TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2023!

20 / DECEMBER / 2023

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It is here! My annual favourite books compilation, the 2023 edition!

I’m not going to lie, this year I set out being overly ambitious of what I was going to read – I had set up a spreadsheet and everything and there were 52 books on that list (and if you know me, spreadsheets really aren’t my thing at all so this was impressive).

However, as the story goes, I definitely didn’t make it through all 52, and swapped in and out a number of different ones as they popped up. I also learnt more about myself as a reader this year, and that is that I love to have about 5 – 7 books on the go at anytime.

Now, I know that sounds crazy to some, but for me this was helpful to acknowledge and accept about myself because there were often times I was craving reading something more specific or wasn’t in the mood for one of the heavier books I was reading, this gave me the freedom to drop in to what I needed most.

Every month I send out a book recommendation or two that I have personally loved, related to personal development, health, wellness, hormones, gut health, spirituality and sometimes business in my newsletter…(and if you aren’t getting that be sure to click here)

But I also know how easy it can be to forget to take note of them and wish you had, so I have compiled my top 10 in one place for you to come back to time and time again for motivation, inspiration and of course education!

Be sure to bookmark this blog for future reference, and feel free to pop into the comments the books you’ve loved this year! I hope you enjoy!


In no particular order other than how they popped into my mind

1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra is one of the Godfathers of all things spiritual well-being (IMO), and although this book is short and sweet, it was a lovely practice to read one of the laws per day and then be conscientious about how I was applying it. I would then reflect the next day on the previous one I had read and see how well I had carried out the mindfulness of said law. I have to say one of my favourites was ‘Applying the Law of Least Effort’ , a beautiful reminder to practise acceptance, responsibility and defenselessness – this moment is as it should be.

2. Boundless – Ben Greenfield
If you want a Bible in Biohacking, this book is everything!! I have loved Greenfield and his work for years, he is a leader in biohacking space and this book is filled with the latest and greatest tips to support you in every way possible to lead a life of optimal health.

Not going to lie to you… this book is HUUUUUUMMMOUNGOUS!!! I’m taking 1400+ pages long (and my kindle font is not set to large). So I actually haven’t got through all of it yet, but the chapters I have devoured, I have actually devoured over and over to ensure I am applying them to myself and my clients. One of my favourite pieces was where he helped me justify why I don’t watch scary movies… No spoilers here, I’ll let you find out inside.

3. Men Are From Mars , Women Are From Venus – John Gray
Okay ladies, gents, if you wanna truly understand your significant other, or the species you are planning on partnering up with, or even yourself, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Whilst I know it is a relationship based book, to think that our health isn’t affected by those around us (particularly if we do have a partner), then you’ve got another thing coming – I cannot tell you how much my health improved after ending a relationship that was harmful for my health.

However, I was in a relationship when I was reading this book and seeing just how much I was treating my man like one of the girls, expecting him to react the same, communicate the same was really eye opening, and I learnt methods for me to actually change this to support our relationship.

4. The Spiritual CEO – Jacqui Sive
I adore Jacqui! She is such a powerhouse in this space, weaving the inner work, with spirituality and entrepreneurship, so it’s been amazing to see her book come to life. I always say, if you want to experience personal growth, start a business, and Jacqui talks to this right at the start. So for all my fellow boss babes, this book I can tell you right now is a MUST READ!!

This book was full of wonderful reminders, blunt insights (in a great way) and really tangible tools for anyone entrepreneurial, but especially if you are in the coaching world. One of my personal biggest takeaways was the reminder to really reprogram the beliefs I was telling myself about my business – I have done so much work on personal development and worth, but was not conscious of how many ways I was putting down my efforts in my business until this timely reminder.

5. Embody Your Worth – Amanda Wallingsford
I got the hard copy of this book hand delivered to me today in person by the author, a dear friend of mine that I got to meet here in Texas. I’ve known Amanda for over 2 years now, and she is a master of her craft so I cannot wait to dive into this book and share all the beautiful and valuable insights with you! If you want to grab your own copy or learn more, you can check it out here!

I was highly touched by Amanda’s story. Even though I’ve known her for some time on a personal level, hearing the personal transformation was super inspiring and makes the tools she’s sharing carry even more weight. Amanda has a gift of making the complexities of therapeutic coaching and personal development work around your worth very simple and easy to apply. She uses personal stories which I learnt a great deal from, and breaks down her strategies into bite-sized chunks for you to work through.

6. One Million Followers – Brendan Kane
This one’s for my boss babe business owners! After working with big names + brands like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and MTV, he decided to apply all his learning to his own brand and grew to One Million Followers in 30 days!

Kane shares some epic learnings about how to truly market yourself to impact, create a brand people love, and can truly feel connected with. I won’t give too much away, but he really does tell all in this book and I have been applying it piece by piece and I’m excited to see the results unfold. Not because I just want a million followers for the sake of it, but because I know I am here to serve millions of women!

7. Human Design – Jenna Zoe
Absolutely OBSESSED!! If you haven’t heard of human design before, this is your sign that you need to! The way I look at it is it’s like horoscopes + natal charts meets personality tests. Understanding your human design is a powerful way to optimise your energy, communication, work-life balance, and understand the unique gifts you bring to this world.

I’m by no means an expert in this subject, but I really wanted to learn more about it and how to apply it and this book does just that. Jenna Zoe is the founder of where I strongly recommend you go to grab your free human design chart, and then if you want to learn more, this book is the easiest way to do so! I’ve got all my family and friends into it too!

8. Skinformation – Terri Vinson
I am obsessed with this book! I learnt so much in the first few chapters alone. It’s a really great read if you want to learn more about how to have clear skin and understand the benefits of different products to support your skin health. It covers everything from ageing to clearing acne.

Vinson, has such an in-depth understanding of not just the ingredients in the products you should/could be using for glowing, radiant skin, but also the inner workings of beauty – aka achieving the ultimate skin glow up from the inside out!

9. Gut Feelings – Will Cole
This book is all about the gut-brain access connection, the state of our microbiome health to our overall health and well-being, how our microbiome affects all areas of our life. It also powerfully links how you feel with your gut health – we’re talking trauma, shame and mood swings and how that all links to gut inflammation and gut issues. This book really combines the depth of work I do with my clients, where you focus on far more than just the physical, so needless to say it’s an absolute must read if you’re looking to heal on a deeper inner level, physically, mentally and emotionally.

10. 8 Rules of Love – Jay Shetty
Well… this entire year has been a real lesson in love for me, and it was interesting reading part of this book at the beginning of the year (whilst in a relationship) and then picking it up at the end of year and bringing it to completion in a completely different place in my life.

I just adore Jay Shetty and all he brings into this world, he is a grounding energy that I believe we all could do with having a little more on, and his views on love, experiences in relationships and tips on self-love and communication is what I believe personally really require mastery before we can really experience love on a level we deserve and give love at the depth we want to give. Shetty talks about these beautifully and ways to improve all aspects of love and relationships in your life.


A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas
For all my fiction readers out there, this one you’ve probably already heard about! This is the first in a series of five books and it has gone rather viral over the internet this year – an absolute TikTok phenomenon.

It’s very mystical, coven, witchy type vibes, and I have to say I loved it. I’m currently in the second book of the series, and it did take me a fair few chapters to really get my head around it all, but once I did, I found it really hard to put down. If you’re a sucker for a good romance, and being transported to another realm, then this is a must read.

Happy Reading!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo