26 / JANUARY / 2022

It has been said that the worst month for PMS is January… So if you have been feeling this, know you are not alone, AND there is plenty you can do to reset those hormones so you can avoid any more PMS or period dramas!

Despite the fact that about 95% of women experience at least ONE PMS symptom a month… When it comes to PMS, period pain, hormonal acne, mood swings, bloating, irregular cycles (all the fun things that as women we are led to believe are normal) are in fact NOT! 

Which is why a huge part of my mission is to help women heal, so they can live healthy, balanced lives, pain and symptom free!

So, ready to dive in… here are 5 ways to reset your hormones after the holidays.


Assess the Stress

The first thing to throw our hormones off is stress. Now this might not have been the typical stress that your body is used to going through from your work and normal routines. 

When you are on holiday or having a break from normality, a different kind of stress tends to creep in… whether that is less sleep, poor food choices, boundaries crossed, less exercise or more alcohol, they are all a stress on the body!

So, before you go trying a bajillion supplements, and going all out at the gym, take a look at what stresses you did have over the break and what you currently have on your plate and look at how you can support your body through it. 

This might look like taking more time for yourself in the morning to start the day in a grounded way. Or saying NO to working late, or taking on new projects. It is important to protect your energy and manage your stress levels if you want healthy balanced hormones!

Detoxify Your Liver

The liver typically takes the brunt of the load over the silly season, and so it is important to give it some extra love (especially if you didn’t during the madness). 

If you don’t support the liver and it’s detoxification pathways, you can actually end up storing excess hormones, or throwing off the balance of the hormones in the body – for example – estrogen! 

And too much of anything isn’t good, so you want to keep your hormones balanced nicely by adding in plenty of cruciferous veggies like kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower to your main meals. These support phase two of liver detoxification. 

Staying hydrated also helps the liver flush the toxins out, and adding a little lemon to the water definitely adds to the benefits of detoxifying. Not to mention taking a break from the alcohol and processed foods to ease the liver load!

Exercise in Sync with Your Cycle

Exercise can go astray on a break, or you may fall out of sync with your natural pattern! So the easiest way to reset is to come back to your cycle. 

Start training in sync with your 4 phases – follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual, and listening to your body and what it needs as you transition. This helps the body stay in tune with your infradian rhythm (your monthly cyclic rhythm). If you want to dive deeper into this I have a blog for you here

Support Your Circadian Rhythm

Yes, us lucky females have both an infradian rhythm and a circadian rhythm, and holiday periods tend to throw off our body clock! So if you have found your nights getting later and later and it is harder to get out of bed in the mornings then this is your sign to reset that body clock!

Start by winding down half an hour earlier, get some blue light glasses, or switch off devices so that the brain doesn’t feel ON, then see if you can move your bedtime slowly back to where you know you feel good! 

Maybe remove the afternoon coffee that is giving you a buzz, and start listening to your natural rhythms to help you not only sleep earlier, but better so you can wake up feeling refreshed! Because in order for our hormones to be happy, our circadian rhythm needs to be balanced. 

Do My 4 Day Gut Reset

If you are wanting to give the body a good reset, cleanse the gut, and any bad bugs that may have built up over the silly season, or if your cycles have become irregular or too heavy, then my 4 day gut reset is the perfect mini-makeover for your insides! 

This 4-day gut reset helps reboot the microbiome, restore your energy, bring mental clarity and focus as well as help balance the hormones as you are starting at the root! If you are interested in giving this a go click here or if you have further questions on it, DM me @shereehannahwellness on IG! 


Remember, your hormones didn’t become unbalanced overnight, so they aren’t going to reset overnight either, it is a matter of being consistent and continuing to implement the tips above as needed to support your body and hormones to be healthy!

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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