25 / AUGUST / 2021

So, you’ve landed here because you can tell there is something not quite right in your body… you’re experiencing symptoms, but you aren’t too sure what they mean, or what to do about them. Or maybe you’ve been told it’s all in your head (don’t even get me started on this one) 

Well, the great news is… You’re in the right place! If you feel like your hormones have gone haywire, then listen up because I am about to drop 9 signs and symptoms that whilst COMMON are not NORMAL and are clear indicators that your hormones need a bit of a reset! 



Ever acted like a crazy b**** only to find out that you were getting your period the next day (that explains a lot now doesn’t it). Or maybe you’re an emotional rollercoaster for the final two weeks of your cycle and feel like it is totally out of your control. 

YUP! This is a key sign your progesterone is deficient, or estrogen is dominating over it, or your stress hormones are running the show! 

It might be time to slow down, and maybe look at getting some support from either herbs or supplements (my favourites being Eve Wellness Co. chill pills or period pal) or reach out to a holistic nutritionist (like myself or someone you trust) to get some tailored support 


Can’t tell if it’s your partner? Or you? Or maybe your vibrator isn’t even doing it for you anymore… No it’s not because you are female, it is actually because your hormones aren’t happy. 

So many women put up with having painful sex, or just don’t feel like having sex at all because their hormones are out of whack. This can often be low testosterone or a lack of ovulation. Try adding in some strength training to your weekly regime to give the testosterone a boost! 


These can be a real pain in the butt, especially when you are just wanting to focus! The most common hormonal headaches are the ones you feel down the side of your head… this typically happens in the lead up to your period. 

If you get a headache around your forehead it could simply be dehydration, or if it’s around the back, check your neck for tension or consider how long you sit behind a screen all day. 

Things like B vitamins, turmeric and ginger for a natural remedy or even some yoga or breathing practices to relieve the tension. 


I’ve been here… my partner calls it waking up in Lake Taupo (if you’re in NZ you’ll understand). Honestly, aside from being embarrassing, it is actually a nightmare because your sheets get drenched, you get cold and it interrupts your sleep which if you’re anything like me… does not make for a happy human! 

Night sweats commonly come about in the lead up or during your period, and can be because estrogen is dipping too low (or is already too low). There are a number of things you can do to boost your estrogen levels, but first you want to make sure that is the root cause. I suggest getting some blood work done for your liver and kidneys and/or getting a hormone test done (my friends at Eve Wellness Co. do an awesome testing kit)


How many times have you reached for the block of chocolate, been craving carbs and sweet foods only to find out that HELLO you’re bleeding a few days later. Food cravings are a sign your hormones are imbalanced because we often crave these sorts of foods when our body is overworked or stressed. 

This ultimately leads to a magnesium deficiency and this is why CHOCOLATE is often the go to (it contains magnesium), except we don’t really get it in the quantities we need, the blood sugars go crazy because of the excessive sugar intake and our hormones go into haywire even more! 

To prevent this, get yourself a good quality magnesium, I love the one from BePure – it’s called Magnesium Restore, it’s a great starting point! 


The dreaded spots that appear either all month long at different areas around your face, or pop up to say hello on your chin as a reminder that your period is due. Both are a sign of hormonal imbalances, finding out what that imbalance is, is the real key! 

It can be anything from high testosterone, high cortisol or high insulin or even an estrogen dominance. The first place you want to start when it comes to acne though is to make sure your diet is balanced… look at removing dairy and sugar or at least minimising them and see if this makes a difference, they are most often the main culprits. 


Now, I am a GRUMPY human if I do not get my sleep, and I am fortunate enough not to have experienced insomnia apart from the odd night here or there. But having it chronically can take a massive toll on your health! 

Sleep is literally the foundation to your health! Poor sleep = poor health = imbalanced hormones! Insomnia is different for everyone, but can be because of low progesterone, or too much cortisol (or both). If you are struggling to sleep I recommend adding in that high quality magnesium from BePure mentioned above, and if you need further assistance… flick me a message on IG! I’m here to help! 


Whether it is chronic or just varying day to day, fatigue and tiredness can really hinder all aspects of your life, whether it’s getting your exercise in, focusing at work or not snapping at your loved ones… it is important that we wake up refreshed and have stable energy levels throughout the day! 

Most commonly, I see elevated cortisol levels or symptoms of adrenal fatigue in the clients that come to me overly exhausted. When this is the case, it sounds so simple but the best thing you can do is rest. There are plenty of supplements and dietary options too, but start with finding some time for self-care and extra sleep and notice how much more that helps! 


Oh the joys of the stubborn weight that just won’t shift 🙁 it really sucks! I feel you! No matter how little you eat, or how much you exercise, the weight still doesn’t budge… this is often a sign that there is something deeper going on that isn’t being addressed. 

From a hormonal perspective, this can look like elevated cortisol levels (weight around the stomach mostly), elevated estrogen levels (weight around the hips and thighs), unstable insulin levels (weight everywhere, especially on the triceps). 

The key thing to do here, is to actually make sure that you are eating enough. The more you restrict yourself the more weight your body will hold. Stick to a wholefoods diet, reduce processed foods and focus on nourishing your body! 


Now you have a starting point for any of the symptoms you are experiencing when it comes to hormonal imbalances! However, balancing your hormones is a journey! If you are wanting a step by step guide to bring your hormones and body back into balance I suggest you check out my 12 week program – Reclaim Your Radiance for a long term solution!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo