10 / MARCH / 2021

EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWER WOMEN! Let me say that again for those up the back… EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWER WOMEN! 

We as females are here to be celebrated no just on international women’s day, but EVERY DAMN DAY! Which is why at the least I will be celebrating not only myself as a female, but other women all week long! 

Why? Well we are something to be celebrated!! Call me biased, but I think being a female has a whole host of incredible benefits that are often forgotten or overlooked or underestimated! 

I’ve been doing a LOT of reading lately, particularly around the female body and our biology as well as spirituality and understanding the divine feminine energy and nature we all have within us, and let me tell you, we are POWERFUL! 

Let’s not forget the fact that our bodies have the ability to MAKE ANOTHER HUMAN… We literally have the ability to bring LIFE into the world should we choose, and create a home for this little human from the moment of conception for 9 months to live inside of us… If that isn’t miraculous I don’t know what is! 

Whether you are someone that wants to be a mother, is a mother or never tends to be a mother, we have this incredible body that has the capabilities to do so! Our hormones, biology, and mind are wired completely differently to that from men, and that is something to be CELEBRATED not looked down upon.

It is about time we shifted the mentality away from viewing women as small men, and started celebrating ourselves for being exactly as we are, a mother, sister, daughter, partner, wife, friend, business owner, colleague, support system… often everything to everyone! 

My journey as an entrepreneur has helped me see just the magnificence of what females can achieve in the workforce, beyond our biology and I believe that is something to be celebrated! There are incredible women out there shattering the glass ceiling for us to follow in their footsteps and shatter it even further!! 

This is not a blog here to praise us for being the better sex or anything like that, but I do think that all too often, especially with the way we are represented in the media, the expectations we place on ourselves for being the women who has to do it all, have the body, run the household, have the babies, be the best daugther and sister, be the friend that gives the advice as well as successful in our careers… it is an exhausting expectation, and it is TIME to celebrate all you are right now, simply because you EXIST!! 

When we step into celebrating our truest, authentic selves, we live our lives in flow, tap into our divine feminine nature more and things come with ease and grace. We live in a patriarchal society which has led many of us, myself included to feel like we have to get caught up in the rat race and work as hard as possible to achieve success. If we aren’t doing everything then we are nothing. 

LET’S WAKE UP TO THIS! You right now, are doing the best you can, in the best way you know how, and if you aren’t happy with where you are, you have the ability to change that! But most importantly know that the power lies WITHIN you, not through the external validation or recognition you think that whatever you need is going to bring you! 


One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt as an entrepreneur and as a female is to value and celebrate other women; COLLABORATION + CELEBRATION over COMPETITION! 

We can get caught up in the beliefs that it is hard for women to break into a certain industry or to make a name for themselves, and so when we see other women doing it, it can make us feel inferior or like we aren’t able to do it anymore as that position has been filled and now it would mean trying to outdo that person to be successful. 

There couldn’t be anything further from the truth! 

Celebrate the woman and her success that you see in front of you, and allow it to be evidence to you and your mind that it is possible for you too! Let her success help you drive towards yours, this is EMPOWERING! One woman’s success does not need to mean your failure, know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and that switching your mindset to collaboration and celebration means you are lifting your energy, your frequency and will allow you to align and attract the life you want in the same way the woman you have just celebrated has! 

So below I have listed some of the women that I have celebrated, have admired, have coached me and have enabled me to take the stepping stones to success that I now have and will continue to do so in the future. 

I then encourage you to find 5 – 10 women to celebrate in your life! If they are still around, message them, celebrate them, let them know the impact they have had on you and how thankful you are for their presence! 


The top ten women I am celebrating this week (among many)… 

  1. My Mum – my role model, loving nurturer, caregiver, portal for advice, my mum is and always has been my inspiration, my driving force, the reason I do all that I do, and has shown me how to be the woman I am today through her examples, compassion, patience, strength and resilience. I am blessed to have chosen her in this lifetime and all the lessons she has helped me learn and I celebrate my mum today!

  2. My Nana – my sweet, generous, strong, nana, with the biggest fighting spirit I have ever seen, this world was a better place with my nana in it, and I miss her every day, but am blessed to have her with me in spirit always. Her determination was a force to be reckoned with, the way she gave so selflessly, loved so deeply and always inspired me to be my truest, most authentic self, showing me every day that I was enough and loved simply because I was me! I celebrate my nana and her gifts today!

