17 / MARCH / 2021

Chocolate and collagen… two things that almost every woman desires (yumminess + youthful skin right!) But there is more to this picture and recipe than meets the eye! 

Did you know that often we crave chocolate because of our deficiency or low levels of magnesium and high quality chocolate is packed with magnesium! Our bodies are very clever in letting us know what we want. It just may not need to come with all that extra sugar that we package it with. 

And collagen, shown to have amazing benefits for your skin, hair and nails that has people flocking to strip it off the shelves and consume it in high dosages, but did you also know that collagen has profound benefits in healing and nourishing your gut! Yes, it’s great for keeping you healthy on the INSIDE as well as the outside! 

In fact, some might say it is because collagen works wonders in the gut, that we end up having such beautiful hair, skin and strong nails as a result. 


I’m personally a huge fan of keeping my supplements to a minimum and getting as many nutrients as I can from whole real foods, but have always had the additional support of a protein powder since I started training to help my muscles build, repair and recover efficiently. 

So, to me it was a no-brainer to pick a protein powder that was actually made of collagen to support me and my body. Instead of having to take two separate supplements they are combined into one (plus this saves on the $ and who doesn’t like that!)

This is why in this recipe you will see that I have used the ATP Science NoWay Collagen Protein Powder – both delicious and nutritious. 

When it comes to breakfast too, our Western culture often leads us towards a high carb, high sugar breakfast, often out of a box and we tend to skimp out on the protein and fats which is actually what your body is CRAVING first thing in the morning. You will notice this smoothie is specifically designed to give your body what it needs, whilst keeping it simple so it isn’t a massive time consuming issue either (one of the reasons so many have said they skip breakfast all together or forgo it for a coffee – also a big no no in my books). 


So, if you’re looking for a smoothie that tastes like a chocolate soft serve, is high in good quality fats like omega 3’s, will keep you full, boost your collagen and help you feel radiant from the inside out, not to mention hits your protein and fat requirements for your breakfast then look no further than this chocolate collagen thickshake. 

Not to mention it is gluten free, dairy free and sugar free!

–  ½ can of coconut milk (200 – 250 ml)

–  ½ cup cold water

–  1 tbsp. chia seeds

–  2 scoops of ATP Science NoWay Protein Powder

–  1 tbsp. almond butter 

–  4 large ice cubes

Put all ingredients together in a blender and blitz until smooth, thick and creamy and you can’t see the chia seeds anymore! Enjoy!

Yours in Health,

Sheree xo

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