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Hormonal imbalance

Your hormones I believe are truly incredible! In fact, I believe we have the ability as females to harness them as your superpower!! Using them to your training, business, and personal life to thrive!!

Hormones are our little chemical messengers in the body, and are not just limited to the ones you may have heard of such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol. We as humans secrete and circulate around 50 different hormones! How amazing is that! P.S. Hormones are like my favourite topic to talk about, so I apologise in advance for geeking out!

How to heal yourself

Common issues that come into play when your hormones are imbalanced:

Weight Gain especially stomach, hips and thighs

These areas are tell tales signs that your hormones are playing a role in that stubborn weight you just can’t shift, whether it be an estrogen dominance or high cortisol picture, your hormones need to find some balance before the weight will drop!

Painful or irregular periods, PMS, night sweats, breast tenderness, cramps

These symptoms are all COMMON, but NOT something you have to live with!! If you’re on hormonal contraceptives they might be masking these or making them worse, but if you experience any of these, know your body is telling you that it’s not happy and just wants your attention to fix it!

Struggle to eat first thing in the morning, just not hungry

Does breakfast time roll around and you’d far rather reach for a cup of coffee than sit down to a full breakfast? That’s our little friend cortisol telling us that it’s feeling out of whack

Bowel movements go all weird around "that time of the month"

Do you feel like your bowel movements are normal until the week before your period, and then they change again the week of? It’s like one extreme to the next, from constipation to diarrhea? Not fun right! This is a tell-tale sign that the hormones aren’t doing their job in regulating the bowel movements properly.

Acne around the chin during "that time of the month"

You know your period is coming when the little buggers start to pop up around your chin, there are different points on the face related to different parts of the body and acne spots, the chin is associated with hormones specifically! And if you are on hormonal contraceptive to manage this, or even worse acne, it is simply a bandaid, you want to heal the real issue!

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