13 / JANUARY / 2021

Feeling derailed after the summer/winter break? Eat too many of Santa’s cookies, or mum’s home baking? Miss a few too many workouts and now you can’t seem to stop beating yourself up! 

The guilt that plagues you, that voice in your head wishing that for once in your life you could just have had the discipline! Well… I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! 


What if there was NO WAGON TO FALL OFF! No track to get back on? No diet you had to start AGAIN? What if it got to be FUN, EXCITING, and ENJOYABLE? 

I know, you think I am crazy by now, but maybe you’re a little bit intrigued… what on earth could she be talking about? 👀 A way to ENJOY having a fit and healthy bod? Without feeling like a social outcast and being full of restrictions? 

Well, I’m not joking! In fact it is something I pride myself on as a coach, helping people DITCH the diet mentality in favour of finding a LIFESTYLE that is balanced, healthy and that they enjoy! 

When we shift our mindset away from being stuck on this path with a set destination, we are telling ourselves that there is an end… the issue with that, is that we then go back to those poor habits that got us to feeling unhappy in ourselves in the first place. 

My question to you is what do you REALLY want? Like REEEEEEAAAALLLLY want? Is it freedom around food, balanced hormones, a healthy gut, a lean body, a strong physique, a healthy mind? 

It is all possible! When we shift this mentality. You see, when we embrace the fact that we are on a journey, and focus on finding a balance that feels good for us, we remove the need for any restriction at all! 

So… you’re asking, it sounds super simple, but why can’t I do it? 

Well, we have been programmed this way, so it is going to take some commitment, and consistency, but that doesn’t mean no fun! All of my clients know this! 


Instead of beating yourself up after you skip a workout, over-eat/under-eat, have ‘bad’ food… what if simply acknowledged that it happened, be present with why it happened so that you can accept it, and then move on?

Let’s say you finished that whole block of chocolate, and you’re feeling like sh*t! You say to yourself “Seriously Sally, AGAIN! How can you have no willpower or self-control! Oh well, you’ve stuffed it up now, let’s just order pizza for dinner and finish the night with a bottle of wine and some ice cream, it doesn’t matter anyway!” 

I’ve been there, it’s not fun! Beating yourself up over food! Next time you do opt for something that doesn’t really align with your health goals, remind yourself that it is okay. We are all human, and ask yourself what you really needed in that moment? Was it a hug? To talk to a friend? Was it actually the chocolate? Any answer is fine! 

From here though, we want to accept it, see how we can give our body what it truly needs and then the next meal or snack, we continue on our journey to our best health! 

One unhealthier meal isn’t going to undo all your hard work, just like one salad isn’t going to suddenly change your body! It is about commitment and consistency. We typically eat around 35 meals a week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a day), so if 3 – 4 of them aren’t the best choices, that’s okay! 

Remove the guilt! That is causing more harm than the food! Enjoy the food you want to eat, don’t label it, simply be present with it, and then carry on with your day! 

You’ve got this! And if you need extra support in this, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here for you! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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