18 / NOVEMBER / 2020
Sheree's Health Diaries

This is probably the billionth time you have read this… but WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN! I’ve seen memes around since about July: 

Whilst this is good for a laugh, the reality of it is that a LOT of us are tired, drained, and burnt out – emotionally, physically and mentally! And who can blame us! It has been tough, like nothing anyone has experienced before, and the first thing you can do, is give yourself some GRACE! 

There is no RIGHT WAY to navigate through these times, know and trust that you are doing your best, and that is all we can ask right now! 

Having seen so many clients in this state – just out of energy and ready for a holiday/break (not one that is forced upon us or keeping us locked inside)… I thought I would share some pearls of wisdom in the hope it helps not only to get you through, but actually THRIVING! 

When it comes to self-care there is so much more than meets the eye. Just like the tip of an ice-burg, we often only see things at surface level and, sometimes can hesitate or even be completely unaware as to what truly lies underneath. 

It is easy to get lost in, and is by no means the wrong approach to spend time and money on things that light you up, and relax you like massages, facials, skin care, exercise, supplements or having a wine with a friend! 

However, we can go a layer deeper to truly fill up our own cup and inner world a little more! These are some of my favourite things to do. Whilst it may be slightly uncomfortable at the time, the feelings, lightness, joy and RELIEF you have after is WELL WORTH IT! 


When we go a little deeper, and look into incorporating practices like meditation, breathwork, journaling and open conversations these can allow us to not only be more present in our day to day lives, but bring awareness to the things inside of us that need to be healed. 

Healing ourselves is a matter of not only the physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual too. This is where there is a little more time, energy, attention and love needed. These elements of self-care include things like healing trauma, letting go of attachments, learning from triggers, setting boundaries and inner work, alongside nourishing your body with foods that serve you, having time for tears and laughter, play and joy! 

This past year I have really been on my own healing journey and can truly say how POWERFUL it has been in shifting my energy, mentality, increasing productivity, achieving goals and breaking old patterns and cycles for good! 

I can say honestly and whole-heartedly this is the work that has been LIFE CHANGING and I cannot wait for you to experience it! 

We know we cannot give from an empty cup, so I encourage you to set aside time for yourself every day (even if it is just 10 – 15 minutes) or maybe it’s 1 – 2 hours a week JUST FOR YOU! (And NO it doesn’t include exercise).

Maybe you start with a simple meditation in the morning, or you light a candle in the evening as you unwind from your day and just sit with your thoughts, maybe you journal out your thoughts, feelings and emotions from the day, and look at your triggers, or maybe you start with 3 daily gratitudes. 

Whatever it is, make sure it lights YOU up! This is not about anyone else, it is not selfish to take time for yourself, in fact we can give more when we have more… so I suggest this isn’t something you take lightly! 

This shouldn’t be something “I’ll get to when I have the time” because the truth is we MAKE TIME for things that matter… starting now! 


My challenge for you right now is to write down 10 – 15 things you love doing just for you!! Just put pen to paper and write! Then pick at least one thing off that list to do daily, change it up day to day or aim to do it consistently for a week. 

For me, I love reading, dance parties, journaling, getting on a call with a friend to do some guided inner work and meditation (and many more). Three of those things are part of my daily routine and can take me as little as 30 minutes in the morning… remember IT GETS TO BE SIMPLE! 

Show yourself some extra grace and love this time of year, give the gift of being yourself and showing yourself that love and care you truly deserve!

With all my love,
Sheree xo

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