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The Adrenal Health

Your nervous system is one of the most incredible parts of our human body! One of the most fascinating things about our nervous system is all of the different components it is made up of, the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system with its two counterparts the parasympathetic (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS). 

Almost all entirely governed subconsciously. That ability to pull your hand away from the stove within a split second… that’s your nervous system reacting, not your conscious mind.

How to heal yourself

Common issues that come into play when the nervous system is imbalanced:

Weight gain around the tummy

When the nervous system is stressed it holds onto extra fat in case of emergencies, close to the internal organs especially, hence why it is more so around the stomach. In order for you to be able to burn body fat as a fuel source, you body needs to know it is calm and safe.

Energy and moods are a bit of a rollercoaster, feels like you just run on adrenaline

In fact it is very rare you start your day without a cup of coffee or two! You constantly feel like you’re ‘ON’ and don’t really know how to switch off, that on edge, constantly anxious, overwhelmed and overthinking is just the norm for you and you really struggle to slow down!

Struggle to fall asleep; wired but tired

You lie awake at night, struggling to fall asleep even though you thought you were exhausted when you got into bed! Now there’s a million thoughts running through your head keeping you up and you just can’t settle your mind!

Cravings around 2-3pm, either sweet or salty

This is a true sign your little adrenal glands have been in overdrive because of the constant stress you’ve been under! So the body needs a quick top up, either of sugar, or electrolytes depending what you’ve been burning more of! These cravings get to go away when we truly support our nervous system.

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The ultimate guide to balancing your adrenals

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