18 / AUGUST / 2021


If you experience fatigue, gut (digestive issues), bloating, headaches after certain foods, anxiety or depression, brain fog etc… 

There is a very real chance that a leaky gut could be an issue for you!

In fact leaky gut is something I see very commonly as a holistic health practitioner, in almost all of the clients I see.


There are different levels of severity, but essentially what happens is the intestinal walls are exposed to stress which causes inflammation and the junctions that hold the gut wall together separate – increased the ‘intestinal permeability’

This separation is wider than what is needed for the body to absorb the water and nutrients, it means that harmful substances and substances that shouldn’t normally pass through (e.g. food particles) get a chance to enter our bloodstream

Ultimately, leaky gut can lead to inflammation throughout the body, skin issues, a weakened immune system, fatigue and many more issues.

The good news is, it is something that can be healed and supported through food and healthy lifestyle changes… 

If you have leaky gut, chances are you may not know what caused it 100%, but adding these 5 things in is a great means to support your gut health and heal and reseal the gut.


1. Reduce Stress: honestly this is the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to support gut health in general, stress causes inflammation, inflammation can lead to increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

So find the source of your stress, and either remove it, or employ some stress management techniques such as breathwork, mediation or journaling. 

2. Add in Slippery Elm Bark: this is a fantastic supplement that helps soothe the irritability in the gut and can help with the sealing process if your gut is ‘leaky’.

When looking into this as a supplement it can also be great to find one with L-glutamine and zinc in it too, as these have also been shown to assist in the tightening of gut junctions. 

3. Reduce Inflammatory Foods: such as dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners and alcohol etc.

These have been shown to increase inflammation in the body and cause damage to the intestinal wall and/or increase the intestinal permeability, if you are wanting to support your body in healing leaky gut, then removing these foods can work wonders. 

4. Focus on Diaphragmatic Breathing: deep belly breathing calms the nervous system down, decreases cortisol production, therefore reducing inflammation. 

Try including 6 x diaphragmatic breaths every morning, before every meal and before bed until this becomes an automatic way for you to breathe. It will not only support you in lowering your stress, but aid in digestion too. 

5. Eat a Wholefoods Diet: think veggies, lean cuts of meat, nuts, seeds, fruit and gluten free wholegrains, this will help keep inflammation levels down and also keep your microbiome well balanced and fed! 

This is why a variety of wholefoods is important! By having a variety of foods, constantly rotating your nutrient intake allows not only for a variety of nutrients to go in, but to avoid any further food intolerances from developing.

If you feel you need some additional support in your healing journey feel free to reach out to me or DM me on instagram @strengthen.heal.nourish and we can have a chat about your gut health! 

Yours in Health,

Sheree xo 

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