6 / JULY / 2021

As this is my 27th year around the Sun and I step into my Saturn Return (for those astrology fiends like myself out there), I decided to reflect on some of the most powerful, life changing lessons I have learnt in my 27 years of being Sheree on this planet Earth. 

So, I thought it only fitting to share them with you 🙂 some may resonate, some may sound cheesy, but one of the lessons not mentioned but I am embodying as I write this, is to be your unapologetic self! 


Here goes… 

1.  Trust your intuition

That little feeling in your gut is there for a reason and so much more powerful than you may realise. Give yourself the time and space to listen to it, it’s wise… there’s a reason it pops up in times of need. Try leaning into it more and see what happens. 

2.  Use your voice 

You are here for a reason, you may not know what that is yet, but do not let anyone take your voice away… there’s power in what you have to share, and you have no idea how much your courage to speak up and share will help not only yourself, but others to feel empowered. 

3.  Listen to your physical body

Don’t let anyone else tell you what you’re feeling, you know your body better than anyone else, any coach, any expert. If something isn’t right and you know it inside, listen to that. Not to mention, if it is asking for you to rest, move, dance, do a cartwheel, eat healthier, or get support, then don’t ignore the signs or symptoms. Your body has its own intelligence.  

4.  Do the inner work + take personal responsibility

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM… let’s get that clear. It is time to own up to your mistakes, the role you played and bring self-awareness to everything you do. Sure, life can hand you a bunch of lemons time and time again, but you hold the power to make lemonade or let them make you sour. Do the personal development, self-reflection and heal what is no longer of service to you.  Life is a classroom, look at every opportunity, set back or moment as an opportunity to learn and grow.

5.  Set clear boundaries 

Time is the currency we cannot get more of. Use it wisely, create the life you want, say NO more often, say YES to what you really want to, and live the life you want on your terms. Take it from me, being a people pleaser doesn’t make you happier, only more exhausted and often taken for granted. It’s great to be kind, but that doesn’t mean having to give all your energy away. 

6.  Be patient… it takes time 

Yes, it would’ve been great for everything you wanted to have happened yesterday and to already be ‘there’ by now. But you know what, you probably aren’t ready. It will all unfold as it is meant to, and NO ONE is an overnight success. 

7.  If you want to go faster, slow down 

This is something I am still deeply working on, as someone that strives to have a productive day every single day… learning to slow down has been hard, but the moment I do, the magic happens. The ideas come, the transformation occurs, I get exactly what I need. Take the time to breathe.

8.  Trust the process

It’s so often out of our control. There’s very few things in life that we can control, and when we spend so much of our time and energy trying to control the uncontrollable, it can destroy you and your happiness. The Universe is giving you exactly what you need in this moment, and the lessons you need to transcend to the next step. Have faith that it will all work out. Look back, it truly has so far, hasn’t it!? 

9.  Everything is energy

We are energy, our thoughts are energy, everything around us is energy operating at a vibrational frequency that we cannot see. You will call in and attract what you are a vibrational match for. Work on yourself to elevate your energy, and call in what you desire. 

10. There is a power greater than you, and you are embraced always by it’s love

Whether it is God, the Universe, Source, whatever you want to call it, you are always held and supported in every moment. You also hold that love, energy and power inside of you, and can tap into it at any time. Take a look around at all the beauty this world holds and has to offer, you are a part of that. 

 11. We are all one 

You are me, I am you, and we are one. From a spiritual perspective this is a concept I am still learning to grasp. But being an empath, and feeling the pain of others inside myself as I witness or hear their stories, being able to be heard, and seen at the same level by others, shows me the level of love, compassion we have as a collective. Whilst we may not all see eye to eye, we may but heads, and especially now we are seeing the division, at the end of the day, we are all human, we all bleed, we all die, we also all breathe the same air, can experience joy and happiness. When you start seeing everyone around you as a part of yourself, an extension of you, it fills your heart with compassion, and we create a much kinder world. 

12. Forgive yourself, you did the best you knew how to at the time 

Self-forgiveness is often not something we are taught. Instead we focus on the past and hold onto the guilt for our actions. Learning how to forgive yourself can be hard, but the longer you hold onto it, the longer it weighs you down. Remember you did the best you knew how to at the time, even if it was ‘wrong’, it was what got you through. As long as you’ve learnt from it, it is okay to let it go. 

13. Acceptance is the key 

Becoming more self-aware is key, but true transformation comes from acceptance. Acceptance of what you can’t control, acceptance for what is happening and what has happened. What we resist, only creates more problems and more resistance. Tune into yourself today, see if you can meet the resistance with acceptance (it probably won’t be easy), but the sooner we learn to let things go that no longer serve us, the happier you will be. 

14. You only get one true home in this lifetime, and you are living in it every single day (your body)

The human body is something to marvel at – just stop and realise in this moment how much it is doing for you right this second without you having to think about it, your heart is beating, your lungs are breathing, your cells are communicating to each other and regenerating! How magical is that!! Take care of it, fuel it with food that nourishes it, give it plenty of rest to repair and rejuvenate, move it in a way that makes you happy and healthy! 

