28 / OCTOBER / 2020
(DF/GF/RSF) - Makes about 4 Serves

Whether it’s summer or winter, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful creamy pumpkin soup! This recipe is actually taken straight out of my new 4 Week Radiance Reset Program, is refined sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. You could even swap out the shredded chicken for a vegan/vegetarian protein alternative like chickpeas. 

Whilst I am all about the taste, and this pumpkin soup is super creamy and delicious, it is also super important to NOURISH our bodies! Pumpkin is high in an antioxidant called beta-carotene which gets converted to Vitamin A in the body. 

Beta-carotene is what gives the pumpkin it’s lovely orange colour and when it is converted into vitamin A in the body, it can be very beneficial for our immune system, eye health (vision), and healthy skin (yes you need to ingest it internally, not just apply it externally). 

I hope you love this yummy bowl of goodness as much as I do! ENJOY! 



o   1 large pumpkin (roasted in cinnamon + cumin)
o   1L veggie or chicken stock
o   1L unsweetened coconut milk
o   1 clove of garlic (optional)
o   1 tsp. cumin
o   1 tsp. cinnamon
o   100g shredded chicken
o   1 handful of spinach
o   Salt + pepper to taste
o   Any other veggies you want to add after the soup is cooked to make it “chunky”


  1.   Chop the pumpkin up into small pieces and lightly spray with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkle with cumin and cinnamon and roast in the oven for 40 minutes (you may want to do this another night so prep is easier).
  2.   Once pumpkin is cooked, add the stock, coconut milk, garlic, cumin, cinnamon and salt + pepper to a large pot on medium heat and let it all simmer.
  3. Once it has reached a boil and all ingredients have softened either allow it to cool and put into a food processor or blender, or use a stick blender to mix it all to a creamy consistency.
  4.   Serve with shredded chicken and mix in a handful of spinach as well as any other veggies.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to share your recreations on instagram, be sure to tag me @strengthen.heal.nourish

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