7 / DECEMBER / 2022

First of all, let me start off by saying there is NOTHING wrong with treating yourself any time of the year, and I am not here to support restriction or guilt when it comes to food!

I however also know this time of year can be really hard for a number of us who may have struggled with unhealthy eating habits or maybe you are still healing your relationship with food

December rolls around, and it can be so tempting to over-indulge on the chocolates, wines and festive treats… And I get it, as someone who used to struggle with binge-eating as a way to cope with stress, the holiday season used to be when I’d go ALL OUT!

But then I’d end up feeling like crap – crashing from all the sugar, bloated, and puffy and often end up rather moody at the time I wanted to be my happiest self

It’s also not fun when you get to the end of the year and you feel like all of your hard work has gone out the window for a moment of sweetness or treats!


Here are 3 things I did to help stop the binge-eating (which work especially well at this time of year) and I hope they help you too!

1. Up your protein intake
Before going to a holiday function or gathering, I always make sure to have a protein rich meal or smoothie so I know I am going to be satiated before I arrive, and less likely to mindlessly snack on things in front of me

2. Eat plenty of veggies
Whether you are going out, or staying in, the temptation often appeals more when you are hungry, so on top of adding in protein, make sure you are getting leafy greens and other beautiful colours on your plate, this might be veggie sticks, a salad or some sautéd broccolini it’s up to you

Not only will this boost your micronutrients, but it will also keep you fuller and from there you can action step 3!

3. Enjoy the treat mindfully
If you’ve had the protein and veggies and still feel like that Christmas cookie, give yourself permission to enjoy it guilt free, and REALLY enjoy it

Don’t scoff it down, or do it in secret, just be really present with it, eat it mindfully to enjoy the flavour of every mouthful and bite

But always ask yourself… is this going to serve me right now? And maybe the answer is yes (and that’s fine), and maybe you realise it’s not (and that’s fine too), at least this way you are making a choice from an empowered place!


Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

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Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo