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The Liver

Your liver (a.k.a. the primary detoxification organ) is an incredibly intelligent part of our body. It is not just responsible for processing alcohol either! That is only one of its many jobs! So, even if you don’t drink heavily, you are certainly not off the hook!
In fact what you may not realise about the liver is that a healthy liver filters about 1.7 litres of blood per minute (and we have around 4.5 – 5.5 litres of blood) so if you do the math, our liver filters ALL of our blood almost 500 times a day).

How to heal yourself

Common issues that come into play when the liver is imbalanced:

Weight Gain

This can be stored everywhere, but you may notice you have one extra special roll of body fat that lives just under the bra line! Your body will struggle to shift weight if the liver can’t detoxify properly.

Poor Sleep

Waking during the night, having constant broken sleep, often getting up around 1 – 3am, this can be a sign of a very unhappy liver. The liver is having a hard time clearing out the build-up, so it wakes you up to help.

Hangry, short tempered, on edge

You know it is not safe for you to skip a meal, or else! When your liver is unhappy, so are you! Your liver is very closely connected on a mental and emotional level to anger, so if you feel like you are always on edge or have a short temper, your liver may need some love!

Caffeine reliance

Without your daily cuppa, you ain’t going nowhere! Your energy is often flat, and you rely on stimulants like coffee or tea (or even energy drinks) to not only get you going, but get you through the day!

Skin flare ups

Whether it be breakouts, eczema, dandruff, itchy dry skin, or psoriasis, chances are your liver is trying to get your attention. Your liver is a detoxification organ and if it can’t get rid of the toxins through your bowels or urine, it will also push them out into your skin (also an organ), so that you start to pay attention!

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