24 / MARCH / 2021

Wow! Who could believe that these last few months would fly by this quick, I certainly couldn’t have predicted it! It has been a whirlwind since I have been back from summer vacay, and in all transparency it has had a variety of highs and lows. 

That’s the journey of an entrepreneur that is starting to be shared more and more, but not often enough if you ask me. It’s actually something I struggle to share, as it felt like I was failing at something if I was to be completely vulnerable and honest with the rest of the world, and often that is because we can struggle to be that honest and vulnerable with ourselves. 

These past three months have really taught me to SLOW DOWN, stand in my power and shift through a lot of fears. Now if you’ve been following my journey at all, you will have noticed that I now speak to the concept of having clear boundaries – in your business, life, with clients and relationships (something I have a whole blog about, you can check it out here)

This has been an incredible shift even more so for me in the past few months. I’m not going to lie, things haven’t been as I planned for the first few months of 2021, but then what has really gone to plan this past 18 months! The beautiful thing that I have come to learn is that this is all happening for a reason, and in divine timing to how it is all meant to unfold.


My word this year was FAITH, whilst I am not of a religious background, nor have a religious practice, I have connected on a far deeper level with my soul and spiritual well-being these past three or so years, but one thing I had struggled to grasp onto the concept of, was FAITH. 

Faith, not only in the biblical sense that there is a force greater than me out there, that always has my back, but even faith in myself. 

In a deeper sense, I have always had faith in myself, because how else would I have taken the risks I have so far, and the leaps of faith that I would always find my way. However, on a conscious level, some part of me has always questioned my faith in myself, and the trust that comes along with it. 

It was this realisation at the end of last year that led me to choose FAITH as my word for 2021, and as the Universe does… the lessons I have learnt about myself and the ability to have faith in myself this year have been second to none! 

The biggest leap of faith I have made to date is something I will be sharing with you in a few short weeks time, so keep your eyes peeled, there is a blog coming at you for that one. 

But I wanted to share with you a few key takeaways that have enabled me to bring myself to take this big leap of faith… 


The ability to slow down and listen to your own inner voice is one of the most powerful tools you have, especially as a female. Most commonly referred to as your intuition or gut feeling, these two are one and the same. 

The moment I started to slow down more, be still and allow myself to really feel any emotions that were coming up, fears I was having, doubts that were holding me back and actually connect with the part of me that knew what was ultimately right for me, was the biggest transition and transformation in my personal growth (more to come on this in a future blog too btw).

But for now, I want you to ask yourself, where in the day do I have time to just be with my thoughts? See if you can find even five minutes to really listen to the part of you that is looking out for you and what it is trying to say. 

Figuring out what I really wanted! Was another practice that enabled me to take this leap… you see we often think we know what we want, but many times, we actually focus on what we don’t want and as a result, we end up attracting in more of the same thing. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes… think about that for a second. How can we expect to get anywhere if we keep repeating the same things. Also, on that note, if we don’t really know where we are going, how can we expect to end up where we want to be. 

The best thing to do is spend some time getting SPECIFIC, what is it you want to achieve, and not just how much do you want to earn, or how much weight you want to lose (it is important to be specific here too), but what do you REALLY want. Spend some time alone, maybe pop some music on, light a candle and take some deep breaths to get into the moment and put pen to paper, write out that vision! 

Visioning has been incredibly powerful for me, just remember it only has to be 50% believable for the ego mind to grasp onto it, so get visioning! Picture yourself there, write in the present tense and feel the emotions, senses and capture the essence of what achieving this vision would be for you. The more you see it and feel it the more you will be able to believe it. 

So, there you have it! A couple of things that enabled me to get crystal clear in taking my leap of faith… whilst this may have taken a bit of an unexpected turn, be present now in whatever is coming up for you. You already have all the answers you need inside of you – trust that! 

With Love,

Sheree xo

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