11 / MAY / 2022

First things first, you need to understand that IBS is a pretty crappy diagnosis, I mean, it literally stands for irritable bowel syndrome. And I dunno about you, but I want to know WHY on earth my bowel is irritated! 

Understanding what is actually happening underneath the surface level diagnosis that is ‘IBS’, or what I like to call, the IBS Iceberg can be hard and is often why the ‘solution’ is to just follow a low FODMAP diet (and that’s it).

As a holistic + clinical nutritionist this is not a long-term ‘solution’ that I am happy to put my clients on. In fact, it isn’t really a solution at all. 

Yes low FODMAPs can be super helpful, but it is even in the research that this isn’t a long-term fix. It might reduce the symptoms, but again we want to get to the root of the cause and in my expert opinion and first hand experience, I can tell you that it is normally one of these three things that lie below the surface of the IBS Iceberg: 


1. Leaky Gut 

Leaky gut is another way of saying your intestine (gut) is permeable (has ‘gaps’) in it. This allows for particles of food and other toxins to seep through into your bloodstream (where it isn’t meant to be). 

So the body freaks out, thinks there is an invader present and puts the entire system in a state of inflammation… hello food intolerances and irregular bowel movements. 

These symptoms sound familiar?


Short for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, now you may be wondering what on earth that means, especially because we are meant to have bacteria in our gut right? 


But not in our small intestine… You see, that is where all the absorption and digestion goes on, so the majority of our bacteria should be living in our large intestine. When it grows up searching for food and starts to overpopulate in the small intestine we start to see issues like chronic bloating, diarrhoea, smelly gas, burping and fatigue to name a few! 

Not fun right, and can be kind of embarrassing at times

3. Dysbiosis 

Now dysbiosis simply put, means there is an imbalance of good bacteria to bad bacteria in the gut. We are always going to have some bad guys, but the ratio needs to be heavily in favour of the good ones! 

Often clients come to me concerned that there is something living in their gut that shouldn’t be, and whilst this is true for some cases, the bigger issue is actually the lack of good gut bacteria. 

If we don’t have enough good guys, we reduce our defence in fighting off the bad guys! And then we have a bunch of space for the bad guys to invade. 

I think you’d agree, we really don’t want a hostile situation in our guts! So this balance needs to be restored! 


These are the three main issues I see underneath the IBS ice-berg! 

Which is why the diagnosis IBS is not really supporting you in having a healthy gut right! We really have to support the good bacteria that are living inside of us!

The great news is, that it doesn’t have to take extensive testing and supplementation to reset your gut health and start to really nourish those beautiful bugs that help us thrive! 

The key thing to understand when it comes to healing your gut (or curing IBS for good), is that it isn’t a short-term solution. You are going to need to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, and some of those shifts may need to become more permanent to keep you healthy, others will only need to be around temporarily whilst the healing occurs. 

What you need to give yourself is time, on average it takes at least 12 weeks for the gut to do the deeper healing work, but you don’t have to wait that long to see results!

One of my clients saw a reduction in bloating after 4 days, another got her energy back and anxiety reduced in just 4 weeks! 

These are women just like you who didn’t accept a BS diagnosis, and wanted real change and answers about their body and health! And I truly feel confident that when you apply what you learn inside the 4 Week Gut Reset, you can have the same results! 

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Yours in Health + Happiness,
Sheree xo