20 / JANUARY / 2021

Is one of your priorities this year to learn how to say NO? Wanting to make YOURSELF a priority this year? Then you are in the right place! 

As a born people pleaser, this has been a battle for years for me… and if you struggle to put yourself first without feeling selfish, I can imagine you feel much the same! 

The truth is, if you keep going the way you are, saying YES when you really mean NO… agreeing to commitments that you just don’t have the energy for, and continuing to put yourself on the backburner, is only going to lead to ONE thing…


Believe me when I say this, you’re going to arrive at a point where you just can’t keep going, and maybe that’s what’s brought you here! Ready to make a change! 

Well, I’m excited to share with you that it doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it gets to be easy. Stop and think right now what you desire most in this world? What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this year? 

You deserve to feel happy, to feel free to live the life the way you want it, I call it being selflessly selfish, because you can’t give from an empty cup. So when we put our needs on par with all others around us, suddenly we find that balance, love and freedom we’ve been after all this time! 

But HOW? I hear you ask? Well let’s start with the goal setting! This process is inspired by some of my mentors and beautiful coaches, with my own special twist on it! Thanks to @iamnatalie @manifesting_junkie @manifestationbabe (check them out on IG).



–  Write all the wins you can think of from last year (big or small, fill a whole page or two)

–  What goals from last year are you bringing into this year? And what ones are you letting go of? (some may not longer be of service to you) 

–  What stood in your way from achieving last year’s goals? List all the obstacles and challenges out. 

–  What did you learn from the obstacles? (Are you taking on too much? Procrastinating? Living in fear?) 

–  How would you describe last year in a WORD? Why this word?

–  What are you letting go from last year? (that you’re not bringing energetically into this year).

–  What are you releasing? 


–  Pick a new word or a phrase for this year. Put it somewhere it is a constant reminder. 

–  Write a massive list of EVERYTHING you want to achieve this year! Then go through with a fine tooth comb and eliminate what’s not truly important to achieve this year (maybe some get put into your 5 year vision).

–  Break it down → Assign each goal to one of 7 categories: 

    • Personal
    • Professional
    • Relationships
    • Travel
    • Spiritual
    • Health
    • Financial

–  Then pick your top 2 – 3 from each of these subcategories so it isn’t overwhelming, before assigning each one to a quarter and/or a month. 


–  Now with each one of those goals write down the feeling or emotion that you know achieving that goal will generate for you (this is important, don’t skip this step). 

–  Break each goal down further, by mapping out the necessary steps you need to take in order for that goal to be achieved, get really specific. What does each goal really entail, how much time will it take, when will you make time for it? How will you track your progress? What will you do to celebrate the goal once it is achieved? Can you put it as a weekly recurrence in your calendar. 

–  Now that you’ve identified the what, when, how and WHY (the feeling), we can methodically take action to achieve our goals. 

–  Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! You will end up getting to the end of the month and year and be disappointed that nothing has progressed or changed. We need to know where we are going in order to get there! 


Take the WHY – the emotion or feeling you are wanting to have once each goal is achieved and start to see if there is a common thread, e.g. love, freedom, abundance, happiness, joy etc…

Then instead of thinking that those emotions are only possible for you once your goals manifest into reality, start living in those emotions as much as you can EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

I have learnt that the Universe gives you more of what you already have! So, BE what you want to SEE, FEEL and ATTRACT! 

So whilst it is good to leave things to unfold as they may, we need to be sure that we are calling in what we want to manifest into our lives, not simply letting our external environment have control of us. 

And if one of your goals is to set clear boundaries for example, to ensure you do get your needs met and goals achieved, go through this very process step by step, and start to think about all the ways in which you have benefited from setting boundaries, how it made you feel, how you can repeat that experience. We’ve all said NO at some stage in our lives, it’s now about learning how to make it feel good when we do! 

If you need some extra help with this, be sure to sign up to my FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE: PRIORITY ME [HERE] for all my tips and tricks in this area! I got you! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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