09 / JUNE / 2021

“Meditation allows us to change our brains, bodies and state of being” – Dr. Joe Dispenza (Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself)

It allows us to move from thinking to being, moving from our head into our hearts. 

A lot of you will already know the benefits of meditation, in terms of how it calms the body, reduces stress, and allows us to be more present. 

However, a lot of people really struggle with meditation, as we tend to have this idea of someone sitting cross-legged in a room full of candles and in complete silence with the mind quiet too. 

When it comes to meditation, it’s important to understand there is really no WRONG way of meditating, and if you are someone that struggles to keep your mind quiet during the practice, then it is completely normal, and try not beat yourself up about it. 

Remember it is just that… a PRACTICE, something you get better at over time.


The power of meditation lies in the wisdom that comes from getting still. Because in all honesty, how many times a day (aside from your sleep), are you really STILL? 

Our brains are exposed to around 42 GB of data a day (that is 42 trucks full from top to bottom of pages and pages of information) and our poor brain is now responsible for filtering in and out what is important to remember and keep and what to let go of. 

So, with the world so busy, it can be hard to find time to actually be present, especially with all the thoughts that consume our minds. Meditation is powerful because it allows us time to take a moment for ourselves and hear what needs to come through from our own internal guidance system. 

Believe it or not, you have innate wisdom inside of you, often referred to as intuition, or a gut feeling, and meditation can really help you learn to trust it, and when we can trust it more, listen to it more and operate from it more, we live our life more in alignment with our truth.


Meditation is also a powerful time for self-reflection and observation, it is often talked about as the time where we become the observers of our own mind. Removing our identification with our thoughts, and actually seeing the birds eye view of what is truly going on in our lives and any given situation. 

In this instance, with good practice we can enter the subconscious mind, from being to observing our thoughts… from this place we can reprogram our mind, beliefs and brain. If you are interested in learning the science behind this I strongly recommend reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

However, if you are someone that struggles to even have a ‘quiet mind’ or get still, or simply new to meditation, here’s one of my favourite tips: 

Before meditation it can pay to journal or write down all the things that are taking up space in your thoughts to give you more space to just simply be. 

It is also important to note the key times for meditation are when your brain is in what’s called a theta state. This is most easily accessed first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening which is when I do recommend doing your daily practice. 

Another thing that I have found and know to be really effective to use as part of your meditative practice is setting an intention of what you want clarity on, or want out of doing the mediation. 

If you just pause now, and think about what you are hoping to get out of the meditative practice – peace, stillness, gratitude, calmness, presence whatever it is, just close your eyes and bring it to your mind… and set your intention for your practice. 

I hope you found this helpful and you can see that meditation not only has a whole host of benefits, but can be incredibly POWERFUL in shifting your mindset, energy and life!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo 

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