8 / SEPTEMBER / 2021

BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY SKIN?? I remember saying to my holistic nutritionist at the time, when she told me that considering all my other symptoms (weight gain, extreme fatigue, low libido, digestive issues, mood swings and anxiety) that coming off the pill might be a good idea.

I still can’t believe that at 14 years old I was on this kind of medication that could derail me for YEARS after stopping it. 

I also can’t believe just how MISINFORMED I was when I was handed this little packet and told that it would clear up my teenage acne, and eventually help me as a contraceptive 

I remember asking time after time, specialist after doctor, are you sure this is fine for me to take? Is it really okay to just skip my period month after month? Is it really not contributing to my anxiety, weight gain or fatigue? 

The answer every time… OF COURSE NOT! It’s just the pill, everyone takes it and there’s no real side effects. 

Fast forward almost 10 years, and I had leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, no sex drive at all, an emotional wreck for majority of the month, anxiety, brain fog, and a severe estrogen dominance

And the worst part, by this stage, the breakouts were breaking through too! 

It honestly breaks my heart to see this little pill being handed out like candy with no real warnings or understanding about the TRUE side effects you may face. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for it, and some people’s only option, but honestly, if I knew then what I know now (aside from the fact it brought me into this incredible job as a holistic nutritionist and hormone coach), I wouldn’t have touched that nasty packet with a 10 foot pole! 


I can still remember crying inside a gynaecologist’s office, who belittled me and tore all my beliefs to shreds, disregarding any of the ‘non-conventional’ information I was discussing and laughing in my face when I told her I felt like there was something wrong with my hormones… 

And I didn’t want to go BACK on the pill. 

Yup, that was her only solution, otherwise the symptoms must all be in my head, or gut. But it certainly wasn’t a hormonal problem *eye roll* 

Well, she couldn’t have been more wrong! After I demanded an ultrasound, we soon found out I had a cyst on my right ovary that had been causing me the crippling pain… which led me down an even deeper healing journey to bring my hormones back into balance. 


This was but one experience of many that I had as a result of my poorly balanced hormones. After being on the OCP for 10 years, it was no wonder my body was in a shambles, and took a number of months (years) to recover. 

But for this, I thank the pill… for without it I wouldn’t have experienced all the horrific side effects, the lies, the pain and the mistreatment. I wouldn’t know what it was like to be in the shoes of many of my clients today. I wouldn’t have gone searching for the natural solution, a solution that has helped me heal hundreds of women’s hormone imbalances to this day. 

So, tiny little pill, despite the damage you did to my body, mind and relationships… Fortunately I can and have been able to heal, I THANK YOU. 

Thank you for all of the heart ache and pain for it has led me to my purpose, my mission, this incredible life of helping serve other women on their journeys and help them heal in a deeply transformative way. 

I like to think everything in life is a lesson, and that is exactly what this little pill was, a gift for me to see my own gifts, to share my story and help other women rise to understand their body’s and true capabilities! I am forever thankful for this lesson and my own journey, my only hope is that it helps you too! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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