17 / NOVEMBER / 2021


As a hormonal nutritionist, this is a conversation and complaint I am having/hearing far too often! 

Period pain should NOT be debilitating

Period pain should NOT need medication

Period pain should NOT stop you from living your life to the fullest

And if it is, there is nothing wrong with YOU, it is just your body trying to tell you something! Studies have shown that around 45 – 95% of women have painful periods! This statistic needs to change!

What we want to discover is WHY the body is in so much pain, and what is at the root cause, for that it is best to book a consultation with a holistic practitioner (I am happy to help)…


In the meantime here are my top 3 tips to help your body be free of period pain (hopefully once and for all)


Adding in a high quality form of magnesium bisglycinate (around 300mg to start), will help mitigate the cramps, as it relaxes the nervous system and relieves muscular tension.

You may have heard of magnesium for preventing or helping with muscle cramps, well NEWSFLASH – your uterus is a muscular organ! Get that magnesium in your body… not just on your period, but all cycle long!

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Foods like ginger, turmeric, salmon, walnuts, avocado, leafy greens and berries are all fantastic for helping reduce inflammation, due to their omega content and/or anti-inflammatory properties including antioxidants 

The reason you are getting cramps is often high stress = not enough magnesium = high cortisol = high inflammation to prevent further injury, so adding in these anti-inflammatory foods to support your body can be a game changer.

Stock up on these and find creative ways to your diet throughout your cycle so your body is supporting you all month long, and helps even more around your period. 


This last one might surprise you, but studies have shown (and in all honesty from personal experience) this one is a goodie that often flies under the radar (hehehe)… if you don’t believe me, then give it a go! 

When you orgasm, the body produces hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin which are natural painkillers, that help send extra blood to the uterus to help relieve the period pain, not to mention it is pure bliss right? 

Whilst the orgasm may not last forever, the pain relief certainly does last quite awhile, solo or with a partner, it’s up to you!


*This info is not to replace medical advice – but has helped myself and clients from a holistic perspective, be sure to check in with your medical professional or book in to see a holistic practitioner for extra support in this area.

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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