27 / JULY / 2022

Bikini Body 👙 … is there really such a thing? ⁣

There is so much pressure from social media, magazines, outside influences like our social circles or partners, or even family which eventually become internal pressures. ⁣

However, we are getting so much wiser around this issue. We identify that what you see plastered over all forms of media is photoshopped and edited and unrealistic for the majority of the population. We have the advocates for all you need is a bikini and a body, embrace the skin you’re in, love yourself and wear what you want when you want. ⁣

If you ask me, the main thing we need to focus on when it comes to this is bringing down the internal pressures we give ourselves, and bringing down the judgement we pass on ourselves.

So let’s make the beach, the pool, the bathroom, the bedroom, the gym, the mall, every mirror or reflection or photo you ever see in your life a judgement free zone. ⁣🙏


If we are so willing to accept and encourage others, why can’t we offer the same kindness to ourselves. We decide what’s beautiful in our minds, not social media, and not magazines. ⁣

I know when I see a girl in a bikini, any shape or size I bring about admiration, not judgement, in my head it’s a ‘you go girl’ or ‘I love that bikini’ rather than a she shouldn’t be wearing that.

Not one single body is perfect, that’s merely how society has depicted it for us. What’s beautiful no matter your shape or size is your true self. ⁣

We all have things we aren’t 100% happy with, we all have imperfections, but it’s what makes us human and unique! If you really are unhappy with your body, take some action. I don’t just mean go to the gym or eat healthier. I mean work on your mind! Bring kindness instead of judgement and make changes to your lifestyle if it will help! ⁣

It is when we remove this judgement we can learn to stop judging ourselves. I accept my body and thank it for all it goes through on a daily basis. I love it because it is my one true home. I have shifted my mindset from hate to love, from judgement to kindness and you can too! You just gotta flip the switch!

However, I get it… even when you do the work around loving yourself more, sometimes guilt can come up because you ask the question, how can I love myself and still want to change?

This is something that could do with incorporating a little bit of a new perspective. I want to let you know it’s okay to strive to achieve something, it’s okay to know that you’re capable of more. The biggest thing is accepting and loving your body every stage of the process. ⁣

Whilst I definitely advocate for body confidence, and self love I think it’s also completely fine to have goals and be wanting to work towards your best physique possible. I often find people take one of the two extremes… either all self love or all about the shred. There’s actually a middle ground that you can sit in too! ⁣

You can have BOTH!


Take me for example. Am I where I want to be with my body right now? Hell No! I have goals, I do want to have more of a toned stomach and leaner legs, grow my hamstrings and my shoulders. I have something to work towards and strive for.

However… ⁣

Do I love my body for how far it has come and appreciate all it does for me day in day out? Hell Yes! ⁣🙌

Acceptance is the Key! Accepting my body for the way it is right now allows me to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. After all… we decide what’s beautiful right? ⁣

I’m a fish, I love the water, always have and always will. I wear a bikini because I want to swim, I want to tan, I want to be able to have fun in the skin I’m in… And I can do this with complete comfort, even though I may not be where I want to be 100% in my physical goals. It’s important to be happy with where you’re at, rather than always looking to where you want to go. ⁣

So, rather than hating your body because it’s not where you want it to be right now, love it, show it respect for all you put it through and know that the positivity and love you are showing it will help you get to your goals a lot quicker. Make a plan, but embrace the journey rather than chasing the destination!

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo