11 / OCTOBER / 2023

I am the leanest, lightest, happiest, and healthiest I have been in almost a decade…

And it isn’t from being on a diet or doing a protocol or a whole host of supplements that I’ve been taking. It’s from mastering the basics


  1. Regulating my nervous system
    I stopped letting cortisol have a chokehold on my life, and it shows. Your stress levels directly dictate if your body can burn fat, or if it’s stuck in fight-or-flight, burning glucose only.

  2. Eating real foods 80% of the time
    I fundamentally believe food is medicine and we can use it to heal and change our bodies for the better. Of course, everything in moderation, which is why I aim for at least 80% whole foods.

  3. Finding my community
    Having been surrounded by an incredibly supportive and loving community, I’ve had the chance to make connections to fulfil me and help me on my journey.

  4. Drinking 3+ litres of water a day
    This might seem like a lot (I know everyone tells you to stop at 2 litres), but hydration is the single most important thing for your body to function. You need to keep yourself hydrated to shed excess weight, too.

  5. Apple cider vinegar before meals
    This is incredible for avoiding a blood sugar spike (which would normally signal to your body to store more fat over time), as well as reducing blood sugar dips, stabilising your appetite, too.

  6. Moving my body in ways I love
    I’ve always loved training in the gym, BUT there are also other ways in which I move my body daily. I absolutely love walking or doing a soul cycle class. It’s all about balance and finding what works for you.

  7. Listening to my body, always
    I trust in what my body asks for, whether that’s an extra rest day, certain food, practising gratitude and self-care. Most importantly, I give my body the respect it deserves and never talk down on myself!

  8. Spending time in nature
    Absolutely nothing beats getting some sun and fresh air, grounding yourself in nature, and getting some movement in at the same time, too. It’s the most fundamental way to heal, recover, and reduce stress.

  9. Starting my day with movement
    Okay, I talk about how much I love working out but seriously, my favourite thing to do is start my day with any type of movement. This kick starts your metabolism, supports blood sugar levels, and boosts your mood!

  10. Prioritising NEAT every single day
    NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and refers to ways in which we expend energy aside from exercise-related activity, for example things like walking, cooking, or gardening.

  11. Practising gratitude daily
    And finally… maybe the most important thing for me, and I couldn’t have shed those 10 lbs without this. Gratitude practices help me stay centred and in tune with myself. Plus, this helps reduce stress (cortisol) levels, which as I mentioned is one of the main things you need to prioritise to burn body fat.