23 / DECEMBER / 2020

What better gift, than the gift of HEALTH this Christmas! Especially after the year we have all had! Chocolates, alcohol and your favourite holiday treats might be off the wish list this year for that health crazed person in your life! 

Sure we all like to let off some steam, and have some balance, but sometimes it is nice to know that your lifestyle choices are respected by those around you (as a gym bunny myself)! 

Whilst you could opt for the typical healthy supplements like protein powders or some magnesium and omega 3’s, why not look for something a little more unique to treat the health nut in your life!

Not everything healthy has to break the budget either, so I have included a range of gift ideas below to fit everyone’s budget! 

Below are my TOP 5 Suggestions for Your Health Focused Human!!


GIFT #1: Eve Wellness Co. Hormone Test

Whether you are treating a male or a female this year, the Eve Wellness Co. Hormone Test is great for both! Speaking from experience, it can be such an incredible feeling knowing exactly what is going on in your body! 

The Eve Wellness Test measures your hormone levels (through gold standard level of testing – dried urine sample), and gives you a comprehensive report back with structured guidelines and tips to help regain balance in your body! 

If your healthy human is wondering why they aren’t getting the gains they are after, or struggling with terrible periods, mood swings or weight gain, this can help get to the bottom of WHY!! (And I promise, they won’t find it offensive… maybe just don’t say ‘this gift is because of your mood swings’ in the card!

Click here to learn more or purchase: 

GIFT #2: Healthy Snacks – Bliss Ball Mixes or Bone Broth 

I cannot tell you how thankful I am when I receive these as gifts! If your healthy human is quite busy, sometimes it can be hard to grab something other than a protein shake or apple and peanut butter as a snack, so why not treat them to something delicious and nutritious that doesn’t take much time to make! 

My favourite suggestions are:

These are super easy and quick to whip up! Plus friendly on the wallet! Or you might even put them in a little hamper for your health nut along with some of their other favourite healthy foods! 

Click here to learn more or purchase:

Bliss Balls:
Bone Broth: 

GIFT #3: Not Your Average TupperwareBamba

Times are changing and gone are the days of using plenty of plastic bottles and containers. It’s beneficial to both the environment and our liver if we make the switch, which is why I was wrapped when Bamba came to life! 

These gorgeous containers and drink bottles are made completely eco-friendly and are really consciously designed! I personally have a drink bottle of theirs and love it! 

Maybe you could even get yourself a matching one!

Click here to learn more or purchase: 

GIFT #4: Pamper Time – Massage or Facial Voucher

Despite your healthy humans 

best efforts, I can almost guarantee (much like yourself), they don’t really spend much time resting or slowing down! In fact, ‘treat yourself’ is something they struggle with in their vocabulary! 

I personally think everyone in my life deserves a little pamper time, so why

 not spoil that special human of yours with a little R&R, time to just them! Don’t forget, guys love massages too, and often need it more than us females! 

My favourite place if you are living locally is Mooi Skin! Click here to check them out! 

Otherwise, do your research and check out the reviews, or go off a recommendation, it is super simple to buy a voucher online nowadays too! 

GIFT #5: Personal Training Sessions

Whatever your healthy humans goals are, having an extra set of eyes and coach for support is always going to help them fast track to reaching them! Why not surprise them with a few sessions you’ve paid for in advance! 

I used to get a few people asking me of this every year, and it was 

always so much fun as a trainer to meet new clients who had such supportive people around them! It doesn’t have to be too expensive either, a lot of trainers start from $40/hour.

Check out your local gym, online or if you are based in New Zealand I recommend looking up the trainers from Les Mills!

Click here to learn more: 


My Complete Quiz Bundle! 

Now I had to throw in this BONUS pressie idea, because I am a little biased! There is nothing better to me than understanding your body and what is going on with your health!

Which is exactly why I created my ROOT CAUSE QUIZ to help you or your healthy human to get to the root of their health and wellness imbalance! 

Not to mention, at the end of the quiz you have the option to treat yourself to a beautiful bundle to help you HEAL the underlying issue(s). How perfect is that! Everything to start the healing journey is inside the bundle, and if you get all the bundles it is practically like doing a 10 Week Program with ME!! 

Check it out here: ROOT CAUSE BUNDLE

Whatever you end up buying your healthy human, and however you are spoiled in return, I am wishing you a very healthy, happy and MERRY CHRISTMAS and an incredible NEW YEAR!! 

Yours in Health,

Sheree xo

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