4 / OCTOBER / 2023

Coaching Summit Austin, Texas Sept 2023 will be forever imprinted in my heart, mind and soul. To say it was life changing would be an understatement 🙌🏽

The people I had the blessing of meeting
The connection, joy and pure love that was in the room
The wisdom, knowledge, growth that was shared
Was something rather remarkable

On the 14th – 16th of September myself and 1500 other incredible humans gathered together at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas to undertake the Coaching Summit led by expert coach and thought leader Brendon Burchard. Ten hour days, 50+ pages of notes, 100’s of connections made and about 40,000 steps later from all the dance parties up the front I was in my ELEMENT!

Whilst I am a qualified holistic nutritionist, my other deep love is personal development and growth. Which is why I integrate these two worlds into the work I do.

But what is a coach? What is coaching? Burchard had us define this multiple times over the course of the conference, and through my own personal experience, listening to each other and Burchard’s definition I concluded the following definitions that feel most aligned with all of the above:

What is coaching?
A guided influential process, facilitating another soul to take the next most powerful step in their life towards their goal or ambition, that enhances their self-awareness, decision making, improves performance and leads to living better

What is a coach?
A coach is an expert in their field who holds a safe space for someone to have a transformative experience on some levels that will positively impact their life and support them in reaching their ambitions, challenging and holding them to their highest level of execution.


Over the course of the 3 days, I had so many breakthroughs, a-ha moments, laughs and felt the most immense joy! Something really powerful in me shifted and I am excited for that to unfold and integrate in the weeks and months to come, however there were some incredible lessons that I know you will find so valuable so I thought I’d share them with you below:

  1. You are incomparable
    There is only one of you, and there only ever will be, comparison is the thief of joy, own your uniqueness and know that you already hold the magic inside of you, the most authentic expression of yourself is needed in this world.

  2. The story you are saying is not the language you need for your next level
    Watch your thoughts, you are not your mind, the stories you tell yourself daily is what becomes your reality. If those thoughts aren’t aligned, the way you speak to yourself is not for your highest good, then it’s time to shift your language to elevate to your next level.

  3. The time to have the map is before you enter the woods
    Set your intentions, goals and ambitions, or life will set them for you. Start where with the end in mind, it is always easier to work backwards from the bigger picture than to try navigate and make decisions when you are stressed and lost.

  4. Joy is the superpower – the power plant doesn’t have the energy, it creates it
    You get to bring the energy, the emotion to each day, and just like a power plant it is your job to create the energy of joy. That is our superpower, to be able to operate from this space and to be able to truly share our magic with the world. This is the frequency of the highest vibration, opportunities and love. How can you be in joy more each day?

  5. THINK BEYOND; vision beyond your circumstances
    We can get so trapped in what is right in front of us, so consumed by the weeds in our garden of life that we miss the beautiful opportunities flowering around us. When you come back to your vision, your true north, you see you are so much more than your circumstances, so when you feel stuck or helpless, THINK BEYOND.

  6. When they doubt, you demonstrate
    To sound overly generic for a second… ‘Haters gonna hate’ haha. But in all honesty, don’t let others’ judgement, doubts or fears be projected onto you. It can be tough when you have big goals and dreams to always have support from those around you (or online). You have to remember, you have a responsibility to yourself and this world to carry out your mission and it can be triggering for others to be able to see you in your bigness. This doesn’t mean you are not worthy or capable. And if they doubt, don’t get defensive, DEMONSTRATE. In time they will see, remember, actions speak louder than words (and soon enough they will be eating theirs haha).

  7. Own the decision fully
    This one hit me like a slap across the face. It’s amazing how when you’re someone who is a recovering people pleaser, how hard it can be to truly own a decision out of fear of hurting people, especially if it is a big decision. However, when you make a decision, embodying it FULLY and taking bold action that supports it is the most powerful way forward.

  8. Ask yourself powerful questions:
    – Am I operating from a place of being built up or beat down?

    – Am I in reaction or intention?
    – Am I living in fear or faith?

    These questions were just a few of the potent ones Burchard shared with us. I encourage you to keep these top of mind to deepen your self-awareness and growth in life.

    The first one to me, really asks if we are operating out of victimhood, or choosing to see the lesson life is offering us in a moment of hardship (and although it can be hard to see it at the time, there is a gift there) we have a choice in our viewpoint.

    The second one to me is being clear on how you respond and what place you take action from. Are you being intentional in how you communicate and behave even when things aren’t lining up for you, or are you operating from a place of reactivity, getting defensive and avoiding responsibility.

    The third one to me is coming back to a lesson I have felt deeply this year… a lesson of trusting life. When we choose to live in faith over fear, we trust that life is always working out for us, versus happening to us. What are you choosing at each moment?

  9. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that extra 2%, and after that extra mile there’s no traffic (Paula Abdul)
    So many of us (myself included), have a tendency to stop at ‘good’ when greatness is just an extra mile away. One of my intentions I’m carrying with me after this summit is to yes, take messy action (rather than inaction due to perfectionism), but also to continue to strive for that EXTRAORDINARY. It’s not that much more of a jump, but the view is so exquisite on both the journey and destination.

  10. REMEMBER: (my final words + thoughts)

    You get to be everything you want in this world 🤩
    You hold the power, the magic, the responsibility within ✨
    You get to LIVE. LOVE. MATTER. ❤️
    To BRING THE JOY 🥹 into every single moment


We also had the pleasure of celebrating @brendonburchard ‘s 100TH 4 DAY EVENT! 💯💯💯 This is quite an achievement. Burchard has been in the coaching industry (and paving the way for the majority of it), for 20 years (that’s two decades). So to be at such a monumental event of his was amazing.

I’ve admired this man’s work for years, and to finally be in the same room, in person, from the other side of the world was unreal 🥹😭😍 I can also say wholeheartedly that he truly lives and breaths this work, I could feel the immense gratitude and joy for him simply being able to be present. I have so much admiration for his dedication to this craft and his capacity to give, continue to grow and always share his learnings along the way. There is room for all of us and sharing wisdom is the fastest way to elevate the conscious collective (IMO)

I am still grinning from ear to ear reflecting on the magic that happens when you get a bunch of personal development weirdos, coaches and conscious minds together

I’m beyond INSPIRED to create
And even more INSPIRED to step into not only the next level of my own growth
But the EVOLUTION of my service to this beautiful place we call home
Watch this space! Thank you 🙏🏽 and CONGRATULATIONS to the legend Mr @brendonburchard again!

This coach is ready to change the game in wellness + life!
Much love, and remember to always, always chase your dreams… you have no idea what is out there waiting for you if you just take that first step.

What was your main takeaway from this? Let me know below 👇🏽