20 / OCTOBER / 2021

We as humans ARE nature, our cells are nature, our bodies are nature, we were born from nature and so the connection between human beings and the nature that surrounds us is always something worth exploring!

When you look into the iconic symbol of the ‘yin yang’ – it is said the females are a representation of the yin and that males are a representation of the yan. And in fact, everything in our world is represented by one or the other because of the duality in the Universe. 

Following this more spiritual notion, the Sun is connected to the Yang energy and the Moon is connected to the Yin energy. This contrast, opposites and connection between the moon and feminine energy is something that has been studied and believed for generations. 

When you look at an average moon cycle, it lasts roughly 29.5 days and a female menstrual cycle lasts around 28 days (a healthy cycle however is anywhere from 24 – 35 days). 

The moon also has a dramatic effect in changing the tides, the ocean literally responds to the moon, and with humans being 70% water, it really got me thinking about the effect that the moon has on our bodies, particularly as females and with our flow. 


In ancient times, it is said that women would live in harmony with their cycles with most women bleeding on the new moon, and ovulating around the full moon. I see this same pattern with clients every single day! It blows my mind! And a lot of the time we are totally unaware of it. 

It has even been said that depending on the stage of life you are in, will determine which moon phase you sync up to… I am yet to explore this in deeper context, but the whole idea truly fascinates me. 

What I have learnt through living in sync with my cycle, is how much each phase is connected to a different emotional/mental/physical/spiritual state in the body and it is a true honour to witness. 

The beautiful thing is, if you take it a layer deeper, that the moon honours these same phases, particularly around the new moon and full moon. 


The new moon is a time for intention setting, letting things go, and planting seeds for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to shed and release what no longer serves you, much like your uterine lining along with any emotional and mental stress or beliefs. 

The full moon on the other hand is a time where we take a look into our energy, how we are showing up in the world and how our intentions are manifesting, it is similar to ovulation in the sense that this is the time females typically feel most abundant with energy, most alive within themselves and higheten their vibrations! 

There are a number of parallels one can draw between the moon phases, and menstrual phases – like the fact there are four of each – new moon, waning phase, full moon, waxing phase – menstruation, follicular, ovulation, luteal.

But ultimately, I think it comes down to what you feel drawn and connected to in your heart. For some, this will feel a bit ‘woo’ and others will be drawn to the magic of it all! I am definitely in the latter! Either way, enjoy the beauty that your cycle beholds – with or without the moon!

So whilst the jury is still out on this from a scientific basis, I do deeply believe that we are connected to something bigger than us, and we are nature… so this is a practice I will continue to put into place to honour my cycle and the moon! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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