30 / JUNE / 2021

With all the craziness that the past year and a half has been, I definitely felt well overdue for a holiday, and not my usual type either! 

When I go away or take ‘time off’ it is normally still threaded with a bunch of ‘to-do’s’ and things I’d like to get on top of. As well as trying to cram as much in as possible! 

I’m not going to lie, this time around was completely different for me, and it was rather terrifying. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am very much an active relaxer, and if you follow my stories on Instagram, you will know how much I try to get out of every single day! 

However, with the speed of which the business is growing and the workload I give myself as an overachiever, I could feel myself coming close to burnout, so I gave myself the hard word that it was time to SLOW DOWN! 

And as hard as that was, that is exactly what I did… 


I had a rough schedule of a few things we would do over the 5 days, including booking ourselves into Earth Energy Sanctuary for a day of pampering and relaxation treatments, but other than that, for me this trip was all about the SURRENDER. 

We often spend so much of our lives making things happen, we don’t quite allow space for things to pop in that can be delightfully unexpected! This is something I have been personally working on these past few months. So this holiday was the perfect time to test it. 

What did I learn over these 5 days? 

Firstly, I survived, and so did my business… sure there were things I could’ve managed better and there were a few minor issues with technology etc but the beautiful thing was that I was in total acceptance that things don’t always have to be perfect! 

Secondly, I blobbed, and I mean really blobbed, all I did on one of the days was sit on the same little couch and read… finished the entire book, and then I didn’t read the rest of the break. I gave up the need to have a perfect routine, always. I learnt that it really is okay to completely take time off and rest!

Thirdly, I meditated for an hour a day (yes I did keep in one element of my morning routine), but this was also at whatever time I decided to wake up… I learnt that my mind really struggles to let go for such a prolonged time and it may just be best for me to keep these short and sweet and find other things that keep my mindset in a state of flow. 

Fourthly, I had THE most magical relaxation experience with my partner at Earth Energies Sanctuary (more to come on this in a future blog), but a very clear message came through to me during this time, aside from slowing down, it was the reminder as I was getting my aromatherapy massage, that in that moment (and whenever I choose)… no one needs anything from me. It is my time. This little voice has popped into my head whenever I start to blur the lines with my boundaries as a gentle but perfect reminder. 

Finally, I had the most INCREDIBLE breathwork experience on the day we left. I have always struggled to completely let go during these types of breathwork, the holotropic breathwork we did was a recording from a coach of mine – Alyssa Nobriga, and it was amazing to see just how much I truly SURRENDERED!! 

When it comes to breathwork, I normally get so much in my head about needing to surrender I think it actually blocks me from letting go, and so to actually have a full experience of what the breathwork can feel like has inspired me to make more time for it, and felt like the perfect way to close out a holiday with the intention of surrendering! 


There is a fine balance between masculine and feminine energies (we have both), the push and pull, yang and yin, hard and soft… and often when we are engrossed in our day to day life we get stuck in the hustle (masculine) and miss out on being in the flow and presence which is that of the feminine. 

So, if there is one more thing I am taking away from this break is to embody more of the flow state, find the freedom in the day to day life, and surrender to what life has to offer. We are not letting go of work or structure, but letting go of the attachment to it. 

I embodied this fully with the practices above, and with the amount of wine I indulged in, yummy (not so healthy and healthy) foods I ate, and the lack of movement I did. It’s okay to rest, it is okay to relax, it is okay not to be perfect all the time. My body and mind thanked me for it! And I hope from this you find yourself starting to listen to what you really need in each moment, surrender to it, give yourself permission to feel it all!!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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