15. Embrace living in the flow 

Life is not a hustle, take it from someone who has been through burnout. There are periods of time for that, but there is also so much beauty in living in flow. When we create space to breathe, and be just as much as we ‘do’, we are able to get more creative, stay grounded and be productive with ease. 

16. It gets to be easy – whatever it is, it gets to be easy 

So often we are focused on the hustle, the drive, the end goal that we get swept up in the story that it has to be hard. We’ve been told this narrative for so long, that we believe it. ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ – and whilst no, there are no overnight successes, the ease comes from how you show up each day. The mentality you have behind the work you are doing and the commitment. When you change the narrative, you’ll be surprised at just how much more you enjoy the same tasks when it gets to be easy! 

17. You are not your thoughts 

This is something that as of recently was still a struggle to get my head around. Our thoughts occupy your mind yes, but we create them, we create the stories. When you pause for a second and look at something like meditation, where you have the power to still the mind, control your thoughts, it shows you that we are not our thoughts. So that negativity you are holding onto, the lies that you are feeding yourself full of doubt, don’t have to be true. You are consciousness, and you are in control of the stories in your head. 

18. You have the power to create your reality, where focus goes energy flows 

As we are not our thoughts, we can therefore create our reality. In assessing our thoughts, redirecting them and telling ourselves a new narrative, we have the ability to shift our state… shift our energy. For example, when you set a goal, your focus is on it, but often we get stuck on the way to achieving said goal because our mind jumps in the way telling us we can’t do it for one reason or another. If you in that moment and every moment the doubt comes up were to stop, change the thought to what you KNOW is actually true, then you would be able to redirect the focus back to a positive or productive state and achieve the goal at hand. 

19. Be in gratitude more… as often as you can  

Gratitude is the ultimate form of receivership. Where gratitude is, fear cannot exist. When you focus on being in a state of gratitude, you will be amazed at just how much abundance there is around you. But don’t do it for that reason. Do it to really feel into how fortunate you are to be here, to be in this moment, reading this blog… whether it is on a phone, laptop or desktop or something else. You are blessed to be here at this moment in time. Practice gratitude daily, and watch how your life shifts! 

20. You are not broken 

As someone who told themselves this story for years, it finally feels incredible to be free of it! Whether your mindset is low, your health is a battle at the moment, or a relationship is going sour, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. Look at all of these as opportunities to heal and do the work to feel like your best self – YES! But that does not mean you are broken, it simply means there is room for improvement. 

21. It’s okay to not have all the answers 

NO ONE DOES! Be at peace with that, there is always going to be differing opinions or even different solutions to get to the same result. The most important thing is to find what is right for you! Take it step at a time, improve each day by 1%, and if you fail, know that it is just a stepping stone to success, as long as you keep trying! Fall in love with learning and stay in a growth mindset… it is always better to walk around with your cup half full, ready to receive what magic might be out there. 

22. Comparison really is the thief of joy 

You are on your own journey, if you were meant to be on their journey you would be, and if you are meant to be on that journey you will get there, it will just be a different timeline. Use others as aspirations or inspirations, but know there is only ONE of you in this world, and there will only ever be ONE of you! Celebrate your uniqueness, and that of others! Just because they have what they have does not mean there is anything less out there for you! The world is abundant! 

23. It is okay to receive 

As someone who lives in a world of giving, this lesson was one of my most recent. From accepting compliments and gifts to even receiving money as an exchange for my services… Being in receivership had always been a battle for me. Partly because I didn’t feel worthy, and partly because I had no boundaries and lived as a people pleaser. Doing the inner work to shift my mindset around it being safe to receive was a challenge but so worth it, everything in my life has shifted and continues to do so, just as I continue to give. 

24. You are exactly where you are meant to be 

This moment, in this time, reading this blog, is exactly where you are meant to be. You are learning, growing and changing at the rate that it is meant to happen. It is a test of your faith and trust. Know that if you aren’t where you want to be, life could be saying you aren’t quite ready yet, or saving you from something you are not even aware of! Trust in the power of divine timing!  

25. HAVE FUN!!! 

Honestly, who looks back on their life and remembers how many late nights and hours they battled away at work. Go out, adventure, create memories and magic that will be with you for this lifetime that you can look back on with joy, happiness and bring you light and love. Life is made to be lived, take the risks, explore the opportunities, you have no idea what the world has waiting for you until you do. 

26. LOVE, truly, madly, deeply, powerfully 

It’s scary, messy, ugly even at times, but LOVE is one of the most beautiful experiences and gifts this world has to offer. When you give your love to others it warms your entire being, it fills your heart, and that feeling is like giving love back to yourself ten-fold! If you live your life in FEAR (the opposite of love), you’ll always be wondering WHAT IF… and never truly know the happiness that could’ve been yours. Yes, you might get hurt, but is that better or worse than never loving at all? 



Repeat after me… I AM ENOUGH, I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVED! This is your new mantra, affirmation or mindset around yourself. You are enough simply because you exist. This may not feel true right now, and it is something I have been working on for years. But in this very moment, look for evidence that it is true. You have a light within you that shines so bright, and it is a gift you get to give yourself every single day. Do not let anyone take that from you or tell you otherwise! I love you, and it is my hope that these lessons will help you love you too! YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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