1 / MAY / 2024

One of the biggest questions I get when it comes to hormone health is ‘what supplements should I be taking?’

Now whilst 5 might sound like a lot, there are amazing companies out there that will do a great combo of these in the right dosages to actually help you see a shift.

But please note, I am extra picky with supplement companies that I recommend, as not all supplements are created equally – in terms of dosage but also the type/form of micronutrient that you are getting.

All my clients know how much I stress this, because the wrong type/dosage or even brand can actually make matters worse.

You are probably also wondering, do I even need to supplement?

Well, in reality, whilst I am a FOOD FIRST in my nutrition approach, a lot of these nutrients are no in our soils anymore which means they aren’t in our food, or we are doing things in modern society that deplete these nutrients so much that we are unable to reach the levels needed without supplementation.


Please note this is not replacing medical advice, and you should always check with a qualified practitioner before taking anything (especially if you are on medications)

1. B Vitamins
These are essential for stress, energy, metabolic function, immune system optimisation and ovulation (especially B6, folate and B12).

Beef liver capsules or the food itself is a great option or a high quality B complex like Thorne, BePure or Pure Encapsulations.

2. Magnesium
The more stressed we are the more magnesium we use. Responsible for over 300 different functions in the body, magnesium is essential and helps reduce period pains, headaches and PMS. It can also support blood sugar regulation.

My favourite form is magnesium glycinate, starting dose around 300 mg – however there are different magnesium for different functions. I love Thorne, BePure, or Metagenics CalmX.

Food sources include leafy greens, cacao/chocolate, nuts and seeds.

3. Zinc
One of the biggest deficiencies in our soil is zinc. Zinc is important for ovulation, skin, hair, nails, immunity (to name a few), and 98% of my clients come to me in a deficient state.

Unfortunately the RDI is 15mg and often all you will get over the counter so won’t top your levels up. It is also depleted if you are on the pill. I normally have my clients on a higher therapeutic dosage.

Oysters, red meat and eggs are great sources. Brands I love include BePure, Thorne, and Eve Wellness – Period Pal/All Things Glow.

4. Omega 3’s
Yes, even if you are eating fish regularly, this is normally still deficient. Important for brain function, reducing inflammation and therefore supports hormonal acne as well as period cramps.

The scary thing with this is a lot of companies have a higher mercury level than is actually healthy for us to be consuming daily, so I opt for very high grade tested supplements including Nordic Naturals, Designs for Health and BePure.

Food sources include: fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseed oil

5. Vitamin C
Normally only known for its immune system support, vitamin C is a powerhouse when it comes to cortisol control. Which really supports our hormonal balance.

Be mindful that too much can lead to loose stools and if you have hemochromatosis this is a no-no for you. It is also really hard to get through our food supply, as once the food is picked (e.g. an orange) within 4 days it loses 80% of its vitamin C content

My favourite brands include Metagenics CalmX, BePure, and Designs for Health Liposomal Vitamin C.


These are my top 5 supplements that create an amazing baseline for optimal health, however you may need to add some that are more specific to your goals. If you aren’t sure where to start or want a supplement review for tailored advice click here.

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