Top 10 Podcast Episodes Of 2023


10 / JANUARY / 2024

For all things health, personal development and business

It’s been a very exciting year in the world of podcasting, and a huge part of that is because I finally launched my baby off the ground - The Wild & Well Collective

I joined forces with my dear friend Christa Elza (an incredible functional medicine nutritionist with a background in being a nurse practitioner) to bring you episodes every single week on how to live a big life wildly well!

This podcast is really about YOU, the beautiful community of souls that I am blessed to have in my sphere, and providing you with all the latest tools, tips, tricks and insights to help you feel empowered with your health.

On top of that, I did my own listening this year and surprisingly shopped around. There are a few new favourite podcast shows on my list now as a number of other epic humans decided to launch their podcasts too. Including Kimberley Haworth - Beauty and The Biz, Alyssa Nobriga - Healing Human Potential, and Mel Robbins - The Mel Robbins Podcast.

So as per usual, I have collected a variety of my favourite episodes that I have personally listened to and loved this year, along with a little synopsis for you. I hope you enjoy (and be sure to go rate, follow and share the Wild & Well Collective with your family and friends too).


1. Joe Rogan Experience - Gary Brecka + Joe Rogan - take blurb from newsletter
I am absolutely obsessed with this podcast episode! As you know, I am really into biohacking. Gary Brecka is one of the leading experts in this field and in this episode he talks about some of the key things that I have been sharing with my clients for years. Particularly around cortisone vs PRP injections, the importance of folate and methylated folate in the diet, grounding, breathwork, saunas and so much more! I know it's quite a long episode but I cannot recommend you diving into it enough. There is just so much wisdom and you may want to get out your notepads because this one is epic!

2. Wild + Well Collective - Unlocking Human Potential: Navigating the Biohacking Landscape
In this episode, we delve into the exciting world of biohacking, exploring the diverse realms it encompasses. Four key topics take the stage: intermittent fasting, breathwork, circadian rhythm, and the transformative power of cold dips and saunas. Our conversation sheds light on the nuances of biohacking, emphasising the importance of individuality in choosing these practices and how you can harness them to optimise your health and mental clarity. If you’re looking for healthy habits to bring in the new year, this is your episode.

3. Beauty + The Biz - ft. me
I had the pleasure of being featured on a podcast episode with Kimberley Haworth where we discussed all things GUT HEALTH. This is a real behind the scenes dive into Kimberley's health journey, how she views her kids' health and how you can support your body to support your business. This episode was led by questions from the audience and included discussions around optimal health levels, how to speak to kids about health, how your business is affected by health and cycle syncing.

4. Healing Human Potential - Alyssa Nobriga + Mark Hyman
Alyssa is an incredible mentor of mine that I had the privilege of learning from for over 4 years in the holistic life coaching space. In this episode, Alyssa and Dr. Mark Hyman combine the understanding of not only functional medicine but how that applies to functional psychology and the inner workings of our minds. They discuss how we can actually heal both our bodies and minds by reducing inflammation in both. Also to help us heal chronic diseases in a variety of ways - covering everything from biohacking, the latest and greatest innovations in this space and how you can support your body in detoxing in the simplest of ways so you can start feeling better in as little as 2-3 days! Dr. Mark Hyman also shares some of the new and upcoming techniques that are currently being trialled and tested. He reiterates one of my favourite points that I always share with my clients… You are the centre of your health care system and whilst traditional medicine might be taking a long time to catch up to what we now see and operate from in the functional medicine space, the ability for you to be the centre point of your own health and take control really is at your fingertips. I love this empowering podcast episode for that exact reason! Definitely worth a listen, maybe even a couple of times through! Both Alyssa and Dr. Mark Hyman have an incredible wealth of knowledge in their fields. I cannot recommend his books and resources or diving into this podcast enough!

5. School of Greatness - Control Your Mind in Minutes & Attract the Future You Desire w/Joe Dispenza
Two of my favourite authors and speakers team up for this episode all about the powerful impact your mind can have on your life (and how to master your mind so you are in control of your reality). Dr Joe Dipsenza and Howes talk about one of my favourite practices (gratitude) and how this is one of the most crucial ways to shift your thoughts, as well as all the research that Dr. Dispenza is involved in that act as incredibly supportive evidence. They also explore how we can limit ourselves by staying trapped in our past and what to do to break through this… and so much more! Enjoy!

6. BossBabe Podcast - Living From Overflow vs Overwhelm, Tapping into Your Inner Power + Rediscovering Your True Identity with Alexi Panos
Breaking societal norms, nervous system regulation, balancing masculine feminine energy in yourself and relationships, honouring your body as an entrepreneur, and being the creator of your own life were the key learnings and messages I got from this episode. I adore both of these women as absolute leaders in this space, and it was a conversation that truly, deeply, resonated with my soul on every level. If you are a mumma or mumma to be, or wish to be one day, I highly recommend listening to this with that lense on too.

7. ON Purpose - Dr. Will Cole ON: Why Gut Health is Impacting Your Brain Health & How to Stop Inflammation in Your Body
I love these two humans and hearing them together is epic, this is super informative and valuable especially with the rise of mental health issues. Your gut is your second brain, and they are made of the same tissue, we need to be looking after both!

8. The Mel Robbins Podcast - The Science of Your Gut: 3 Easy Steps to Reduce Bloating, Improve Digestion, and Feel Better Today
In this episode, Mel & Dr. Amy Shah dive into one of the biggest complaints that I hear on a daily basis… BLOATING. Dr.Shah provides insights on how to differentiate between bloating and weight gain as well as some of the key symptomatology that you may be unaware of that is actually linked to bloating and water retention. A lot of the time we think gas is causing the distention in our stomach when in reality, it can be driven by a number of things such as an unhealthy gut microbiome or hormonal imbalances which are not always driven by food. This episode is super interesting as Mel shares some personal stories (I love her relatability!) and they also breakdown a 5 day reset option to help you support your body from ditching the bloating for good!

9. Period Party - The Spiritual and Emotional Root Causes of Reproductive Health Issues with Katie Beecher
Such an interesting conversation happening between Nicole Jardim and Katie Beecher looking from an angle that is whilst becoming more common, not often the first approach to healing menstrual and reproductive issues. They talk about everything from chakras and intuition to awkward and awful puberty experiences. Definitely one of my favourite episodes of period party as it combines the two worlds of well-being I love so much - the woo and the science.

10. Wild & Well Collective - Empowered Health Unveiled: Navigating Holistic Wellness
Our first episode dives into my own personal journey, starting with a celiac disease diagnosis in childhood, leading to struggles with eating disorders and body image issues, and ultimately guiding me towards holistic health. This intimate interview really leaves no holes barred, I get open, honest and very vulnerable in this, and hope it truly serves you at whatever stage of your journey you are going through.


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