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An 8 Week Challenge designed to reset your health taking you from exhausted, emotional and imbalanced to ENERGISED, STRONG & EMPOWERED!

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Hey Beautiful Soul,

You’re probably coming here because you’re wanting to lose weight, but before I tell you that I can wave a magic wand and make it happen, let us show you what we’ve seen from working with thousands of clients over the years…

People typically come to us wanting to tone up and drop the extra body fat, yet when we look at the underlying causes (e.g. your hormones, gut health and stress levels) we discover there’s far more to the picture.

Newsflash! It’s not because you’re lazy, not eating right or aren’t working out properly. It’s because there’s fundamentally something in your body not working properly.

We want to help you get to the root cause and address it so that weight loss is something that happens naturally as you become healthy.

We know you’re here because you want to lose weight, but we also know that’s not the issue.

Chances are you are here because you have tried so many different things and all sorts of diets that have promised you weight loss in the past, yet the weight never seems to move, or stay off (sound familiar?).

Guess what, you’ve not been addressing the real problem and that’s what we want to help you get to in the next 8 weeks…

If any of this is sounding familiar, then this challenge is for YOU!

We work with clients who are all in! Ready to transform their lives on a far deeper level than ever before, because we know it is about so much more than weight loss!

When we free ourselves from restriction, mental blocks, mood swings, and a lack of confidence and self-love we have the opportunity to become EMPOWERED!

This challenge is about so much more than eating right and exercising, we are here to help you become the most incredible, healthiest and EMPOWERED and ENERGISED version of you!

Are you ready to


Well, your journey starts right here.

This hands-on approach, abundant with guidance, support and education will help you break through any limitations and feel empowered to become your best self!



You’re going to walk away feeling lighter, in control of your body, emotions and hormones,
with strategies to maintain your optimal health and INCREDIBLE RESULTS that will last a lifetime.

Once we uncover that root cause that has been holding you back all this time,
you’ll be amazed at just how quickly your mind and body responds! 

Plus you’ll have a whole new community of genuine, warm, loving but strong and empowered BESTIES!

This kind of total wellness transformation can’t be measured in terms of
weekly workouts, coaching calls, and resources…
but since you asked, here’s the lowdown of what’s included:

The 8 Week Challenge

Shows You How To:


Week 1: Nutrition Fundamentals

Ditch the diet mentality (and the scales) as we uncover where you are right now with your health and well-being, what’s holding you back and learning the best ways to nourish your body from the inside out. We cover digestion, gut health and how to eat right for your body type and say goodbye to emotional eating!



Week 2: Detox Your System

Our bodies are overloaded with toxins every day which can be preventing that stubborn weight from shifting. By diving deep into what we can do to avoid a toxic build up, and understanding what these toxins do to our body, we can detox the liver and gut to look and feel our best.



Week Three: Building Healthy Habits

Simple habits done right will completely change your life! This week we dive in to understanding our nervous system and how to manage the daily stresses and inflammation. We also cover how to connect our mind and body, and build healthy, sustainable habits that will be life-long as well as life changing.



Week Four: Mindset + Manifestation (Special Guest Coaching Takeover with Emily Fitz from @manifesting_junkie)

We will be covering mindset and manifestation with the guidance of a special guest coach Emily Fitz. These trainings will support you in seeing the results you desire before actually living them. This week is going to serve you in creating the confidence to achieve a total mind, body and soul transformation.



Week Five: Hormone Happiness

Learn what is causing your PMS or menopause symptoms, we cover everything from hot flushes, low sex drive, hormonal acne, stubborn weight, painful periods, fatigue to mood swings, anxiety and much, much more.



Week Six: Hormone Resolution + Solution

We dive even deeper into our hormone health and come up with a plan of attack that is going to help you feel and look your best. We learn how to have our hormones work FOR us in so many ways; like training to your cycle, regulating appetite and optimising sleep.



Week Seven: Self-Love + Self- Compassion

Break free from limiting beliefs, low self-esteem and body image issues. Learn how to embody that beautiful confident self and her emotions on an even deeper level. Uncover the inner work and learn how to love every step of the journey. As women we have such powerful intuition, we focus on self-connection, awareness, and the power of the subconscious mind.



