Thank you for still showing up for me everyday when I failed to nourish you. ⁣
Thank you for still providing me with the energy to function when I put you through burnout. ⁣
Thank you for not giving up on me when I exerted you with exercise. ⁣
Thank you for allowing me to move and teach and coach even through injury.⁣
Thank you for now supporting me as I continue to nourish you back to health the best I can. ⁣


To love you for where you are right now⁣
To love all of you, every roll, curve, freckle, muscle and squish of cellulite⁣
To speak about you as if I was talking lovingly to my 8 year old self⁣
To clear out the negative thoughts if ever they appear ⁣

To fuel you with nutrients to help us THRIVE ⁣
To give you enough rest so you can SHINE ⁣
To train in a healthy way so you are STRONG ⁣

To stand proud and show up for you, knowing that you have been with me through thick and thin and still showed up for me. ⁣

I PROMISE to be the happiest, healthiest, strongest and most empowered version of myself in the body that I have been blessed with! ⁣

With Love,⁣
Sheree x’


So, often we hate on ourselves, judge, compare and develop a low self-esteem because we wish our bodies looked or felt different. ⁣

This is my letter to my body, and my belief that we should flip our mindset, deeper than self-love, but self-compassion and gratitude for all that we put our bodies through on a daily basis. ⁣

Look after your one true home… It's doing its best to look after you! To the girl I was then… I forgive you!⁣

P.S. What is your #1 promise to your body?

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!





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Personal Blog Top Insights From My Solo Retreat


3 / AUGUST / 2022

I DID IT!! I spent 10 days SOLO on the little island of Waiheke, in NZ and all I can say is WOW… the depth of healing and transformation that occurred as a result was life changing!

No, it wasn’t a health retreat, no I didn’t do yoga everyday, in fact I drank wine almost daily, had one main meal a day with snacks either side, and for 5 of those 10 days I was up at 4am (completely disrupting my circadian rhythm)...

You may be wondering what on earth this has to do with wellness, or even health, but to be completely honest, this is where the real healing and magic happens. So if you stick around, I hope some of this magic will rub off on you!


Let’s start at the beginning because it’s about to get vulnerable up in here…

I’ve invested in mentorship heavily for the last 4 - 5 years, having business coaches, health mentors and programs and courses that I have done on my own accord, at this stage totaling to over $100,000. And this year was NO different. I invested this time at a VIP level into a mastermind to help take my personal development and business to the next level.

One of the amazing bonuses of this mastermind was a five day mid-way retreat, and whilst circumstances didn’t permit me to be there LIVE, I still committed and showed up virtually. Which is what led me to booking solo time away to really dive deep into this transformational immersion.

You see the work I have now become certified in coaching, takes ‘coaching’ to an entirely new level that most people have never been exposed to, or are even aware of and I say that not to be arrogant, but to bring awareness to the different levels of the coaching industry and why I do what I do.

So, I headed off on a trip SOLO for the first time in my life. Bearing in mind, I was SH*T scared, I had never even stayed overnight ANYWHERE (not even my own home) alone before. I knew this was going to be a growth edge, but entirely what I needed, and it was!

Because of the time zone difference, it meant I was up at 4am every morning for 5 days to ensure I didn’t miss a beat and got to make the most out of it. I won’t drag this out by sharing all the ins and outs of days, but what I will share with you was the most powerful insight I got from not only the 5 day retreat but the remaining 5 days I spent by myself integrating and coming home to myself.


Learn to love your own company - date yourself (because you are enough, simply as you are)!

I have never spent so much time on my own, and it was confronting, but also remarkably freeing. I couldn’t believe how much I loved my own company. After the retreat finished around 1/2pm most days I took myself out for a long lunch at one of the many beautiful vineyards on the island, I got to chat to the locals, do the wine tasting and simply sit and be present.

Sure I got a few stares and it felt slightly uncomfortable at first, but then I embraced it. I found comfort in the discomfort and it really stepped my confidence up to a whole new level. I realised prior to doing this, I had never given myself permission to show up fully and authentically MYSELF…

I wasn’t worried about others' judgments, I didn’t have to do anything, or be anything for anyone, I just got to be ME, for ME. Not who I thought people or society wanted me to be, not Sheree the coach or Sheree the nutritionist or Sheree the daughter/sister/partner… Just Sheree. And you know what SHE’S AWESOME!!

I got to fall in love with who I have grown up to be, the woman I look at in the mirror every day and feel proud to be her, and that is a gift I truly hope every human gets to experience. It was freeing to say the least, and EMPOWERING beyond measure.

So this is your reminder, to get comfortable in the uncomfortable, learn to be in your own company, and that you are ENOUGH, always!

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo


Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach I empower women like you to transform their lives, understand their bodies and feel their best from the inside out!





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