The secret to wellness

My Philosophy

My philosophy is holistic and simple, looking after every aspect of you; working closely with diet, exercise, mindset and lifestyle to connect the mind, body and soul. I do not believe in calorie counting, fad diets and over-exercising.

I believe we should be listening to our bodies, eating whole real foods (most of the time), prioritising our rest and time for ourselves, and exercising in a way that serves, strengthens and energises you. Nourishing and caring for our bodies in this way, will ensure more of a preventative approach away from the likes of dis-ease and illness, and is key to attaining and maintaining not only a balanced lifestyle, but optimal health.

If we become plagued by stress, poor sleep or a lack of nutrients, a clean diet and plenty of exercise can go to waste as it can wreak havoc on our hormones and gut. This is why it is so important to focus on nutrients over calories and nourishment, rather than punishment when it comes to our health.

My Personal Wellness Philosophy Key Points:

In terms of food, exercise, rest and treats, you know what you want and need.

Keeping refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol to a minimum to feel your best.

You’re doing incredible no matter where you are at right now, we want to keep our hormones balanced and managing stress is key.

Get quality sleep every night (7 – 8 hours is great), take a break from training if you need to, or incorporate restorative exercise.

Eat plenty of greens, colour your plate (veggies are essential for a healthy you) and invest in high quality supplements (like Metagenics).

gratitude, mediation, yoga, connecting with nature, journaling and when you’re eating.

morning, evening, before meals (all the time until it happens without thinking).

Filtered if possible and at least 2L per day.

Take a shopping list with you, and be prepared with a stocked-up fridge and pantry.

Move your body daily in a way that is fun and challenges you.

be kind and compassionate towards yourself, love yourself every step of the way, for it is a journey.

guilt free a couple of times a week (life is all about balance and moderation).

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