30 / AUGUST / 2023

Should you drink alcohol or will it have too much of a negative impact on your health and goals?

We all know that alcohol isn’t good for us… the body literally treats it like poison, but I’ll be the first to say it, there’s nothing quite like a margarita on a sunny day or a wine with the girls, or even a lychee martini to help you get your groove on

Am I right?

But when does it become too much?

Honestly if we’re looking at this from an optimal health perspective, alcohol would practically be off the menu, aside from the odd glass of red with dinner for the antioxidants

But that’s just not realistic

Whilst I know that some of us choose to never take a sip of alcohol, for those of us that do, it can be a real battle finding balance. My philosophy has, and always will be around whether the alcohol will serve me in that moment and if it is a special occasion I’m personally not one to have a drink during the week (unless it’s a super special event), or to even have a drink every month.

In fact, I can very easily go months without drinking, but I can also go months (like July – birthday month) where I am drinking every weekend The important thing to remember with alcohol is that not only does it loosen your inhibitions, but it damages your internal organs + cells, affects your metabolism, throws your blood sugar out of balance, sends your hormones into haywire and can catapult your mood into a downward spiral.

So IMO when I do have a drink… it better be worth all of that damage.


Obviously the choice is yours, and I am not here to tell you what to do, however, my go-to tip is always to ask yourself ‘Will this serve me in this moment?’
– Maybe it’s a dear friends birthday
– Maybe it’s a wedding celebration
– Maybe it’s a f*cken rough time and you just want one

Or maybe… it’s not really what you want or need at that time

Operating from this space allows me to have a healthy relationship with alcohol and minimise the harm done to my body and mind whilst allowing me to enjoy myself when I want to.

However, if you’re going through a true period of healing your body, I will often recommend a period of complete sobriety to my clients to allow the healing to occur and then shift into creating that healthy balance.


I’m curious, what are your thoughts around drinking alcohol? Let me know in the comments

And if you’re new here, hi, I’m Sheree 👋🏼 your new health bestie. I help women thrive by balancing hormones and optimising gut health.

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