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Our body has an incredible ability to defend and protect itself, and a huge part of that is through creating inflammation (aka your body is flared up).

Inflammation isn’t actually a bad thing, but just like anything, when there’s too much of it, things become out of balance and issues start to occur. We need inflammation for healing, but if our bodies are chronically inflamed, diseases and damages begin to occur.

How to heal yourself

Common issues that come into play when you have inflammation:

Weight gain & puffiness

This can be stored everywhere, but you may notice you feel puffy more times than others, and retain more water, especially leading up to that time of the month! Your body will struggle to shift weight if it is chronically inflamed.

Poor quality sleep

Waking up tired, feeling constantly exhausted, like you just can’t get a deep sleep no matter how hard you try. You may even call it being a ‘light sleeper’ or find yourself tossing and turning all night. If your body is inflamed, it is also stressed and busy trying to settle the inflammation, not worried about the quality of your sleep.

Body aches & joint pains

Maybe you constantly feel heavy, like something is weighing you down, almost like your muscles and joints are in constant recovery and you can never fully function at your best. Our body is made to move, feel light and free, but if there’s chronic inflammation coming in from food, alcohol, stress or injury then we are going to feel it all over.

Feel like you have some underlying food intollerances

Does your energy go up and down depending on what you just ate? Ever feel lethargic after a meal, like you could do with a good nap? Or that maybe certain foods aren’t agreeing with you! They could in fact be triggering your inflammation!

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