Transforming your life and understanding your body to a whole new level. Strengthening, healing and nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I'm Sheree

I’m a holistic wellness coach; clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and hormone expert. I empower beautiful humans like yourself to find balance, health and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Being diagnosed as a Coeliac at the age of 22 months, all I have ever known is being on a diet and constant food restriction. For years I battled with fad diets, calorie counting, hormonal imbalances, self-esteem issues and poor gut health. However, it was through my own journey that I healed my relationship with both food and myself

Through my coaching, we nourish our bodies with wholefoods, show ourselves compassion, break through limiting beliefs and love ourselves and our bodies every step of the way. By redefining training and nutrition, my coaching enables you to transform your life, understand your body and feel your best from the inside out!



“The body achieves what the mind believes, true strength comes from within!” ​

  • • Your MIND, through creating new healthy habits
  • • Your BODY, by training hard and effectively, in a way that’s fun and feels good for you!
  • • Your SOUL connection, by learning to be reflective, present and grounded.


“Heal the soul first, then the healing of the mind and the body will follow”

  • • Your MIND by breaking through limiting beliefs
  • • Your BODY by understanding it, from hormones and gut health, to releasing muscle tension we can heal the body through both movement, mindset and fuel.
  • • Your SOUL through transformational inner work, self-love and compassion.
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“Food is so much more than fuel, it nourishes us on so many levels; mind, body and soul… and just like our bodies, our minds cannot survive on junk food.”

  • • Your MIND with brain food; educational videos, tools and resources
  • • Your BODY, with delicious recipes and by discovering the foods that serve you best
  • • Your SOUL, with soul medicine; daily practices that light you up, so you can show up as your best self!

Ready to make a

CHange ?

My goal is to help you up-level your whole life, and get you to your optimal health. It would be my absolute privilege to help guide, support and empower you every step of the way.