Week Eight: Continued Success

We set you up in the final week to continue on this journey with the utmost love and support as well as all the tools you’ll need to continue to see results and maintain them for the rest of your life. You will now have everything you need to optimise your health, well-being and lifestyle!


Starts 6th April

This is how you

Take on the challenge


Access to the Full Course Content & Community

Eve by bepure

We know from working with thousands of clients that there is often something so much deeper preventing you from achieving the results you desire. Which is why we’ve partnered up with EVE WELLNESS CO. to enable you to have some science-based ANSWERS!

We use this hormone test to understand where your hormones are at and how you can naturally support them.

The Eve Hormone Balance Test measures 19 different markers of key sex hormones: oestrogen, androgens (like testosterone), progesterone, DHEA, and their metabolites.

It includes test results + personalised diet, exercise, lifestyle & nutritional recommendations unique to your hormone picture and the signs and symptoms you are experiencing which we will run through one-on-one on a group coaching call.

If you want to take your experience in the challenge to another level we recommend adding this (at a massive savings) to your cart. Especially if you are someone who battles with any of the following: 


Live coaching calls



Plus! Videos, weekly workout plans, daily resources to keep you motivated and coach you through the entire process. And the option to get personal training sessions with our incredible trainers.

Get to know us

Meet the team



Erica’s focus when it comes to training clients is to always be friendly, understanding and educational; bringing a full range of different training types, from functional movement and high intensity to yoga and walking in order to balance the body and the mind.

  • “We underestimate the way exercise can make us feel. Humans are made to move. The positive effects that exercise has on the mind is what keeps me going. I train for my mental health!” 
  •         Strength training
  •         Mobility & flexibility
  •         Yoga & restorative training



  • Jess is a 200hr Power Living vinyasa trained yoga teacher and has been teaching for approximately 10 years. With a background of ballet, group fitness and personal training she has a love for self-awareness of body and mind, movement and connection of mind, body and soul. 
  • Having been through major burn out with Adrenal Fatigue this has brought greater awareness and a huge desire to help others to connect deeper to their true selves and bring health and happiness in a holistic manner.
  • Her classes range on all levels, technique and anatomy are constantly featured. But most of all, desires participants to truly disengage with internal and external distractions and to get to know oneself on a much deeper level. 
  • ✔        Technique and anatomy
  • ✔        Adrenal health
  • ✔        Yoga
  • ✔        Holistic health



  • She has a heart of gold, yet somehow knows just how to push her clients beyond their limits, through motivation and determination, to get out of their comfort zones! She works with clients to overcome any issues or limitations of movement through functional training.

  • “I’m also a huge fan of combining HIIT and heavy weight training. This goes down a treat and makes you really feel like you’ve pushed yourself.”

  • ✔        HIIT workouts
  • ✔        Strength training
  • ✔        Mobility & injury prevention



  • Sheree will be your holistic nutritionist, hormone expert and wellness coach throughout the challenge. She doesn’t believe in calorie counting or restrictive eating, but rather moderation and finding the foods that serve you.
  • “I always educate my clients, because I know once we understand the reasons why we need to make a change and what is going on in our own bodies, it is far more likely to be sustainable. 
  • ✔        Hormonal health
  • ✔        Gut restoration
  • ✔        Strength training
  • ✔        Mindset coaching

Share your journey with us

Love from the community

The challenge has impacted my life greatly!

The challenge has impacted my life greatly! Its helped me sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, train to my potential, figure out my hormones and how they affect me. Its helped me clear up my acne and figure out what my body needs to function to as best as it can!

I learnt so much about myself and what is really important to me. I have so much new knowledge that I’m applying to my life and educating others as well. I would 100% recommend this to a friend.

Jess Rhodes

I have learned to be kinder to myself

Thank you to Sheree and team for this wonderful experience. This is the first ever challenge that I have been involved in that didn’t completely focus on losing kgs!

I love the all-around wellness component of the challenge. I have learnt to be kinder to myself and also come out of my comfort zone in regards to lifting weights.

I am going to continue with the PT session which I would never have come across unless given this opportunity. Thank you all for showing me that the scales are not important compared to the way you feel about yourself!

Dipika Chandra

I couldn’t recommend her programs enough!

“I have done two of Sheree’s challenges. I couldn’t recommend her programs enough.

Sheree’s challenges aren’t set out for you to fail with unrealistic guidelines and rules. The program is set for you to make lifestyle changes to help improves your overall look on health and fitness.

