8 / JUNE / 2022

Don’t you just wish there were more hours in the day? 😔 This is something I hear time and time again from the beautiful women I work with!

I know when I first started my business, I used to have a to-do list a mile long that I could never seem to get on top of 😓

Tie that into having a business, my own wellness, a social life and rest and well…

That’s when burnout 🔥 happened!

So, I thought to help save you from the same fate, I would share some of my favourite productivity hacks to help you get more done, in less time! 😍


1️⃣ Journal + Plan Out Your Day (first thing in the morning or the night before)

⏰ TIME BLOCKING: break your tasks into groups and allocate a block of time to get the tasks done, this may look like inboxes, client time, exercise, course work etc

❓ REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS: starting your day in reflection to see what’s been working and what needs to be changed means you’re less likely to repeat the same mistakes and therefore save time

🤟🏽 POWER OF 3: choose THREE things that you are focused on that day, anymore is just a bonus, the more you try and take on the more overwhelmed and disappointed you get when you don’t get it all done ☺️

2️⃣ Use the first hour of your morning as your POWER HOUR 👊🏽

Your brain 🧠 is in theta state for the first hour you wake up, meaning brain function is optimised, so include some sort of…

MINDFULNESS 🧘🏼‍♀️ , MOVEMENT 🏃🏼‍♀️and MEAL 🍳 to help start your day on a positive note, with great circulation and blood flow, as well as balanced hormones and energy to keep you as focused as possible!

3️⃣ Prioritise Your Health!

This is a big one! Your health is your wealth… and without it you can say goodbye to your productivity, energy and ability to thrive in your workplace.

So keep it simple but effective! 👌🏽

☑️ Sleep for 7 – 9 hours a night to wake up fresh the next day

☑️ Drink 2 – 3L of water to keep you hydrated (our bodies are 70% water)

☑️ Listen to your body and learn to sync your work to your hormonal cycle (it’s a thing – I promise).

Let me know in the comments below what you are going to implement first!