7 / APRIL / 2021

I have tears in my eyes as I write this, my heart honestly feels torn in two, one part full of excitement for my next chapter, and one part scared shittless of what it’s going to mean to be leaving behind my second family. 

These past 6 years of my life have been a rollercoaster to say the least, but there’s been one constant, and that was the beautiful team I always had around me at Les Mills Howick. 

As contractors, us Personal Trainers are technically all self employed right, so could have easily seen each other as competition however, that is and never was the case at Les Mills Howick. 

They say the culture creates the company, and they couldn’t be more right. In my 6 years at Les Mills Howick, 5 of them as a personal trainer, I came to call this place home. It was the place, but mostly the people that were always there to support me, the friends I made, the clients I served, but most of all the deep connection of family and love held within the walls of a place that for most people is just somewhere to workout. 

Whilst I know it’s time for me to spread my wings and step into the next chapter of this journey, it is not without sorrow. For some of my nearest and dearest friendships and relationships have been formed there.


From the moment I started, I was welcomed in with open arms, I can still remember my Tuesday afternoon shifts where everyone would join together in the staffroom and discuss the weekend antics, filling each other in on the weekly gossip and share in the laughs. The 5.30am starts, the 10pm finishes were all worth it because of the people I had around me. 

When I decided to step up my game, and put on what used to be called the ‘blue shirt’ – becoming a PT, I was over the moon, yet hadn’t quite realised that this entailed starting your own business. I like to think my naivety was a blessing here as I went in all or nothing, ready to make it happen. 

I was blessed during this time to be taken under the wing of some incredible people, who not only guided my path as a mentor, but helped me stand back up everytime I fell down or felt like giving up. There was always a solution, an idea to try, a friendly smile, hug or words of wisdom to be shared. Thank you Phil.

The reason I know we are like a family is because we’ve all cried together, laughed together, sweated together, learned together, grieved together, shared memories together (both intoxicated and sober), we’ve been through break ups, make ups, and yet always come out stronger and full of more love than before. 

I suppose part of it is because of the beautiful nature one often has being a coach – someone whose career is centred around giving to others, their time, energy, attention, even when they have all their own stuff to deal with in the background. That is the level and the quality of trainers that I call my family at Les Mills Howick… selfless, caring and compassionate.

You see, as a PT, you are not simply there to count reps and sets, look at technique and program the exercise of your client in a way that is both beneficial to their bodies and goals, but you become their confidant, therapist, life coach, and friend in many cases. It’s a service and gift far more than people realise. 

After all, you are spending time week in week out with the same people on a journey that often has a lot of underlying goals and emotion behind it. 


One of the biggest things I learnt in my years of being a trainer, is that it is very rarely about the weight loss, there is something deeper underlying that, whether it be confidence, the need to be loved or accepted (from themselves or others), wanting to be strong, perform or feel healthy enough to run around with the kids or grandkids. There’s so much more than just the surface level. 

I can remember the eager beaver at our 3-day PT module that newbies had to attend, that was so excited to help people lose weight (as this was my journey), only to find that my passion and heart was leading me to something far deeper and a more expansive journey. 

This journey has seen me through the toughest times in my life, and the best! I am forever grateful for the knowledge, learnings, wisdom and tools I have gained from working alongside some of the most incredible people not only in this field, but that I have ever met. I have been astounded by the capabilities of the human body, in all its glory. 

The beautiful thing about this place, was that it was there for me when I needed it most, and I know it will continue to be, the friendships I have made in that building will last a lifetime, as will the lessons I have learnt, the advice I have been given and the memories I have made! 

So whilst it will no longer be the place where I take on clients, as I shift to being completely online as a coach, Les Mills Howick will forever be in my heart (and my place of training). 

To all those who I have crossed paths with in these 6 years, those who have come and gone, and those who have come and never left, thank you… for everything. And I look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey’s either from the sidelines (or at the next party). 

It is with a heavy heart, but spread wings that I prepare to take flight. 

With love,
Sheree xo 

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