The Moon And Your Menstrual Cycle


26 / JUNE / 2024

Science adding some confirmation to our inner knowings... just in time for the first full moon of the year!

Many of us (myself included), notice a connection to when we bleed and where the lunar cycle is at...

Majority of the population tend to ovulate around a full moon 🌕 (nowish) and bleed 🩸 around a new moon. Vice versa can also be true, and it is for me right now.

The menstrual cycle was shown to have statistical significance in being influenced by weekly and lunar rhythms according to this study done on 35,940 women over 3 years.

The menstrual cycle is influenced by weekly and lunar rhythms. Finally, something more than anecdotal evidence. A study assessing a total of 35,940 European and North American women aged 18-40 years reports statistical significance linking the menstrual cycle with the moon. The onset of menstruation was assessed in prospectively measured menstrual cycles (311,064 cycles) over 3 full years (2019-2021). Both weekly (circaseptan) and lunar (circalunar) rhythms were observed. Results noting most women with a cycle of 27 - 29 days get their periods on a Thursday or Friday. Those with cycles this length had the highest correlation with that of the lunar cycle.


Conclusion excerpt:
Although relatively small in amplitude, the weekly rhythm of menstruation was statistically significant. Menstruation occurs more often on Thursdays and Fridays than on other days of the week. This is particularly true for women whose cycles last between 27 and 29 days. Circalunar rhythmically was also statistically significant. However, it is less pronounced than the weekly rhythm.

My verdict? SCIENCE IS FINALLY CATCHING UP! This is something myself and many other holistic practitioners have witnessed in our clients for years. It’s currently a full moon 🌕 and I am on my bleed 🩸and a lot of women will be ovulating (vice versa is often true for a new moon) What are your thoughts? Are you in sync?


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