23 / JUNE / 2021

Up until recently, I had a strong belief that I was doing everything in my power to own my life, and that it was within my control. 

I was doing the ‘work’ right, putting in the hours into my business, showing up with my health, learning to set clear boundaries… as well as doing the inner work (mindset, emotional and behavioural to release old beliefs and patterns). 

I was proud of my efforts, and I should’ve been… 

But I then spent a full 3 days diving deep into the content of a certification I am doing – Institute of Coaching Mastery with Alyssa Nobriga and it was like a cloud was lifting from in front of my eyes! 

Working through the psychology and understanding on a scientific level exactly what the tools I had been using to break the patterns and shift my beliefs suddenly unearthed something I had been doing unconsciously that I thought I had been doing all along! 

The moment I realised this ONE ☝🏽 THING everything changed! 


Whilst I was leaps and bounds from the victim mindset I used to be in (constantly blaming life, others and situations for what was going on), I was still exhibiting this on a daily basis through patterns of avoidance and fear. 

The behaviours were albeit a lot smaller, but they all add up right! 

In doing this, it hit me like a tonne of bricks! I had NOT been taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY over ALL areas of my life. It was like I had been picking and choosing when it worked for me (again all unconsciously – so no judgement on myself, it was innocent). 

But, suddenly I could see that the fear of burnout, the stress, the bumps in the road, the challenges I kept facing time and time again, were all coming from me… Life was classroom and these were the lessons! 

It was in this moment and with this reminder that I was able to connect to myself and my life and breakthrough what I was facing up again with so much more ease and acceptance! 

✨ YOU are in control of your choices 

✨ YOU are have the power to change your reality 

✨ YOU are the writer of your own book of life! 

When YOU decide to be a VICTIM to life’s circumstances, YOU give your POWER away! 😢

We CAN’T control what goes on outside of us, but we CAN control how we ACT (or react) 🙌🏽 In fact, we really don’t want to be reactive, we want to be PROACTIVE in how we show up. 


The moment I started taking more PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for myself, my health and my life, everything shifted! 🥳🥳🥳

It was like the Universe saw that I was finally getting it, and things started flowing to me like never before! ✨

Doors 🚪 started opening! 

My stress levels decreased! 

And my HAPPINESS 🤩 increased! 

This was all in a matter of days by the way… Not weeks or months or years, DAYS that things shifted! 

Because it was in that moment, that I realised life happens FOR YOU! Not to you! 🤯

If we look at life like a giant classroom, and each situation as a LESSON 👌🏽 we can overcome anything! 

We also tend to have a much happier 😍 and better time moving through it! 

Shifting out of VICTIMHOOD + BLAME 😩 (that I was unconscious too) and into my POWER ⚡️ (now conscious of) was what allowed me to transform on a truly DEEP level! 

It allowed me to OWN my actions, and OWN my future! 👊🏽 

Does this resonate with you? The need to take control over your own future, take a little more responsibility? The choice is yours! 🥰

Will you do the same? Or are you struggling to know where to begin or how to start this journey? The power of self-reflection is INCREDIBLE… but sometimes we need an outside observer to bring us insight too. 

If this is you, and you need some extra support, feel free to apply for my 1:1 coaching (we go deep into this work – and yes it is so connected to your health and well-being because you are taking ownership for your decisions, whether that is food, exercise or getting to work on time). Apply here… there will be a few spots opening up at the end of July! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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