4 / JANUARY / 2022

It is here! My favourite podcast episodes of 2022 compiled all in one place! 

Week after week, I send out a podcast episode that I have personally loved, related to personal development, health, wellness, hormones, gut health and sometimes business in my newsletter…

But after a number of requests, I have compiled them all in one place for you to come back to time and time again for motivation, inspiration and of course education! 

Be sure to bookmark this blog for future reference, I have even included a link for you to make it easy! I hope you enjoy! 


–  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Matthew McConaughey & Jay Shetty ON: How to Turn Barriers into Green Lights

–  BossBabe Podcast – How to Show Up As Your Most Confident Self In 2022 with Danielle Canty

–  How to Heal Your Nervous System – Your Guide to Somatic Healing with Sarah Baldwin

–  BossBabe Podcast – Tony Robbins Helps You Define Success

–  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – 7 Ways to Break Bad Habits & Let Go of Things That No Longer Serve You

– The Spiritual Causes with Nate Ortiz Why You Have Digestive/Hormonal Issues: 

–  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – 4 Habits to Reduce Stress, Improve Energy & Sleep Deeper

–  BossBabe Podcast – How to Unlock Your Feminine Power with Mel Wells 

–  The Higher Self Podcast – How to Have the Best Sex Ever Through Your Erotic Blueprint with Sex Love Goop’s Miss Jaiya

 –  Hormonally Speaking – Understanding Serum Blood Labs So You Know What to Ask Your Doctor w/Christine Garvin 

–  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – 2 Unhealthy Eating Habits Many People Have & How to Improve Them 

–  Hello BeYOUtiful – Relationships, Purpose & Milestones: How to Overcome the Pressure of Time 

–  BossBabe Podcast – Level Up Your Life, Your Worth + Your Bank Balance with Mel Robbins 

–  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Jenna Kutcher ON: Manifesting Your Ideal Work Life Balance & How to Avoid Burnout 

–  The Higher Self Podcast – How to Know if You’re Spiritually Outgrowing Friendships, Careers and Homes with Sahara Rose 

–  Huberman Lab: Sleep Toolkit: Tools for Optimizing Sleep & Sleep-Wake Timing 

–  BossBabe Podcast – The Secret to Manifestation, Abundance + Raising Your Vibration with Cathy Heller 

–  The Doctors Farmacy – How to Know if Gluten Is An Issue for You


I would love if you shared in the comments below what your favourite episode of 2022 was!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo