16 / AUGUST / 2023

Habits that keep me thriving in all areas of my health, business and life

Things I do EVERY single day to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, physically AND mentally, without being restrictive ❣️

I recommend these things to ALL of my clients.


1. Regulating my nervous system (aka controlling cortisol levels 📉)

STRESS impacts everything. Managing your stress levels is SO important for everything from hormonal balance to gut health, spiritual well-being and digestive health. So I make feeling safe in my body my number one priority.

2. Workouts tailored to my body and cycle 🏋🏼‍♀️

This is essential for regaining your energy. Understand that when you are on your period, your energy levels can be low compared to when you’re ovulating. This means your training and output will look completely different – and that’s fine!

Truth is, if you push yourself too hard when you’re menstruating, you’re just robbing your body of that tiny bit of energy you have. Doing this every month becomes exhausting!

3. Swapping coffee for HBL ☕️

I’m a firm believer in ditching (or at least lowering) the CAFFEINE. But it’s hard to just cut it out completely, I get that! My Hormone Balancing Latte contains no coffee, and a super small amount of caffeine from the cacao so it’s the perfect way to start your day and replace your regular morning drink with something to actually support your hormones.

4. Spending 30+ mins reading every day 📖

Your brain needs just as much nourishment as your mind, and when it’s been said we consume over 42GB of information a day (that’s 42 trucks stacked top to bottom with reams of paper), you’d better make sure it’s real food, not junk food.

5. Not restricting myself (food & drinks) 🍕

If you’re anything like me, you know that food is an important part of life AND you get that you can’t just cut out all of your fave foods forever! That’s why I’m not restrictive with what I eat and drink – and I was still able to balance my hormones, lose weight, and boost my metabolism. Trust me, you can, too ✨

6. Getting out in the sunshine + nature ☀️

Get fresh air and sun exposure! Even if it’s cloudy. This helps your circadian rhythm, sleep quality, vitamin D production, and mood. Bonus points if you get some grounding in, walking barefoot on Mother Nature recharges our human battery.

7. Sauna’s 3 x week for my lymphatic system + mental health 🧖🏼‍♀️

We don’t sweat much anymore, and this healthy stress on the body enables you to cleanse out the toxins you could be holding onto (including things like too much estrogen), I time it right after my workouts to optimise lymphatic drainage, and support the release of those endorphins for my mental health

If you have health problems or symptoms that stem from or are aggravated by stress (like IBS) this will help you immensely.


Let me know which ones in the comments 💖 

Yours in Health & Happiness,
Sheree xo