17 / MAY / 2023

Your taste buds are going to thank me for this week’s recipe! The amazing @feedinglara and I have teamed up for a little collaboration – sharing Lara’s delicious high protein banana cake recipe!

Lara is in my opinion a genius in the kitchen and the best part is, she bakes everything completely paleo! Which means it’s gluten free, dairy free, grain free and refined sugar free – perfect for those of us who love nourishing our guts, enjoy some sweet treats but don’t want to load our bodies with crap! Which is where I come in to share some of the health benefits!

Two ingredients worth shining a spotlight on in this recipe are the seed butter of choice (Lara used tahini) and the ghee (an amazing butter replacement)

Tahini firstly is an awesome alternative for those who find nuts/nut butter don’t agree with them or causes irritation in their gut. Secondly, it’s super beneficial to the body as it is rich in antioxidants, and produces a natural anti-inflammatory effect, which pairs beautifully with the anti-inflammatory properties of ghee.

Ghee is so underappreciated IMO, not only is it a great lactose free + casein free (aka dairy free) alternative to butter, it maintains its stability when heated much like butter, making it a much safer and healthier alternative to vegetable and seed oils that produce a toxic compound acrylamide when heated. Meaning happier hormones, less period pain, and reduced digestive issues!

Check out Lara’s recipe here (and all the other amazing recipes on her blog), enjoy!