If you follow her program how it’s set out to be I 100% guarantee you’ll see amazing results just like I did for myself.

Sheree goes above and beyond for all of her clients and she is such a kind woman. I have loved every moment of this challenge.

Thank you for helping me change my mindset on fitness and heathy eating.

Sophie Riley

I came out getting results I’m proud of

I started the 8 week challenge without expecting to see any changes in my body, but decided to give it a shot. I came out of it with not only surprising myself and getting results I am proud of, but also with knowledge on how best to fuel my body and improve my metabolism. For me, the biggest change was in my self-care and confidence, using both exercise and food to look after and care for my body rather than as a means to an end.

Bianca, 22

In the eight weeks I lost weight, lost fat, gained muscle

I needed to address my fitness and lifestyle after an indulgent winter so when I was told about the 8 week challenge I decided to step up and enrol. In the eight weeks I lost weight, lost fat, gained muscle, but most importantly for me, upped the exercise to 5 mixed style sessions and started cycle classes for the first time which I really enjoy. I have also embraced the smoothie idea for breakfast – love it. I still need to work on my love affair with wine, but have a greater understanding of what that tipple is doing to my body. Thank you Sheree and the team, I feel I’m in a good place to continue the good work and recommend your challenge to anyone who feels like a change for the better.

Lisa, 55

This 8 week challenge has re-ignited my fitness journey

This 8 week challenge has re-ignited my fitness journey. I was at a plateau with my weight and health before the 8 weeks, although I tried my hardest I was not able to shift stubborn weight. With the strategies, knowledge and ideas this challenge gave me, I was able to lose that weight and feel more energized, healthy and motivated to carry on. The holistic approach to health helped not only my physical confidence, but my mental and emotional state and clarity too. I highly recommend this programme!

Olivia, 26

Results I have seen have blown me away

I am so grateful I took part in the 8 Week Challenge, as the results I have seen have blown me away. I wouldn’t of been able to achieve the goals set in place without the constant support from Sheree and the team. You are given access to a private Facebook page with other girls taking part in the challenge, this is such an awesome way to stay on track and have the support around you. Sheree and the team have done such an amazing job building this program to suit everyone’s needs. They have made it easy as possible with the meal plans with tips and advice to make sure you complete the challenge to the best of your ability. This has been such an awesome way to start my health and fitness journey. It has given me the confidence I was looking for before summer. Sheree and the team are so passionate about their work and clients and it really shows. I couldn’t recommend this 8 week challenge more, they are amazing at what they do.

Sophie, 21

Sheree loves to educate and is always sharing new knowledge

The passion, energy and extreme wealth of knowledge sets this challenge apart from any other I have experienced. This challenge has supported and encouraged me on my journey of smashing all my health goals! (including nutrition, exercise, strength training and sleep maintenance). The 8 Week Challenge focuses on you as a whole person and works with you in each area of your own unique health. The team really puts in extra effort to help you to succeed.

Sheree loves to educate and is always sharing new knowledge, tips and advice that is unique to each individual client. If you are looking for a challenge, I would definitely recommend doing this challenge – they will be on your team, your biggest cheerleaders working with you so you can be your best!

Charlotte, 33

Sheree gives me support during all kinds of ups and downs

Here is my transformation and my story. Until last year health and fitness was a HUGE part of my life. At the end of the year I went through some pretty massive upheavals and the icing on the cake was destroying my foot and ankle falling down some stairs, one year to the day actually!

I gave up. I stopped trying and put my passions for health & fitness to bed.

I hit my highest weight ever mid-year and in September decided to do something about it. But being out of the game for so long I was feeling pretty untethered so I jumped at the chance to join this challenge.

I came into it with yet another injury, my hip this time, and that coupled with me being the world’s worst client, under Sheree’s guidance, the support and understanding she has given me during all kinds of ups and downs has gotten me through, as well as the daily reminders posted to keep my mindset focused.

Even as someone who ‘knows what they are doing’ when it comes to training and nutrition, it has been so important to have someone to keep me accountable and also pull me back from doing dumb stuff especially in my training.

Thank you so much to all you girls, Sheree and the team for being part of my journey back to myself  (with a much improved skin tone thanks to lowering inflammation).

Jodie, 28

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