02 / NOVEMBER / 2021

Knowledge, laughs, a conversation with a friend is one of the best ways I can describe listening to a podcast! I love listening to experts share their stories, connect with their audience and educate on such a deep level! 

My only disappointment when it comes to podcasts is that I didn’t start listening to them sooner! Not only do I no longer listen to the radio in my car, but if I am going anywhere longer than 10 minutes, I will pop one on… the nuggets of wisdom are amazing! 

There are too many epic episodes to list, but I do have my go to shows that I have loved over the years and below are my top shows for 2021! My advice, click on each and then scroll through the episodes that resonate. 

My collection is health, meets spirituality, meets empowerment, meets business! I hope you enjoy… and would love it if you shared your favourite podcast episode with me in the comments below! 


  • The BossBabe Podcast – Natalie Ellis + Danielle Canty

Experts on business, instagram and all things social media, these ladies have the most incredible experts on to share their knowledge, as well as fantastic solo episodes. This is my number one go-to when I get in the car. Not to mention they love their health and wellness so their guests are EPIC in this area too, including hormone experts such as Dr. Jolene Brighton and Alisa Vitti. 

  • On Purpose – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is such a breath of fresh air, if I am ever looking to lift my mood, shift my perspective, or learn something new about myself, this podcast always hits me with the feels and the science to back it up. Shetty’s style brings the personal to personal development and I am always excited by the guests he has on. My favourite episode to date is the one with Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

  • The Period Party – Nicole Jardim

Hormone expert and author of Fix Your Period, this incredible woman is another mentor of mine, and I cannot believe the value she brings to every episode. There is always so much to learn and Nicole is amazing at breaking things down, keeping them simple and giving you actionable steps to help you on your hormone journey (or in my case, help me help my clients). 

  • The Tony Robbins Podcast 

I started these podcasts right from the beginning, and to say they were LIFE CHANGING would be an understatement. Tony Robbins is one of my all time favourite human beings and it was listening to his podcasts that inspired me to go to his UPW event (which was even more life changing). If you are just getting started on your personal development journey, or are ready to take control of your life, give these a listen!

  • The Highest Self Podcast – Sahara Rose 

Sahara Rose brings such divine feminine beauty into my world whenever I get the opportunity to listen to her podcast, whether it is talking about Ayurvedic practices, business or embodying your inner Goddess, this podcast will empower you to embrace and become your highest self!  

  • Revolution Health Radio – Chris Kresser

Kresser’s podcast is one that follows my very same philosophy around health and well-being, and the guests are amazing experts in their respective fields. Chris’s philosophy around functional medicine is what got me so focused into researching to find the root cause, knowing there is always more than meets the eye and that treating symptoms alone is not the solution. 

  • Super Soul – Oprah Winfrey

A woman who needs no introduction, Oprah Winfrey is a force to be reckoned with, and these deeper soul level conversations often hit it at the heart, giving valuable insight and wisdom from her personal experiences as well as having some of the leading world experts share their knowledge. So much power and such amazing conversations – deep, healing personal development kind of podcast. 

  • The Doctor’s Farmacy – Dr. Mark Hyman

Another expert in the functional medicine space, Dr. Mark’s holistic approach to health is one I place in high regard. It is very science based, but super simple to understand and can really help answer some questions that you may be having in regards to your health, and has an awesome philosophy of using food as our medicine to heal.  

  • Dr. Ruscio Radio – Dr. Michael Ruscio

Author of Happy Gut, Happy You – one of my all time favourite gut health books, this functional medicine doctor gets deep into the science and testing when it comes to healing on a physical level. They are definitely deep dives into specific topics so it pays to have a scroll through to discover which episodes are going to be most relevant to you or that spike your curiosity to learn. 

  •  The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

Another incredible author, Lewis Howes, brings a different vibe to personal development, focusing on mindset, wellness and overall success. There are literally over 1000 episodes to dive into and the topics are super fascinating. I am constantly amazed by just how incredible humans are and what can happen when our mind is in the right space to thrive! 


Podcasts are amazing, I always walk away having learnt at least one new thing, and it is such a gift to have access to these incredible minds in our pockets right now, so make the most of it, soak up the knowledge, and even more importantly APPLY it. That is where the TRUE magic happens! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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