27 / SEPTEMBER / 2023

After a 6+ year hiatus 😅

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know it’s always an HBL (hormone balancing latte) in the morning for me, no caffeine

What you may not be aware of is WHY

Back when I was studying nutrition at University I was consuming caffeine like it was going out of fashion

Wake up – black coffee before opening the gym
Drive to uni – energy drink
During lectures – energy drink
Driving home – energy drink to stimulate me for my afternoon clients
Studying after dinner – coffee

And yes I could go straight to sleep after this

My days were 4.30am – 11pm and I’m sure all that was keeping me going was the caffeine running through my veins

I had to drink so much because I was literally so tired all the time, and I thought more caffeine was the answer


It wasn’t until I finished my post grad that I just stopped cold turkey.. any and all caffeine

Suddenly the 10 lbs I’d been trying to lose disappeared, I no longer felt anxious, my moods were more stable and I had an abundance of energy

It wasn’t long after that I learnt what I’d been going through was something they termed back then ‘adrenal fatigue’

The more I looked into it, the more I realised I’d been wiring my nervous system into a chronic sympathetic state

Living in fight or flight constantly by my daily cups of cortisol (aka caffeine)

Fortunately for me, I had stopped the caffeine purely because it wasn’t of need anymore, I’d simply used it for a function and then no longer needed it

I didn’t like the taste, so I didn’t miss it at all

Then learning all the crazy effects it has been having on me was the reason I kept it out

I started noticing this with my clients, even though they didn’t consume anywhere near as much caffeine as me, simply taking a break for 4 weeks was enough

Enough to see stubborn weight shift
Enough to shift their mood highs and lows
Enough to balance our their energy levels
Enough to start seeing a change in their hormones + monthly cycle

So I became the biggest advocate for living caffeine free… until now


Don’t get me wrong, I’d always encourage my clients to try it out, it didn’t mean giving it up for life, just seeing how THEIR body reacted and what served them

And I’ll always continue to advocate for that

But in the past 6 weeks or so, I’ve had more cups of coffee than I have in the last 6 years!!

And my body is handling it so well…

I have noticed a little energy dip in the arvo, but other than that, it hasn’t bought back the same awful side effects I’d been experiencing

And I know a huge part of this is my nervous system is now so much more regulated

My stress levels have drastically dropped, and I’m feeling so much calmer and happier in myself

I’m also making sure I have breakfast with plenty of protein first, and don’t touch a cup until I’ve been up for at least 90 minutes

It’s about working smarter and with your body, rather than against it

Coffee itself has a number of benefits, and just like most things, it has its place, it’s just determining what that is for you

Did you find this helpful? Let me know below 👇🏽