08 / DECEMBER / 2021

With Christmas, often comes the pressure of getting the perfect gifts! When it comes to health nuts, it can be really hard to figure out what to get them… as the alcohol and chocolates probably aren’t the best fit! 

So, to save you some time (and hopefully some stress), I have compiled some creative ideas for your healthy friend or family member that should go down a treat!

I can also confirm these have my seal of approval as both a wellness coach and nutritionist (and someone who loves to be productive)! They also won’t break the budget!

Below are 5 gifts I know the health nut in your life would love to see under the Christmas Tree this year! 


GIFT #1: Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner 

This is THE perfect gift for someone who loves to schedule, be organised and has goals that they are hungry for! 

I have been using this planner personally for well over a year now, and cannot recommend it enough! It has daily planning, alongside monthly and weekly reviews to keep the momentum rolling. 

The question prompts are super helpful in progressing goals and dreams, as well as supporting habits. The best part is… it only takes about 5 minutes morning and night to fill out and you can start it anytime! 

Click to learn more here: or if you are looking to purchase try amazon, book depository or the nile

GIFT #2: Frank Green Reusable Bottles/Tupperware 

If you’ve got a health nut in your life, chances are they love their meal prep, or are drinking a lot of water on the daily… So why not support their habits as well as their health with plastic free containers and tupperware! 

These ceramic drink bottles and containers are super handy to have, support the liver because there are no nasty BPA’s (or any other variety of BP’s), and keep the food/liquid warm or cold! Win win! 

Not to mention you can actually get it engraved which makes it that extra bit special! Oh and the colours are fantastic! I got myself a minion keep cup… it is just too cute!

Click here to learn more or purchase: 

GIFT #3: Diffuser and/or Essential Oils 

This is something I have only recently gotten into (I know, well behind the times), but this can be an amazing gift, as it just keeps on giving!

Perfumes, candles, lotions etc can all contain endocrine disrupting chemicals; in other words they can mess with your hormones… which is why essential oils and diffusers are so great! 

The oils are awesome because you can not only change the scent depending on the mood you are in, but also, to help keep you focused, support your sleep, calm your energy or even energise you before a training session! 

I picked my diffuser up from the local kmart (think target, boots etc if you are overseas), or there are amazing companies that specialise in them if you want to go the extra mile! Then you just need to find someone who sells doterra or pop into your local health shop or even beauty salon, they often sell the oils too. 

Try these links below for some inspo: 

GIFT #4: Colouring Book or Crystals

Despite your health nuts best efforts, I can almost guarantee (much like yourself), they don’t really spend much time resting or slowing down! In fact, ‘treat yourself’ is something they probably struggle with in their vocabulary! 

Whilst a massage or pamper session is amazing, you could try something different this year and opt for something to help them unwind on the daily! 

Adult colouring in books are amazing for this, and you could partner it with the gift of some colouring pencils. They have been proven to help destress and inspire creativity! 

Crystals on the other hand may be a bit ‘woo woo’ for some, but for those that love a little spirituality to support their health, getting a crystal to align with their healing journey or their goals can be a nice touch… in the form of something for their desk or even jewellery. 

I have listed my go to links below for both: 

Colouring Books: 
Crystals: (feel free to use my discount code here too ‘SHEREE10’

GIFT #5: Coola Organic Sunscreen

Whether it is summer on your side of the world or not for Christmas, sunscreen is a great little gift for a stocking filler! 

This is perfect to show you care about their health and that you know they care about what goes into their body! The skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs everything we put on it… 

So organic skincare, sunscreen, make up etc is the way to go in my opinion! Try your local pharmacy or health shop for an organic sunscreen, or try my personal fave – Coola – which can be found at Mooi Skin if you’re local!

Links below to check it out: 


My 2 Week Health Bundle! 

Now I had to throw in this BONUS pressie idea, because I am a little biased! There is nothing better to me than understanding your body and what is going on with your health! 

Which is exactly why I created my ROOT CAUSE QUIZ to help you or your health nut to get to the root of their health and wellness imbalance! Not to mention, at the end of the quiz you have the option to treat yourself to a beautiful bundle to help you HEAL the underlying issue(s). How perfect is that! 

Everything to start the healing journey is inside the bundle, a recipe book, guidelines, meal planner and other amazing resources! All for only $37!

Check it out here:

Whatever you end up buying your health nut, and however you are spoiled in return, I am wishing you a very healthy, happy and MERRY CHRISTMAS and an incredible NEW YEAR!! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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