5 / OCTOBER / 2021

If you’re looking for a yummy drink, that is not only going to support your hormones, but become your morning coffee replacement, you’ve come to the right place! 

When it comes to balancing your hormones, one of the number one things you can do is actually take a break (or completely come off) caffeine! 

Why? Well, a cup of coffee is like a cup of cortisol! 

Yup, your morning mug that’s ‘getting you through the day’ is probably contributing to your hormones being out of whack. But hey, I’m not here to take your coffee away from you, although I do suggest you try this delicious alternative in its place for 4 weeks and see how the body responds!


The ingredients in this hormone balancing elixir aren’t all that complicated, in fact, I have kept it super simple because who wants to have 10 different ingredients they have to mix together every day! 

The ingredients that I have included however are HIGH QUALITY sources… and therefore it is important that you use a brand you trust or one I have listed below, as it will make a difference to not only the taste, but more importantly the benefits! 

  1. MACA ROOT POWDER (gelatinized) 

Originating in Peru, the yellow maca root is the most commonly found form, and is known for its benefits of balancing hormones, increasing libido, helping the body handle stress, and perfect during transitional phases (e.g. during your cyclic years or menopause). 


Cacao is also derived from Peru (at least the ceremonial and high grades are), and is known for its cognitive benefits, boosting our antioxidants, mental health and response to inflammation which is particularly key in balancing our hormones. It is the perfect substitute for coffee as you still get the little boost of brain powder, but it is also heart opening and doesn’t have the same energy crash!

I use @selenohealth’s chocolate maca powder (use code ‘SHEREE10’ for 10% off) that actually combines both the cacao and maca in one mix, but you can buy both as separate ingredients on their website.  


This has been a more recent addition to my hormone balancing latte, and you can definitely make it without it, but I find that it is a delicious addition! Collagen is known in the beauty world for its positive effect on our skin, hair and nails, but even more importantly collagen is incredible for our gut health… which in turn supports our hormones! Not to mention it’s a little hit of protein to keep the blood sugars stable (again, quite the opposite to coffee). 

I personally use @doseandco dairy free collagen creamer in my morning mug, they have a variety of yummy flavours, so it’s helpful to mix it up (caramel is my fave). 

So there you have it, it’s super simple! All you will need is the above ingredients, your choice of milk and a milk frother (if you have one – otherwise a stove top will do). 



–  1 tbsp. @selenohealth chocolate maca powder (use ‘SHEREE10’ for 10% off) or 1 tsp. maca powder + 1 tsp. cacao powder) 

–  1 serve of @doseandco dairy-free collagen creamer (flavour of your choice)

–  Milk of choice (I personally use unsweetened almond milk) 


1.  Add milk into frother and fill to just below max line (or on stove top) 

2. Add in the powders and press the button to allow it to mix
** If you are using the stove, make sure it is on low to medium heat and allow the mix to simmer for 5 or so minutes**

3. Pour into your mug and enjoy!

If you do make this, be sure to tag me on social media @shereehannahwellness and let me know what topping creations you come up with, I am always looking for more inspo! 


Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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