  3. Natalie Ellis – the powerhouse, game changing, confident, connected, awe-inspiring woman, that I aspire to not only follow in the footsteps of success, but work alongside one day, was not only an incredible role model for me when I first started my business and I had the privilege of working with as my coach. This woman is every embodiment of the word BossBabe and I am extremely thankful that we crossed paths and I have been able to have learnt and been coached by the Natalie Ellis! I celebrate Natalie today and all things BOSSBABE!

  4. Alyssa Nobriga – the truest embodiment of divine feminine energy if I ever did see it, Alyssa’s grace, heart, essence, true nature and coaching ability is second to none that I have ever seen. Until working with Alyssa, I thought all there was was hustle and hard work, and Alyssa showed me the gift of grace, feminine energy and connecting to Source on a deeply empowered level. This woman is beautiful on the inside and out (as are all of those mentioned), and I am blessed to have been working with her on and off for over 2 years now. I celebrate Alyssa today, her energy and a woman who’s found her calling and sharing it and love with the world!

  5. Danielle Canty – the clever, driven, behind the scenes yet all inspiring other half of BOSSBABE, this woman is a master of all things systems, automation and running a business, but on top of all that, her warmth, generosity and leadership was incredible to witness and receive. Prior to working with Danielle, the biz was in a bit of a shambles, Danielle’s kindness and gentle nature, not to mention efficiency and effectiveness that she brings to her coaching is incredible and I was incredibly grateful for all I got to learn from this brilliant mind of hers! I celebrate Danielle today, and her true embodiment of being an unapologetically ambitious woman!

  6. Emily Fitz – the master manifestor, sassy powerhouse, woke and inspired leader that is Emily Fitz, I have had the privilege of being coached alongside, by her, and had her coaching inside my programs and I can tell you her GIFTS are off the chart! This woman empowers women, lifts them up, and smashes the glass ceilings, showing that doing the inner work is the KEY to ultimate success! I am celebrating Emily today as a woman who walks her talk and calls other women forward to step into their power!

  7. Alissa Vitti – author, mother, hormone expert and entrepreneur, Alissa Vitti is everything I aspire to be, not only is she the founder of the Cycle Syncing Method, and an incredible biohacker, but appreciates and acknowledges all that women are and could ever be from not only a mental and spiritual standpoint but, the biological gifts we have as well! I celebrate Alissa today and her methods and sharing with the world how to live a life in flow!

  8. Rebecca Campbell – divinely feminine, author and spiritual thought leader, Rebecca’s books literally changed my life and perception on the way in which I live mine, from Light is the New Black to Rise Sister Rise (both of which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BTW), these books shifted my energy, gave me my power back and enabled me to grow and thrive in this spiritual journey that I am on and for that I am eternally grateful! I am also a huge fan of the beautiful oracle cards she has created that I use when I am in need of guidance! I celebrate Rebecca for being the voice that so many of us need to hear in not only celebrating, but connecting to ourselves.

  9. Gabrielle Bernstein – international speaker, author, mother and spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein is an inspiration to many, myself included. Her books the Universe Has Your Back, Super Attractor and The Judgement Detox, are incredible, and helped me regain faith, trust and connection to myself and the Universe! I hope to one day attend one of her seminars live and thank her for her work in person! I celebrate Gabrielle today for helping restore trust and faith in thousands of women like myself who felt lost.

  10. Rachel Jefferies, Justine Steel, Hillary Johnston and Samantha Ruberto – are just some of the INCREDIBLE women I had the pleasure of getting to know over past two years, who have been in my corner during the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, masterminded with me, held space for me in times of celebration and tears, have inspired me, lead alongside me, and collaborated together – despite being incredible powerhouses individually! I am blessed to have had these women come into my life (thank you Universe, Natalie Ellis, Alyssa Nobriga and Danielle Canty) as these women have become some of my closest friends despite being on the other side of the world! I am celebrating you all today for being the amazing leaders and BossBabe’s you truly are! 


Yours in Health,

Sheree xo

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