16 / MARCH / 2022

I get asked all the time… How do I lose weight? How do I balance my hormones? How do I heal my gut? Honestly, it all starts HERE, with the 5 priorities I am about to share with you! This is your foundation to health… 



Do not underestimate the impact stress has on your body, this can be food stress, emotional stress, physical stress, mental stress you name it. It triggers inflammation, can negatively impact your gut health and throw your hormones out of whack if you’re constantly producing tonnes of your stress hormone cortisol! 

Stress also has a massive impact on our sleep, which as you will know from experience, a poor night’s sleep throws you off for the entire day, if not the entire week! Sleep is where we rest, repair, create long-term memories, and recover, in fact it is arguably THE most important thing we should be doing for our health as humans.

YET, we tend to be completely okay sacrificing it time and time again for more things that are creating stress in our life. A lack of sleep not only tells your body to store more fat, but also encourages you to overeat (and not the good stuff), you typically reach for quick fixes of energy – like sugar and caffeine! 

You have to be managing your stress and getting enough sleep, this is a NON-NEGOTIABLE for achieving your goals… focus on having set boundaries around your work hours, and getting 7 – 9 hours sleep EVERY single night!


Forget diets, eat REAL food, you know, the stuff without an ingredients list (or a minimal one), your body knows what to do with it! Yup… if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, chances are your body doesn’t know how to use it and it provides no nutritional value.

In fact, REAL foods like your meat, poultry, fish, fruits and veggies do not even come with an ingredients list. These are the kinds of foods your diet should be rich in. When you look at your plate, you should be asking yourself, is that enough protein? Is that enough greens? What NUTRIENTS am I getting! 

Then once you know your nutrient intake is great, you can weave in things that are sometimes foods if you want to. It is about balance, but whole real foods should make up at least 80% of your diet.


Don’t expect yourself to know how to do everything or to do everything for everyone else. Self-care and support go hand in hand. This can literally look like asking for more help from the people around you…

Remember, how easily you say yes to everyone and want to support, well others love to help too. It is OKAY to ask for help and it is okay to receive it too! Sharing the load makes for a much happier environment and YOU! Also, make it a non-negotiable to have at least 5 minutes of YOU time daily and an hour a week if you can, doing something you love!

If you want to take your health to the next level, and aren’t sure to start, it is worth investing in yourself. I cannot tell you how much my health has been fast tracked through having the support and guidance from coaches.


Ladies… LIFT! If you want to boost your metabolism, support optimal hormone production, and feel empowered, start moving some weights! I cannot stress this enough. No matter what age you are, this will support your health and well-being. 

And NO it isn’t going to make you bulky, in fact it will help lean you out, get your bones stronger and of course help you feel stronger and fitter within yourself! 

Remember… We all start somewhere, so if it’s 1kg or 100kg, you got this! Join a gym, take part in a group fitness program, whatever it looks like, but start picking up some weight. It doesn’t have to replace your exercise currently, but see if it can become something you do 2 – 3 x a week. The results will speak for themselves!


This is NOT a one size fits all! Make sure you’re supporting your body with the nutrients that we can’t get enough of through food, or are being depleted by stress! Unfortunately, when it comes to supplements, you definitely want to be careful what you put in the body as not all supplements are created equal! 

The other side of the supplement equation is that they do play a very important role! Nowadays our soils aren’t being replenished with the nutrients they once were and this leads to deficiencies of nutrients in our food supply, like zinc, iodine and selenium! And if they aren’t in the soil then they aren’t in our food and then we can’t get them! 

So, I recommend that you speak to a qualified health-care provider (like myself) when choosing supplements so you aren’t just taking anything off the shelves! 

Yours in Health,
Sheree xo

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