03 / FEBRUARY / 2021


I LOVE MY BODY! For all it is, all it does, and all it is becoming! BUT, it wasn’t always this way!

For years I hid my body, even when I was at my leanest I was too shy to even think about wearing a sports bra at the gym, nevermind to a crop top at a festival! 

I used to hide my tummy because how could a personal trainer and nutritionist not always have visible abs? 

I always wore leggings to the gym and felt embarrassed the moment I had to put on shorts. I had to fake tan to make myself feel leaner. I cried in front of the mirror countless times at the body staring back at me, grabbing at it, poking, prodding and wishing it was different. 

Wishing my efforts in the kitchen, at the gym, in my life would actually reflect on my physical appearance… because that’s how I measured my worth. 

Not the fact that I showed up and trained 6 x a week, not the fact that I was running my own business from 21 whilst still full time at University, not the fact that I was healthy, not the fact that I was surrounded by so much love and support… 

No, my worthiness resided in the fact that I was “too fat” to wear a crop top. 

Oh how things have changed! 


When I finally got out of my own way I realised that it was ME, my MINDSET that was blocking me from being CONFIDENT in my own skin and rocking whatever outfit I wanted to wear! 

Your mindset is determined by what you feel and think repeatedly, to the point where your biochemistry actually changes in the body, and we become a walking version of our emotions (more to come on this in future blogs).

YUP! It’s true!

In order to overcome these limiting beliefs, stories and states, one must first want to change, and then become the observer of one’s own mind before taking empowered action! 

I share this with you because part of what helped shift my body confidence alongside working through limiting beliefs, was the power of proximity. 

I started to see that my friends and colleagues showed up with total badass confidence no matter what they were wearing, and my mind was able to see evidence of what was possible. 

Not just for the instagram models, but my humans IRL!


Moral of the story: PROXIMITY has the POWER to help shift your MINDSET! WE RISE TOGETHER! Which is exactly why it is part of my mission to help other women to get to this state of being IN LOVE with the skin they are in and be body confident on the daily!

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