There’s a reason you’re PMSing, burned out, moody and drained…

Do you dread your monthly bleed? Feeling like a slave to your hormones and the ups and downs of your cycle?

Truth bomb!

You weren’t designed to operate on a typical 24 hour clock (your circadian rhythm)!

As a woman, you were designed to operate by your infradian rhythm – on a 28 DAY cycle, not a 24 hour one! If you want to avoid burnout, period pains, PMS and a lack of luster for life, leveraging your infradian rhythm is the best way to do it!

Women are finally tuning into their feminine power, alleviating PMS and mood swings by aligning their cycle with their life!

Your period (and entire cycle) holds massive power! Are you tapping into it? Let me show you how…

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Imagine if...

You could fall in love with your body again by learning to balance your hormones without restriction, let go of dieting permanently, and eating in a way that serves you.

You could learn a simple, effective method to be free of the exhaustion, fatigue, lack of libido, and finally feel motivated, empowered and strong within your body.

You could stop feeling frustrated that no one is listening to you and nothing in your body is changing, and finally feel like you are in control of your health

You could live a life that was full of freedom, fun, ease and grace and deepen the connection with yourself and your divine femininity.

You could learn to trust your body’s inner wisdom, and release the pressure of needing to show up every day perfectly and full of energy.

Hi I’m Sheree,

Like the majority of women out there, I had been led to believe that our hormones were fine to be shut off (hello, hormonal contraceptives), and that I should be able to function the same, each and every day – in my exercise, my eating and my energy. In fact, I’d developed the belief that if you didn’t exercise on your period, then you were just weak!

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Our monthly cycle is our superpower! Women are not small men, and shouldn’t be forced to function like one either. Aside from maybe knowing the day you’re meant to bleed, are you aware of the days that make up the different phases of your monthly cycle?

I certainly didn’t know the phase or the power my monthly cycle had, and when I discovered how to tap into it, my whole life, body and business changed! Suddenly, everything I was feeling, every symptom I had experienced, made sense, and I was able to break free from the burnout, and lead a life of freedom and balance every single day!

Feat. Guest Coach

Justine Steel - Transformational Life + Success Coach

Justine is a transformational life and success coach for women, an entrepreneur, and a mom of two.

She brings to the table her training in advanced, mastery-level coaching. She uses an integrative framework to support you in transforming conditioned patterns at the root so that you can create sustainable change in your life and health and finally feel like you again!

Her journey supporting women started in 2009 when, after hitting bottom from years of struggling with addiction, she started on a path of recovery & relentlessly pursued wholeness & fulfillment.

She hit another, physical bottom a few years ago, battling hormonal imbalances, depression, and, “the period roller coaster.” Doing the Inner work, alongside Sheree’s support was the catalyst to healing and freedom.

Ready for Flo in your Cycle + Life?

Let me ask you this

But don’t worry! There is hope! And… It’s not your fault that you are feeling disconnected from yourself!

For years, decades, females have been put down, shamed, ridiculed for their ‘hormonal’ moods and decision making and outbursts. 

But these are all just signs your body is trying to tell you that something isn’t right. That you are living out of balance, out of alignment with your true essence and nature.

There’s a reason why you haven’t been able to break free from the PMS and exhaustion on your own, it’s because you didn’t even know there was another way to balance your hormones.

Humans are cyclic beings, females even more so… when we harness our true ability to live in sync with our cycle, we tap into our intuition, and divine feminine energy, live in true flow, life becomes a lot easier! Ready to find out how…

Take a peek into the program…

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This course is perfect for you if…

Ready for Flo in your Cycle + Life?

Love from the community

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the perfect program if you have just come off hormonal contraceptives, and you are wanting to reconnect with your cycle, get the hormones reset and working again.

You’re in the right place! During this program it is my hope that you will literally FIND your flow, whilst it cannot be guaranteed over six weeks, it will be the perfect rest and set up for a regular cycle.

Right now, your hormones are disconnected from their natural cycle, the brain and ovaries are most likely not talking to each other and the bleed you experience (if you experience one), is simply a withdrawal from the medication. So, at this time you can practice living in sync with your cycle, but you won’t get the full benefit of it.

Each week’s call is around 60 – 75 minutes, and the modules are around 25 – 40 minutes in length. You don’t however have to complete the modules each week by a certain time, as you have lifetime access to the program.

After menopause you no longer have a menstrual cycle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cycle sync. You can use the nature that we are gifted with of the moon and it’s phases to live in sync with your cycle and keep your hormones balanced.

No. For this program to work, you’ve got to be ALL IN! And that means not letting your fears take over and get the best of you. I also have no doubt that when you get the answers and results you’ve not only been waiting for, but DESERVE in the course, there’s no way you’ll want to leave!