Sheree gives me support during all kinds of ups and downs

Here is my transformation and my story. Until last year health and fitness was a HUGE part of my life. At the end of the year I went through some pretty massive upheavals and the icing on the cake was destroying my foot and ankle falling down some stairs, one year to the day actually!

I gave up. I stopped trying and put my passions for health & fitness to bed.

I hit my highest weight ever mid-year and in September decided to do something about it. But being out of the game for so long I was feeling pretty untethered so I jumped at the chance to join this challenge.

I came into it with yet another injury, my hip this time, and that coupled with me being the world’s worst client, under Sheree’s guidance, the support and understanding she has given me during all kinds of ups and downs has gotten me through, as well as the daily reminders posted to keep my mindset focused.

Even as someone who ‘knows what they are doing’ when it comes to training and nutrition, it has been so important to have someone to keep me accountable and also pull me back from doing dumb stuff especially in my training.

Thank you so much to all you girls, Sheree and the team for being part of my journey back to myself  (with a much improved skin tone thanks to lowering inflammation).