17 / FEBRUARY / 2021

Now, as a wellness coach, there are some massive obstacles I see women face day in day out when it comes to healing their gut and balancing their hormones, so today, I am going to address the top 3 that I know you need to focus on to see any changes!

In fact, in RYR which is an incredible 12 week program that supports women in addressing all of these 3 obstacles on such a deep and powerful level!

So, let’s dive in! If you’re someone that is struggling with bloating, heavy periods, sugar cravings, period pains, PMS, tiredness, acne and fatigue, you are going to want to listen up because these 3 obstacles are standing in the way of all of those things HEALING FOR GOOD!


The first obstacle I see causing these imbalances is NOT MAKING IT A PRIORITY!

Now this is HUGE! You cannot under-estimate the power of consistency and focus. When you just dabble in the healing process when it suits you, you are not going to see positive change. In fact, it can make things worse!

Imagine only filling your car up when you felt like it, and still expecting it to run… on empty! That’s what we often do to our bodies. We get little pieces of information from here, there and everywhere.

Maybe you’ve tried intermittent fasting for a week or two, then going keto, then maybe the free program you find online, but get a couple days in, don’t notice any significant changes and decide it’s time to find something else.

The issue is, your body didn’t end up imbalanced overnight, which is why it isn’t going to completely heal in a couple days or even two weeks. This is exactly why RYR is a 12-week program, because it literally supports you from start to finish of your healing journey and gives you all the tools you need for afterwards too!

Now, when we focus on healing, creating a lifestyle that is supportive, and are consistent with a clear plan of action, that is when things start to shift for the better!

So, if you are struggling with making yourself and your health a priority the first thing I suggest you do, is bring awareness to what’s actually going on. Take some time to take a step back, look at your calendar and how busy it is, look at your sleep patterns, food intake, exercise levels, and start to notice how much or how little time you make for yourself to keep yourself healthy.

Or are you giving your energy and power away to another thing/person or environment?

The first thing I do when I work with a client is a full lifestyle assessment, because if we don’t know what’s going on currently or been going on in the past it can be hard to determine how we got there and what we might need to alter to make your health so much better!!

Sounds simple right, but this will be life changing. Once you wake up to what’s really going on around you, you will be amazed at where you can start implementing changes! However, you may need a few more pieces to the puzzle before the healing journey can really take off.

This brings me to the second biggest obstacle!! NOT KNOWING THE ROOT CAUSE!

This is something I am so incredibly passionate about! All of those symptoms I mentioned earlier, from the PMS to the irregular bowel movements are all just that – SYMPTOMS! We want to get to the underlying issue!

As a wellness coach, I cannot tell you how many times, I have had clients come to me having self-diagnosed or been completely in the dark about what is REALLY going on and treating their symptoms the completely wrong way!! In fact, most of the time we have the idea that we need to lose the weight first and then our health problems will be solved!

This is not the case at all! In fact, that is the beautiful thing about RYR, is that we uncover the REAL ROOT CAUSE for your gut health or hormonal imbalances, and it is not at all a WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM!! The women who lose weight on this program, do so as a by-product of the deeper healing work we get to do, and because we have addressed the ROOT CAUSE!!

You want to know why things haven’t shifted in your life? It is because no other program identifies what the root cause is, inside RYR we do that for you and help you heal it for good!

If you are feeling like you don’t know where to start when it comes to your root cause, I suggest you head to my free root cause quiz after this training and this can help you in taking charge of step one!! It’s inside RYR that I walk you through the whole process so you’re not banging your head against the wall, but instead you’re getting my eyes on YOU and your body, and your results!!

Okay, so for the third biggest obstacle I see that causes the hormones to stay imbalanced and the gut to be flaring up, is a lack of consistency and support.  

I can honestly say that this was the most vital part to my healing and recovery. Having a coach by my side to guide me through every step of the process, remove the overwhelm and keep me accountable to healing myself.

Because at the end of the day, you know deep down this isn’t a matter of willpower, in fact, the bugs in your gut, or an imbalance in hormones can be driving you to overeat or crave the foods you are so desperately trying to avoid.

This is exactly why to me it is so important to have a coach! Now, I totally hear you, you could do this yourself, I know you could, but if you are wanting a proven method (aka not having to rely on Dr. Google), as well as having someone there to answer all your questions along the way, shorten the process and take out the guesswork, not to mention a community of incredible women on the same journey a coach is vital!

I cannot tell you how many clients have said to me they had gone round and round in circles, from doctor, to specialist, to nutritionist and never truly felt like they knew what was going on in their body or had the support they needed to get through this until we started working together. It is a far easier journey when you aren’t alone!


Making sure you have clear accountability, guidance and support every step of the way, and the best way to do that is to be part of a community and/or get a coach. In my opinion it is even better when you combine the two (like we do in RYR – in fact we have 3 coaches in RYR!!).

So, let’s start the process with you commenting below what your first action step is going to be!!

AND if you are ready for a PROVEN method, unprecedented support, and to take action on your healing journey NOW!! Then apply for RYR here and we can have a chat about whether this program is a great fit for you!!

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